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Reviewed: 02/24/02 | Updated: 02/24/02

Still one of the greatest games of all time.

If you haven't heard of this game in you're entire life, you are no where near being a true video gamer. Every real gamer has a passion for the older, classic games. So I would like to state right now: No matter HOW old this game gets, it's still new in my eyes.

Gameplay: 10/10

Really. Look when this game was released. For its time, it has some of the most spectacular gameplay ever. The game is fast-paced and fluent. Pac-Man speeds across the screen in a rush, consuming yellow little dots like there is no tomorrow! But it's not that easy. You also have to be evasive of the Ghosts which chase you around! If you come into contact with one of them, it's minus one life for you! Eat the special, bigger dots, the Ghosts become temporarily vulnerable so Pac-Man can eat them! This game is a bustling classic with both fun gameplay and loads of levels! The game has longevity too. You'll work for HOURS to obtain that High Score! :)

Graphics: 10/10

Brilliant! Simply brilliant! Spectacular! Marvelling! Exquisite! Et cetera, et cetera. So many vivid words can be used to explicate Pac-Man's amazing graphics. But allow me to say this right now, they are a true marvel to behold. The way each individual level is designed brings about but a single tear in each real gamer's eye. It is impossible not to love the design of each character, as well! Four different, vibrantly colored Ghosts after you, a yellow mouth which moves up and down. Who DOESN'T like a game which involves that of the aforementioned!? Pac-Man's graphics may quite possibly be the best ever. Thus, they obtain a score of 10/10 in my book.

Audio: 10/10

The audio features of Pac-Man are easily explicated with one word: Fantastic! The sound effects are by far the greatest /ever/ made! There are different sound effects for everything during gameplay! The peaceful hymn of Pac-Man chomping yellow dots like crazy. I mean, seriously. This is something you will fall in love with immediately. :)

Challenge Factor: 2/10

This game is FUN, but not very difficult at all. A four year old has a good chance at beating this game. But even with a low Challenge Factor, this is still the greatest game ever made. ^_^;;

Replay Factor: 11

This game is definitely one which you will sit back for hours, and hours to come, playing it over and over again. That's how truly marvelous and excellent this game is. You will fall in love with it instantly, just like I have. Try to take ocassional breaks from playing it though. You don't want to damage yourself by sacrificing eating dinner and going to the bathroom for Pac-Man. :)

To Buy or to Rent?

Buy! Most /definitely/ purchase this wonderful game!

Rating: 10

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