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Reviewed: 08/02/01 | Updated: 08/02/01

Cooler Than Hillary Clinton's Love Life

When Pac-Man was first released, it was more than a video game. It was a video game revolution. It went back to the extremely fun gaming roots started by Pong, by providing extremely simplified gameplay that was tough to master.

The story behind Pac-Man is as old as time itself - smiley face thing gets captured, good guy goes out to rescue it. It's a common trend that can be traced throughout history, from the ideals of the French and American Revolutions, to the wonderful Age of Exploration. All revolve around that quest for the ever-loving smiley face.

In the game, you control Pac-Man, who is a smiley little face guy person thingey. He's from Milwaukee, so give him a break. Your object is to collect all the little yellow dots lying around each stage. These dots give you um.... uh... POWER! The power needed to save your girlfriend, who is also a smiley face thingey.

However, collecting dots ain't no dog and puppet show, or something easy like that. They're clustered together in a maze, and the entire time, some inky ghosts are out to get you! And one of them is even named Inky! Dastardly! You'll have to use the twists and turns of each maze to your advantage as you shed those annoying ghosts.

But, you can turn the tables on those ghosts with power pellets. There's four of these in each stage, one in each corner. With these, you're temporarily given the power to eat the ghosts. The ghosts regenerate though (cuz they're ghosts, the undead, duh) and will continue to haunt you, until you eat all the yellow dots in the stage.

For each yellow dot that you eat, you get 10 points. Each eaten ghost provides 200 points, with extra points awarded for multiple ghost eatings. In addition to these points, fruit will occasionally pop up on the screen, which can be eaten for points. Getting enough points will lead to extra lives. High scores are kept in the game, a nice and crucial addition for trash talking.

Pac-Man's simple gameplay is its main drawing point. Anybody, from age five to five hundred, can go to an arcade console and figure out Pac-Man. There's only one button - start. A joystick is used to move Pac-Man around, but that's all. The gameplay is fun and addictive.

Graphically, Pac-Man SHOULDN'T astound anyone, unless it's in relation as to how bad the graphics are. The bright colors were good for back in the day, but now, they can't hold a candle to most Nintendo games, nevermind anything more advanced than that. The sounds go into the same bag; very weak, similiar sounding effects are present everywhere in the game.

Pac-Man only costs twenty five cents to play in an arcade, so you owe it to yourself to try this gaming legend at least once. Chances are, you won't be too sorry.

Rating: 10

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