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Reviewed: 12/11/01 | Updated: 12/11/01

Games don't influence kids. If that were true, we'd all be running around a dark blue maze eating pellets while being chased by ghosts.

The Pac has been on almost every console in the world. Soon enough, they’ll have Pac-Man X or Pac Cube out for Xbox or GCN. Who can blame them? Pac-Man is a great game. It is freakishly addictive and odd, and it will eat up your dollars in a flash. Pac sometimes sends you into a nervous and tense mood, and that makes the game all the more enjoyable. Face it. When you got four ghosts on your tail that will not stop, you are bound to break a nervous sweat. Just do not sweat so much that the whole arcade flees ‘cos of your stench.

The thing that saddens me most is how rare this and other classics are in arcades. You rarely see a bunch of great, classic arcade games anymore. Most of the arcades are jam packed with unimaginative racing, fighting, and light gun games, while classics like this and Dig Dug are pushed aside. But wait! We have some refuge in the classic theme arcades! Yes, they do exisit, and they are all my Fortresses of Solitude. While they are somewhat empty, they provide great gaming experiences. Of course, you’ll find next-gen brats in there sometimes who yell “This game sucks! This blows! Graphics suck!” and ruin the experience to the others in the arcade. I usually punch them in the face, and they leave. Simpletons like them do not fully understand the power of the classics, and never will.

Now, let us get to the gameplay, shall we? Playing as Pac, you traverse the maze and eat the pellets, while avoiding the four ghosts. You also have fruit and snacks you can eat to get some extra points, and if you eat the big pellets you can chase and eat the ghosts for even MORE points. If you eat all of the pellets in the level, you go to the next. Beat enough levels to be treated to a crude, yet enjoyable cut scene involving the Pac.

The only thing is that the levels do not change. This means going through the same exact levels all the game. This becomes a tad tedious, and a little sore to the eye. This isn’t something to write Namco about to and complain, but it is a tad tedious. This is the only thing that brings the game down.

As for the cabinet itself, Pac-Man is certainly an interesting one. Usually the normal, standard arcade cabinet type is the Pac-Man we see in arcades, but there are a few odd little Pac-Man cabinets out there, such as the table one. In this one, you sit down on a chair and face a table like structure with the game screen on top. The controls are under the tabletop, and to play the game you must sit up and watch the screen. I’ve seen these mostly at the local Pizza Hut, and no where else. These types or Pac-Man cabinets are cool, but it hurts your back to sit up like that and it is sometimes mistaken for a real table, and bratty kids sit on it on accident and make you mess up.

The graphics are pure classic. You did not need state of the art graphics to get this beauty to work. Pac and the ghosts are all different colors, and the maze itself is a dark blue. The little pellets are a shade of yellow. How much detail do you want? A lot of the better arcade games out there have the classic graphics, and those games are a helluva lot of fun.

A fun tune plays at the start of each level. It is nothing to write home about, nor is it something that makes your ears bleed. The constant chomp of the pellets gets a little on your nerves, as does the woo noise when Pac has no pellets in his path. But, if you train your ears and are a serious Pac player, you can tune it out.

As usual, the joystick covers the controls. No other buttons here expect for the 1-Player and 2-Player buttons.

Pac-Man is a perfect example of the classic nostalgia game. You’ll pump in a good 4 bucks when you play, simply because it is a fun ride back to your youth. It is great to have your name number one at the high score list. Why? Since Pac-Man is an older game, you can claim to have held the number one spot for a long time. This doesn’t work as well on the newer arcade games though.

Not surprisingly, this mack daddy of the classic arcade games gets a big, fat, juicy 9 from me, best friend to the classics.

If this wins ROTW or ROTD, I’ll lick my grandma’s armpits.
Interesting note: The first version of this review made the Pac look like a drug addict.

Rating: 9

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