Review by MajorasWrath

Reviewed: 06/27/05

Repetitive Game play Brings Down Points, but it's Still Fun

Pac Man Review

Intro- Who doesn’t know who Pac Man is? You know, the yellow circle who eats dots in mazes? And ghosts? I’ve always loved this game. In case you’ve never played this…

Story Line- ?/10- No story here, folks. Pac Man is eating dots…because he’s hungry…yeah, lets go with that.

Graphics 7/10- Not much detail, but it does get a passing grade because they are seeable, and you can tell what thing is what. The ghosts are different colors, and each has a different personality. Pac Man is yellow, and the dots are white. The maze outline is a shade of blue. Simple, yet good.

Sound 6/10 It’s nothing special, because it is just a bunch of bleeps and bloops. The sounds with the “wakka wakka” when you eat a dot is a bit cool. The sound when you start is always wonderful to here. Too bad there wasn’t any music.

Game play 8/10- You, Pac Man, are a yellow ball who wants to munch on some dots. Pinky, Inky, Blinky, and Clyde, the ghosts, try to stop you. You have to eat all the dots in the maze without having the ghosts hunt you down. If you manage to do that, you advance to the next maze. As dumb as it sounds, it is lots of fun and is addictive.

Also, in every maze, there are four power pellets. When you eat one, the Ghosts turn blue and run away from you. You can now eat them! Munch on as many as you can before they turn back to normal earn some cool bonus points. The ghosts go back to the home when eaten so they can be regenerated.

Also, a prize, like a fruit, often appears under the ghost home. Eat those for some very good bonus points.

If a ghost is on your tail, and it is catching up on you, you will be in luck. There are warp holes that warp you to one side of the maze to another, and it also slows down ghosts.

Every few mazes there is a cut scene. One shows Pac Man, big sized, hunting down a ghost.

This game is highly addictive, and will have you playing for hours! There’s only one problem: the mazes are exactly the same! The only difference is when you chomp on the power pellet, the ghosts aren’t vulnerable as long as in the previous levels. It’s same blue outlined maze. It should be more like its companion, Ms. Pac Man, which has new mazes every cut scene. Still, that doesn’t entirely stop Pac Man from being a good game.

Replay ability 9/10- Like I mentioned, this game is addictive, and you just won’t be able to put it down! It is frustrating when you are at a very high level, and you are right about to eat one more Pac Dot when…Bam! You die! Just because this game is repetitive, it’s still fun to beat a high score.

Final Score-7.5/10 Rounded up to 8/10.

Final Words- This game is totally awesome, and now they come with some other games, like Pac Man Collection, Namco Museum, and a ton more. If you come by it, make sure to glace by this game and have a look with it. There have been many, many upgrades with this game, but I will always have a soft spot for the original Pac Man.

Rating: 8

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