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Reviewed: 04/17/09 | Updated: 04/24/09

It all started as a missing slice of Pizza...

Lets face it; Pac Man is just one of the fathers of video gaming. Never in you life could you never have heard or even played Pac Man, as this game is just to big to be ignored; an unstoppable Juggernaut that will never let up. I guess no adjective can properly describe Pac Man, so lets just say that its great. Sure its not the best game I've ever played, but it undeniably is a game that holds it own spot in pop culture's flimsy history. Today's younger audience will probably despise Pac Man for its simplisticy ,but the rest of us will always remember it as a classic which sold millions in both television endorsements, as a cheesy one hit wounder, and even expanding its legacy onto many other consoles, including modern systems.

In terms of visual presentation, while there not the best I've seen on ever arcade, Pac Man's blue colored interweaving maze just screams of classic early 80's nostalgia; not a lot of color and incredibly simplistic, but it creates the proper arcade style atmosphere which was popular back in the day.

The character sprites, while small and completely monochromatic, just reek of their own personalty and in return, create a complex and challenging group of enemy's, and that's not bad considering that there is absolutely no storyline to the game, except for the marriage of Ms Pac Man and Pac Man (don't ask, people were crazy back in the 80's).

Not much in terms of audio, but the sound of Pac Man eating the dots or even just floating around the maze is just instantly recognizable to anybody who hears it. The opening song is just a standard, amazing bonus for any Namco arcade game, and Pac Man doesn't disappoint,

But, I can guess why people might not like Pac Man; the game is increasingly challenging and fast pace that many people will just give up after a few play through's.

But an agreed challenge factor isn't universal, as some might complain that the game is just to simplistic to be played. The enemy's are predictable in terms of speed and intelligence. That, and eating dots, much like General Custard's disturbing act of grinding his junk against a cactus in that 2600 game, can get incredibly dull fast, but the feeling of excitement of knowing that the map is almost clear and being chase by a ghost on the last stretch on an higher level is absolutely priceless, keeping you on your feet until the level ends; you just cant get that level of excitement anymore in arcade cabinets, seeing as how arcade gaming has been dead since 1993.

Still, Pac Man is, undeniably, worth the quarter. If you see it in the back of a scuzzy, moldy arcade room, play it a few times and move along.

Rating: 8

Product Release: Pac-Man (US, 10/31/80)

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