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Reviewed: 09/22/01 | Updated: 09/22/01

Many people have forgotten, how good this game was.

Many people have forgotten how good this game, was, until it was placed in my Arcade, for 25 cents per play. Everyone thought Mrs.Pac Man, was better. But those of you who never actually played Pac Man, I bet your decision would change. This game is very good, and very good value. As, a fifteen year old, this game still entertains me, so if it can keep me busy, for an hour, it can probably keep you busy for an hour too. And a very fun hour.

The graphics, are well, graphics. Their like 2 dimensional, men, and even though their are basically the same things every level, is differently shaded, and has it's own, special graphic, that makes every level, extra good. The fruits are also very good graphics. Even though they may not look good, you have to look, and actually see, how the graphics are moving, and how the colors are. I've seen bad graphics, but not in this game.

The gameplay was great. Even though you do the same ting every level, it's still fun, to try to get, extra lives, and try to collect the fruits. Their is actually alot of stragity involved in Pac Man. You have to use your blinking dots sparingly, because you don't want to run, out of them. Their is alot of stragity in this game, but you have to realize, it.

The sound is also of very good quality. Even though their isn't much to hear, but, when you do hear, the sound, it is very good. It is clear, and the sound was very good. The sound, was good especially for an Arcade game.

Fun Factor-10
This game stays fun for about an hour, or until you run out of money. And it's fairly cheep too, at only twenty-five cents per play. You can have alot of fun with this game, even if you have played it before. Even though this is basically the same as Mrs.Pac Man, the little scenes, you see between levels, are a little bit better, but I think they might only be in the newer version, I am not sure.

Even though all the factors, were 10's, the levels, got very hard, as you advanced. It would go from easy to hard, and skipping medium. That was the only real thing I was mad about, because you were not ready for the speed change, and the board re-arrangement.

Rating: 9

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