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Reviewed: 05/01/07


Do you know who was the first video game character? It wasn't Link, Donkey Kong or Mario. It was the yellow little Namco guy Pac Man. While that may seems like a strange beginning for characters in video games, it's actually not strange at all. Pac Man was created when one of the makers ate a pizza, and removed one slice from it.

The idea of Pac-Man was to create a game that everyone could enjoy. Since everyone has to eat, a game where you just had to eat was the idea Namco made an Arcade game of. As you might have guessed, eating is the only thing Pac-Man can do in this game. You play in a labyrinth which is full of small yellow pills. To get to the next level, you have to eat all the small dots in this labyrinth. All labyrinths looks the same. When Pac-Man moves in any direction, he will say "Wakka Wakka" which is one of the most famous quotes from any video game.

This however isn't as easy as it may sound, since there are four ghosts with different colours that will do anything to stop Pac-Man from eating. If Pac-Man bumps into one of these ghosts, then he will die. But since we want our hero to stay alive, Namco have been nice enough to give the player a fair chance to face the evil ghosts.

There are 4 BIG dots in each labyrinth. When Pac-Man eats one of these, the ghosts will turn blue for a while and now Pac-Man can eat them. Of course, Pac-Man isn't an animal so he spits out the ghosts eyes, and then they must travel to the center of the labyrinth to be able to chase him again. Pac-Man also get bonus points if he eats a ghost.

Once Pac-Man have eaten all the yellow dots, he will travel to the next labyrinth and eat even more dots. The only thing that I have noticed that changes with each labyrinth is that the ghosts moves faster each time, which makes it more difficult.

Pac-Man only have 3 lives when you start the game, but you will get a bonus life every 10-000 points. A good way to get extra points is either to eat as many ghosts as possible while you have the chance to, or you could eat the bonus fruit that pops up a few times in each labyrinth. Actually the whole point in this game is to get as high score as possible.

Today you don't have to go to an Arcade to play Pac-Man. You can just search for a Flash edition on the Internet. And what's good with Pac-Man is that since almost everyone have played it at least once, people might be impressed if you get a really high score on it. It takes a lot of practice to get a really high score, but the game is really addicting, and I know I will pay to play it for awhile if I find it in an Arcade hall.

Rating: 8

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