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Cybersled catapults you to a future where tank warfare resembles Formula One racing on an arena football field.
Eleven armored battlesleds play hide-and-seek, then seek-and-destroy; each with enough weaponry to take out the former Soviet Union. Their sole purpose? Blow you to scrap.
Blink, and you're Cyber-Dead.
-11 tanks with unique battle characteristics. How are the shields? Choose wrong, and your battlesled doubles as a really expensive coffin
-8 incredible battle zones - know the turf or get buried in it.
-Two modes of play - you against 11 computer tank terrorists or go two player and incinerate friends & family
-Two views to a kill - inside your tank or directly behind it
-Three atmospheres for combat - clear sky, night time or fog bound for less radar detection
-Texture mapped graphics for the ultimate in detail and raging realism

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