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Reviewed: 02/22/04

Does it deserve its immense praise as one of the most classic games ever? Hmmm... yeah I think so...

One score and a few years ago many of our VG's forefathers came onto the world upon what is known as the US Arcade Industry. And of course one of its more famous champions is none other than Pac-Man from Namco. Yes before the Iron-Fisted brawls of Tekken & the weapon-clashing antics of Soul Caliber there was Pac-Man. This game here twas one of its BIGGEST moneymakers throughout the entire before the infamous crash. Before those dark ages, Pac-Man had a huge highly merchandised following. I mean Strategy Guides, Candy (though considered to be bad-tasting), Toys, Apparel heck even the infamous Hanna Barbera made a rather decent animated show on it. (And considering that its Hanna Barbera we're talking about whom has had a rather mixed reputation with Animation fans that says something.) It was also one of the most mass-produced since its been noted that there were whole HUGE sections devoted just to this one game. Over-saturated? Perhaps, but at the time it was effective.

Some games from back in those days didn't age too well over the years. Games like ''Missile Command'' and ''Frogger'' may've been great back in the day but are now more along the lines of being more decent than good. Needless to say this timeless classic is NOT one of those. It has the age old premise of you as Pac-Man a rather round disc-like creature whom eats all a lot of pellets in this maze-like stage while you avoid the ghosts whom chase you unless you eat the ''Super Pellets''. (The larger ones of course.) And with highly-above average control and a solid moderate sense of difficulty, needless to say its a exceptionally balanced game.

Its been said that back in the day it appealed to people of ALL ages. It certainly was NOT just for kids as it appealed to high schoollers, collegians even full-grown older adults. While not everything from back in those days are still around today however despite the fact that the Arcade industry is no where near as popular as it was back then. Its all-ages appeal never died at all as in how people of all ages could STILL find this game to be an awful lot of fun even today.

This is also one of the better debuts of known Video Game series' in VG history, however its not one of THE best. Its not quite as good as those such as ''Super Mario Bros.'' and ''Legend of Zelda'' because one definite advantage games like those two had over this was in how they looked awfully simple but are deceptively deep inside. Unfortunately however this game for the most part is about as simple as it looks. But don't worry its not a terrible thing cause simplicity can most definitely be not a sin in Video Game making, and games like this are perfect reasons why. So in another words this game is probably one of the original classics in ''Quick-Fix'' games.

One other small problem is that it also doesn't quite top its equally famous sequel known as Ms. Pac-Man. (And oddly enough while Ms. Pac-Man games are becoming more known & seen in today's arcades, this one is becoming far less seen in modern day arcades. Not too long ago both games are not terribly uncommon in contemporary arcades however as its more estrogen-filled sequel gets into more arcades. Its somewhat more masculine prodescessor is in less, why? I'm not quite sure...)

In conclusion this immortal game whom re-invented the term ''Wakka-wakka-wakka'' (with no offense to a certain Mr. Bear of course) is by all means a genuine classic. Granted you've most likely have heard about my praise on this game from several other gamers before in the past over the years but once you play it chances are you'll understand why.

+ Terrific debut of the Pac-Man series
+ One of the most classic games of all time
+ Delightfully classic music
+ Wonderfully simplistic gameplay thats easy to get into
+ Highly above-average control
- Its doesn't top its initial sequel ''Ms. Pac-Man''
- Its a great debut, don't get me wrong on that but its not quite as ''Seemingly perfect'' as ''Super Mario Bros.'' and ''Legend of Zelda''
- Its still more of a ''Quck Fix'' kind of game.
- The amount of availible Pac-Man machines in arcades are starting to go down a bit.

Rating: 9

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