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Reviewed: 08/01/01 | Updated: 05/20/02

When will Namco learn Political Correctness?

Pac-Man was a game that revolutionized the gaming industry about 20 years ago. A sequel, Ms. Pac-Man, was released a year later, and I found it more common to come by than the original Pac-Man. Many consider the game a classic.

Game Play-

This game has an imaginative concept. You are a yellow dot. You have to clear a stage. You clear stages by eating dots around the stage, whilst running from ghosts. There are four ghosts in the stages. You can temporarily eat the power pellets when you run across a power pellet, or a big dot. Fruit will enter the stage. The fruits multiply in value as you go through the game. At 10000 points, you gain a new life. You start the game out with three lives. The mazes get tougher as you progress through the stages. The ghosts also become faster as you progress through the game's stages. The game has a very high difficulty, though. It's very addicting, but after you get tired of it, you won't want to play it for a long time.


The stick can be a little too responsive at times, but you’ll get used to it. It ain’t so bad after a while. Nothing that hinders the game experience in a big way, just a minor inconvenience.


The graphics, I suppose, are good for it's time. The stages are basically dots, ghosts, and Pac-Man in a maze outlined in two lines of varying colors. It probably looked good at the time. Pac-Man was basically a yellow blob that opens its mouth on every move. The ghosts are one color also. When Pac-Man opens his mouth, he kind of looks like a partly-eaten yellow pizza. (Good Eatin')


That classic opening tune and that classic cut scene tune will live in the minds of everyone forever, like it or not. The sound effects are annoying. It's that stupid sound that isn't memorable at all. It IS memorable, but in a pretty bad way. It's like, you can't hear it, but you can.


I wouldn't exactly call this game a ''classic'', but it is pretty fun. It has lot a bit of its luster after 20 years. It's fun, but only for the right person. It's mainly for the people who like difficult games. Those people will like it a lot. Others may just hate it because they think it is too difficult.

Score Rundown-

Game Play-8/10 - Classic
Control-8/10 - Oh
Graphics-7/10 - It's a maze!
Audio-5/10 - It burns, IT BURNS!
Enjoyability-7/10 - Fun



Doodleheimer's Recommendationitivity-

If you like the game, it'll suck up quarters fast. If you don't like it, the machine cabinet will just collect more dust. I preferred this game’s sequel, Ms. Pac-Man to this game. This game was the beginning of Pac-Man's overrated, overexposed games. The game isn't as good as they say it is. This game doesn't exactly stay unscathed for 20 years.

Rating: 7

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