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FAQ/Walkthrough by Rodrigo_Shin

Version: 1.20 | Updated: 06/02/10

by Rodrigo Shin ( rodrigoshin at hotmail.com )

Disclaimer: this document is an intellectual property of mine and it is
forbidden that you copy or publish it in other sites than
http://www.gamefaqs.com without my written authorization. Selling this guide is
also forbidden. You also admit to be reading this at your own risk, and will not
hold the creator of the FAQ responsible should anything sound offensive or
displease you. The creator of the FAQ also holds no credibility as to what
could be incorrect info, even though he tried his best to compile the content of
this file and aims to create an accurate guide for the game. If anything here
seems to be  inaccurate and/or fake, e-mail the author and he will try to look
into it as soon as possible. If you agree to all these conditions, you may
proceed and read the FAQ to Splatterhouse.

Splatterhouse is (c) 1988 by Namco.

1. Introduction
2. Plot
3. Game System
4. Characters
5. Walkthrough
6. Bestiary
7. Version Differences and Localization Info
8. Common Questions
9. Special Thanks
10. FAQ Version History
11. Afterword and Contact Info

1) Introduction
This is one of the most comprehensible guides for Splatterhouse, one of the
first horror-themed games ever released. In this guide, I will try to
detailedly cover every stage of the game and also go in depth about most of
its aspects - including some version differences.

Although minorly different at spots, this FAQ also serves for the TG-16/PCE
port of 'Splatterhouse'.

2) Plot
An odd beast, this one. When 'Splatterhouse' was first released in the Land of
the Rising Sun (yeah, that's Japan, folks), the arcade marquee only described it
as exactly what you see on the ingame intro of it - a couple is running away
seeking shelther from storm, and they walk into a mansion. When the door closes,
you hear the scream of the woman... aptly named in the arcade marquee, Rick is
our main man, and is out to rescue his girlfriend, Jennifer, from the "Cursed
Mansion" they wandered into. Rick happens to be found by a sentient Mask while
he's lying out cold somewhere, whose powers amplify Rick's strength dramatically
so he can tear just about any monster that wanders around his way.

That was the basic setup. In 1990, the game was ported to PC-Engine, and then
things were considerably spiced up - we were given the protagonists' full names
(Rick Taylor and Jennifer Wills) and that they were parapsychology majors,
researching on Dr. West, who were involved in gruesome experiments and
eventually died - that's right, according to the PCE manual they spill the beans
just like that, whilst the US manual says "West disappeared, the mansion should
be deserted". The West Mansion even already had it's alias "Splatterhouse". West
was a world-renowned authority on Rick and Jen's field, so they decided to
investigate it for a University paper. However, because of a strong storm, they
seek shelter in the Mansion. But really - it's not like the storm heavily
factored here like it would in the original story. Rick and Jen wanted to
investigate the mansion (regardless that with it's fame they should be pretty
wary of doing so), so storm or no storm, they'd be going in anyway. To me this
is looking more like trying to concile the original story with the new bits, but
I digress.

3) Game System
a) Overview
Basically, Splatterhouse is your average action side-scroller from the late
eighties, just filled with gore. Rick can move left and right only, but he can
pick weapons laying around to use against the enemies that come his way, and
he has a reasonable amount of moves - punch, low kick, and slide kick. The game
relies heavily on timing memorization, no less, and that's the ticket for
surviving "Splatterhouse". Each time you start a stage, you are given four
hearts, and naturally, every time you're hit, you lose one of them. When you
clear a stage, you start the next one with an extra heart, maximum being six.

b) Button Layout
The button layout is as it follows:

DOWN - Crouch (can grab weapons)
UP - Look up (can grab weapons)
DOWN + ATTACK - low kick
JUMP, HOLD DIRECTION, DOWN + ATTACK - Sliding Kick, Rick's most damaging
standard move

c) Difficult Settings and Extra Lives
On the Arcade's dip switches, you have an option pertaining to "Ranks". The
standard Rank is "A", which gives Rick four hearts to start out, and all that.
You also have Rank "B" and "C". Rank "B" gives Rick SIX hearts at the start of
each life. Rank "C", though, gives you TWO hearts at the start of each life.

At its standard, the game gives you an extra life when you reach a score of
30.000 points. It will reward you another one when you get to 70.000 points;
and then another one everytime you hit 50.000 points. That can also be changed
in the switches to be one extra life first at 50.000 points, then 100.000
points, then every 100.000 points, or no extending lives at all.

d) Items
Lying around in the ghastly locations of the game are weapons. They standardly
deal twice the damage your basic moves deal on an enemy. Here they're listed and
what are their effects:

CLEAVER - found in Stage I and II, and as you can possibly guess, it has gory
2x4 - found in Stage I, II and V.
WRENCH - found solely in Stage II. Thrown when used.
SHOTGUN - found in Stage III, each packs 8 shells.
ROCK - found in Stage III, is thrown when used.
HARPOONS - found in Stage IV, are thrown when used.
AXE - found in Stage IV. 

The weapons that aren't thrown when used are dropped if an enemy hits you. No
matter, though, because that simply requires you pick it back up. But you can't
carry a weapon into another segment of a stage. If you're going up or down a
ladder or entering another room, you will lose the current weapon.

e) Traps
When you thought hordes of the undead couldn't get any worse, here's the bitter
truth: the entire game is out to get you. No, seriously. Besides the enemies you
face and can put an end to, there are ‘background' traps as well just waiting
to catch you offguard.

These are:

BLADES - Underground blades reach out for Rick. Just memorize where do they come
from, and avoiding them should be easy enough. They're found in Stage I.

SPIKE BALLS - floating above water level in the water stages. They're found in
Stage II, III and V. You will only inevitably find them in Stage II. You just
need to jump over them, but as you could expect, enemies and more spike balls
coming around will make your life harder.

PITS - apparently hunter traps found in the woods, in Stage III. They're
apparently riddled with sharp objects, so just jump them over.

ROTATORY BLADES - the name says it all; they're found in Stage IV's first
section. You should let the auto-scrolling give you some leverage before going
in head first and jumping over it when it should be safe - these blades come in

SLIPPERY FLOOR - wood planks over piles of pale gore in Stage V. As expected,
Rick moves much faster if you keep at it, and if you try to change directions he
will lag around a bit until he does so. If you fall on the gory floor, you will
lose health.

PURPLE MIST - this one is present in every single stage of the game. Lock the
game's autoscrolling for long enough (like, around 10 seconds) and you will see
the beginnings of this formless evil slowly clawing at you. Namco's way of
telling the player "on with it!" is not some finger pointing forwards saying
"Go!". No, sir, this eerie fucker, purple hued with lighting running across it,
DAMAGES you at its touch. Of course, during boss battles where the arena is
locked, it is not present, but it gives its spotlight to...

BLUE ORB - linger far too much in areas where the Purple Mist shouldn't be able
to appear, and this lovely little spinning ethereal orb will chase you through
the screen. If that wasn't enough, the longer you take, the more orbs appear.

4) Characters
The main hero of the game, Rick wanders in on the Mansion with his girlfriend,
Jennifer Wills. They're quickly surprised by the Mansion's inhabitants, and
Rick's dragged out to the Mansion's "Annex", a series of catacombs, and left
for dead, when the Terror (Hell) Mask finds him and attaches itself to his face,
giving him the power needed to fight his way back into the Mansion and rescue

Rick's girlfriend. Unlike Rick, who was knocked out immediately when they set
foot on the Mansion, she was apparently abducted... but to what end?

Apparently, as you'd put it, "the hack to blame for this mess". Although West
has passed on, his grisly experiments linger on the West Estate, as our heroes
found out a bit too late...

A legendary Mask said to contain the spirits of the dead. It empowers Rick and
allows him to seek an escape from the Mansion and its surroundings, but what is
it truly after?

a) Stage Overview
(Stage descriptions taken from the PC-Engine Manual)

"Dungeon where the enchained dead and strange living creatures wander about. A
razor-sharp blade thrusts up from the ground."

As you start the game, you'll notice that indeed, dead people torn up really bad
are all around in the background. There's nothing you can do for them - hell,
the enchained corpses will puke pools of venom that damage you, even, and you
can't stop them - so go about your way killing the Deadmen that show up in your
way. They're the game's most brittle enemies, so one punch is enough to do them
in. Eventually, you will find your first weapon, the Cleaver, and witness the
effects it has on our merry little demons (namely: decapitation). The blades
from underground are likely to pop up your way just a little after you got the
cleaver, so be on the look out for it - a noise will let you know they're
closeby. Bats will also appear, but a single punch / cleaver swing will take
care of them as well. Eventually, you will find a 2x4 laying around; you might
want to pick it to see how differently will the Deadmen die - and its reach is
a bit longer than the Cleaver's, as well. On the very last room in this floor,
you will be met with your first "Top-Heavy", an enemy with higher endurance and
more aggressive behavior than the Deadmen. When their body perishes, the head
detaches and lunges for you. The 2x4 is handy there because of its reach and
because it will make the head lunge downwards, instead of upwards. Just look
out, because soon enough another Top Heavy will present itself from the left of
the room. When it's done, walk to the stairs and Rick will automatically climb
them up.

Body Eater Room (BEBOSS)

The name makes it sound bad, but it's even worse. Amidst the piles of gore in
the room stands a lone hanged corpse, completely inert. After a heavy sting
starts the tune played in the room, soon enough the shrieks of leech-like
creatures will echo through it, and they will lunge from their fleshy hideouts
after fresh blood - namely you. The best strategy is to keep yourself in the
rightmost corner of the room, punching and kicking any Body Eater that comes
your way. There will be some coming out of the gore piles at the right edge
itself, so if you see some ‘bubbles' protruding from where you're near, be ready
to punch it anytime. As the song dies down, the Body Eaters (if any surviving)
will retreat - so be ready not to be suckerleeched by the last Body Eater the
room has... and no prizes for guessing WHERE is it hiding.

"A damp underground road is guarded by sludge monsters. Pressing on you reach a
room where a Poltergeist phenomena starts."

Before you get to said damp underground road, you'll find yourself in a torture
chamber of sorts - if you thought the first level wasn't bad enough. More
deformed corpses wail in the background, impaled or chained, and some will puke
pools of poison like the chained corpses from the previous stage. You will catch
your first glimpse of a Green Deadman soon enough - it's a stronger Deadman,
that takes twice the hits to die. If you have the cleaver, though (the Green
Deadman may be faster than you picking it up), same difference: one strike and
its head goes out flying. Eventually you will reach a point where there is a
wrench in the ground; you can pick it and hit a Top-Heavy from afar when you
see that it is approaching, and then pick the Cleaver back up from the ground.
The rest of the corridor consists of Hanging Dead dropping from the ceiling;
with the cleaver they're easily disposed of, without it they take two hits to
die, and if they're feeling happy enough, they will also vomit poison towards
you. While they come up and down from the ceiling, another Top Heavy and more
Deadmen will make sure the room is lively. When that's all done, Rick descends
to the underground waterway.

Be sure to pick the 2x4 as soon as you come by it; the Water Dead will show
up soon enough. Hit them with the 2x4 and they'll be gone in one shot. If you
don't happen to have it, you'll have to do a flying kick or a sliding kick,
because their punching range outclasses Rick's by a long shot. The spiked balls
floating on the water also appear, and there will be a spot where the timing to
evade them is rather tricky, because both will come from opposite directions.
The trick is to jump over ahead one of them, and then jump the other one when
tt approaches. Be on guard though, because sooner than you can say "Cthulhu
Fhtagn, Cthulhu Fhtagn, Iaeeh, Iaeeh", more Water Dead will appear. But once
that's done, that's a straightforward path until the Poltergeist Room.

Poltergeist Room (PRBOSS)

An entire room possessed by a Poltergeist sets out to assault Rick. Candles,
cans, whiskey bottles, all of these will either materialize or fall from the
room while it frantically shakes. No big deal: stay on the rightmost corner of
the screen, and just wait for everything to drop. Once two blue cans flash
around in the middle of te room, a reasonable time after the phenomena started,
a can should pop up right above Rick's head. Move away from it, and watch out:
it's the chair's turn to be possessed. It'll erratically jump across the room;
just time your punches well enough not to be hit until it's destroyed. Then one
of the knives stashed in the closet will diagonally pursuit you; just hit it.
Yeah, Rick punches down a knife. Chuck Norris would be proud (oh, man, that's
sooo 2006, but anyway). After three hits the knife goes down, and two more show
up. Same deal, you just need to position yourself carefully. The biggest danger
there is finding yourself in an angle where the knives can actually hit you
but your attacks won't. If you managed to be closeby to a knocked knife before
it raises again, you can stay close to it and just punch it or kick it before it
raises completely - it'll register a hit and you can't be damaged then. After
that, the painting springs out of the wall. You can keep yourself in the middle
and then start pummelling it; it will bounce off the walls with each hit, and
after enough hits the painting will drop to the floor, the spirit driven away.

Just make sure you don't stay under the chandelier after the spirit is gone. You
wouldn't want to go through the entire boss yet again (yes, it's an one hit
kill). If you weren't right at its center but still get hit by it, you'll lose
just one heart in the health meter.

"Rick advances further into a forest. While it incessantly downpours, among the
the rain Rick finds a gun, and someone awaits him..."

Right at the start, you'll be greeted with the true staple and love of any
horror-setting protagonist: the Shotgun. This baby packs some serious damage,
and any regular enemy hit by it will die on the spot. Coming through your way
there will be some Deadmen and Green Deadmen, but you might notice that after
splattering them their remains will not disappear this time. Soon enough
zombified dogs, the Evil Dogs, will enter the screen. If you just leave them be,
they'll chew on the remains of the Deadmen and they won't bother with you at
all - but if you touch them while they're feeding, you're still damaged either
way. Likewise, hit them while they're feeding and they'll charge at you.

Advancing a bit, you'll find what looks like an overgrown fetus crawling around
a bridge in the woods, the "Nobu" enemy. You can just kick it twice before it
has the chance to show you its "O" face and vomit poison your way. Also when
crossing the bridge, be mindful of the little shadows; if you're caught, a
gigantic water hand will throw you in a river below crowded with Water Deads.
And since you left the current screen, you'll also lose the shotgun.

No matter, after going through the Water Dead river if that happens, you will
find a rock near a pit. Pick the rock, scroll the screen a bit further to see a
Hanging Dead, and throw the rock at it. Now you can pick the Shotgun again. It's
also good to keep in mind that you can spare ammo by always using low kicks.
Right after the first Hanging Dead, there's a tree, and below it, hidden by the
screen, there's another rock, if you want to keep track of it to use it on
another Hanging Dead that will soon show itself up. It's a bit of a pain to keep
on equipping/unequipping the shotgun (just so the shotgun doesn't scroll out of
view and you lose it), but if you want to preserve ammo, it's there. After a bit
more of Deadmen, Crows, and Hanging Dead, you'll get another Shotgun and face
that "someone waiting for Rick".

Biggy Man (BMBOSS)
Chainsaw for hands. Bag in the head. Pulsating flesh on the body. If you think
"Splatterhouse", Biggy Man is never far behind.

The easiest way to take Biggy Man out is to keep carrying on the Shotgun from
the beginning of the stage, and then juggle it alongside the second one given
just before he shows up. That way you have 16 rounds of shotgun shells, and he
needs 12 to go down. You can afford to miss four times in the worst case

Now if you died and can't bring two shotguns with you, you can bring one rock
with you - two could also be possible, although it makes the juggling EVEN MORE
strenuous. These are 10 hits on the Biggy, though. If you need to go bare-handed
against the goliath, sliding kicks are for sure your best friend. They're the
most damaging move in Rick's repertoire after all, and they have a great reach
to hit enemies. You can try some low kicks as well, but Biggy flails his arms
around so even if you're crouched he will more than likely end up hitting you.
Not to mention, Biggy needs 12 hits to die, delivered by weapons - and each
weapon deals damage equivalent to a sliding kick. In other words, if you want
to beat the Big Man with only your default kick and punching, he can take 24

Slide, my children. Slide like there's no tomorrow. Either way, now that Biggy
is out of your way, you're back in the Mansion.

"To repel the intruders, traps like the rotary blade are set. Beyond there is
the mirror room, where a demon dwels inside the mirror. It's said the demon
living inside the mirror reflects a figure from the World of the Dead."

Ominous, huh? As the stage starts you'll be met with some harpoons right in
your face, and the usual Deadmen will come at it. Take no prisioners and make
good use of the harpoons. There's a hole still at the beginning; fall on it
and you have to endure a Body Eater CORRIDOR, if the room wasn't bad enough.
If a Deadman falls in the hole, though, they won't be bugging you anymore
(makes sense). Eventually the second and last Nobu of the game will also show
up, but once more all you have to do is dispatch with low kicks. Soon enough
you'll see the rotary blades, so no need to rush in - let the scroll show plain
and clear what's ahead, then time your jumps. Some bats will try to bug in
during this segment, but one hit and they're gone.

After that you have the mirror room. When Rick's fully reflected, a copy of
him, aptly called "Mirror Rick", will break through the glass and you have
to fend it off. One of the best ways to deal with it is stay your ground when
it does come out, hit it with a punch (twice, if possible), walk up to it and
the crouch and deliver low kicks; the Mirror Rick will most likely keep punching
the air, hoping you stand up. In the worst case scenario, it will use its flying
kick, or the sliding kick proper. You can't counter the sliding kick; if it uses
the flying kick, crouch immediately and you may luck out on buggy hit detection
so he'll pass right over your head and you can hit him then. You will face two
more until you leave this room, which leads us to... the Chapel.

Evil Cross (ECBOSS)

Organ music starts and disembodied heads (complete with otherwordly moaning if
the game has its mojo going) fill the screen when you're in the Chapel. Soon
enough you'll see that the disembodied heads materializing all circle around an
inverted cross. That's rather likely the most METAL sentence known to man.
Regardless, you will find an axe to help your little slaughter here, so that
should make things easier, even if the boss, compared to Biggy Man, is already
way easier on the player. Each disembodied head has its movement pattern when
it's not attached to Evil Cross, so it becomes a matter of knowing where will
they go so you're not hit. Also, when they are astray from the cross and start
fading away you can still kill them, but they won't hit you anymore. This is a
good place to farm for score and possibly an extra life since the Nightmares
(these lovely disembodied heads) grant you around 500 points for each killed,
but be mindful of the blue orbs of doom if you stay in here for too long.
After you hit the Evil Cross six times with the axe, it will be destroyed and
you will advance to Stage V.

"Rick has been restlessly fighting for his lover Jennifer. Here, two people who
love each other are reunited, however..."

...y'know, that "Enter Stage" picture isn't helping matters either.

The stage starts out with an assembly of poltergeist possessed chairs and a 2x4
to allow you to vent your hatred for spiritually animated furniture. Give ‘em
all you got, and so soon as they're done you'll be done with this room too.

Now things get slippery (Ha HA! Double Entendré!). Literally. You have a
slippery wooden floor, with your everyday gore pile between each plank. Needless
to say, land on the pale flesh and you lose health. You have to ultimately
balance your movements, which can be tricky because there are "Woodies" (Biggy
Man, Woodies... in the days of rudimentary 'safe-browsing' tools this document
would have been a victim of these for sure), which are basically reanimated
severed arms which taunt you by flipping you the bird and then at occasions
manage to jump from their habitat (the piles of gore). So sometimes you need
to get rid of them AND manage a way not to fall from the wooden planks into the
gore piles... headache. In the inbetween from one and another, you will face
pairs of Top-Heavies, but nothing you ain't seen before. So soon as you finish
this floor, though, you're presented branching pathways: a stair leading down,
and one leading up. I'll call the upwards path 2nd Floor, the downwards one,
Basement. You can change your pathway even during those, no less...

2nd Floor
- Painting Hallway (1st Corridor)
In this hallway filled with eerie paintings you will find anime-styled ghosts
carrying skulls around, the 'Jokers'. Jump and kick them before they can drop
the skull on your head. There's a painting with a face on it with its eyes
closed; the face will also rip itself off from the painting and charge at you
(gee, wonder who didn't see that coming). There are many holes before the end of
this corridor; if you will fall on them you'll find yourself in the first
corridor of the Basement path, and continue from there. Going to the end of this
corridor, though, presents you another stair going down and a room to continue
going further. If you pick the stair, you will find yourself in the Basement's
Master Dead room, otherwise you'll be in this floor's 2nd Corridor.
- Mirror Room (2nd Corridor)
Mirror Ricks return! The pattern is the same from Stage IV, and there are three
of them to be dealt with here as well. No branching pathways either - kill
them and go right.
- Body Eaters (3rd Corridor)
Yet another Body Eater hallway. Wee. There's not much of strategy here - try to
keep track of the Body Eaters before they leap out of the flesh piles, and hit
them as soon as they're about to. You need to have your timing right in order to
be able to get by without much loss to your health; you'll need every last of it
for what's to come.

- Water Hallway (1st Basement Floor)
Plenty of Water Deads and spiked balls in a small underground pool. The spiked
balls this time are faster than the ones you saw in Stage II, and the Water Dead
show up in no small amount. It's about three times trickier to get the timing
down to a T compared to Stage II's segment, but doable without getting hit. So
soon as you're out of the pool, you'll find another stair leading down which
leads to the Master Dead Room.
- Master Dead room (2nd Floor)
More putrid gore in the backgrounds, and some living dead that honor that name
aesthetically: they are the "Revival Dead". There's a boney one and one without
half of its head. The boney ones are fast, whereas the mutilated ones are
lethargic. Regardless, two hits will do them in. But that's not all - a
scarecrow figure will be around to make sure your life is hell; it's able to
revive (get it? Get it?) these zombies by chanting uninteligible words and
raising its arms. It floats around the screen and can be a pain to hit, and
what's more, its pattern is seemingly random - there will be times where you'd
rather focus your strength on knocking down the Revival Dead and wait for Master
Dead (our scarecrow necromancer) to drop out of the figure altogether than to
bring him down with gusto. Ultimately it's up to the player, but it should be of
note that more Revival Deads join in the fray than just the two at the beginning
of the fight. After you get through Master Dead and his crew of zombies, you can
go down yet again... or go up. If you do go up, you'll find yourself in the 3rd
Corridor of the 2nd Floor, the Body Eater corridor, if you go down, you'll go to
the Evil Dog Cages in the 3rd Basement Floor.
- Evil Dog Cages (3rd Floor)
Deadmen, Evil Dogs and Jokers. Give preferrence to hitting a Deadman with a
straight punch in the middle of its head; they'll collapse in place, so you can
walk further and leave the Evil Dogs, which majorly come from the left side of
the screen, to chew on its remains while you advance. Upon sighting any Joker,
just jump and kick them. That's pretty much it for this room, which has a lone
stairway leading you to the final room in the stage.


             Painting Hallway > Mirror Room > Body Eaters > Boss Room
                   ^  |     |                       ^          ^
   Woody Hallway --^  |     |                       |          |
             v        v     |                       |          |
          Water Hallway     |                       |          |
                   v        v                       |          |
              Master Dead Room ---------------------^          |
                       v                                       |
                Evil Dog Cages---------------------------------^

After all this branching path fun, we're brought to Stage V's boss.

Jennifer (DJBOSS)
Yep, for real. As what seems to be widely regarded at least in the country this
game originated as an "action gamer trauma", Rick makes it to a room that's
considerably well kept when you think of the entire house, and Jennifer is laid
on a couch, surrounded by Green Deadmen and a Top Heavy, who calls them all off
upon your arrival, and then leaves the screen itself. Jennifer gets up and says,
"Oh, my darling...", and then falls to her knees, starts trembling and the next
thing you know she's mutated into a demon twice Rick's size with saggy flesh
exposed everywhere and an evil laugh.

Jennifer will first lunge at you with a large leap; it may be your first
instinct to counter it with a flying kick, but actually just wait for her to
get in range of your punch and hit her. Then she'll drop to the opposite side of
the screen she was jumping towards; walk away immediatelly, because Jennifer's
one weapon are extendable nails that hurt. Bad. And that have ludicrous reach.
She'll lunge for you with a smaller leap this time, but just do the same thing;
wait for her to be in-range and then hit her. After around 6 hits, Jennifer will
turn back to her human form... and ask you to kill her. Not that it matters: she
mutates yet again almost immediatelly. The pattern remains the same. After
another six hits, she'll once again revert but mutate back - but this time it's
her last stand, which means she'll get considerably tricky. She will leap for
you as usual, but then after the first hit, you'll see she'll only do RATHER
small leaps instead of jumping around now. She'll be skipping around, not
jumping, towards you, and so soon as the nails are within reach, she will whip
them out - and odds are, you get hit. So you have to be rather cautious; hit her
and IMMEDIATELY walk away. When she seems to be in the middle of a small leap
and is within range, punch her again, then walk away as far as possible. Repeat
until she's defeated. If you didn't get hit even once and you have 4 hearts (or
more) remaining, you might as well go kamikaze if you're not in the mood for
strategy. When she turns back into demon for the last time, hit her the first
time, then go away and hit her with a sliding kick. This will leave you right in
her face open for any attacks, but with 3 hits to go, she needs only two more to
die (the sliding kick does the double the damage). All you have to do is take
advantage of your temporary invincibility.

If you want, you can mess Jennifer's pattern up to have a "hard mode" if you
feel you want more of a challenge. After delivering her 5 hits, instead of
hitting her yet again with a punch or kick, hit her with the SLIDING Kick. Now
this most assuredly will take one heart out of you. Jennifer WON'T turn back
to human form, and will advance to her next attack pattern. You can do the same
for the second pattern: instead of hitting her with a standard punch/kick, hit
her with the slide. You'll see she'll promptly start skipping towards you,
instead of jumping. There's no upside to this, besides gloating that you
deliberately made the boss harder and beat her - if you don't die anyway.

No less, when that is done, it's time for one of the most irritating stages of
the game: "the Womb".

"The monsters are all born within this womb cave. The root of all evil, it has
to be destroyed to the best of one's abilities, or else the nightmare might go
on forever."

After getting the bloody deed done in Stage V, a Top Heavy seemingly taunted
Rick and then, apparently, descended upon a fleshy hole surrounded by gore (so
much for a well kept room). Rick follows in pursuit, and now you're inside a
womb cave that for all intents and purposes seems very much alive - if anything
for the fact it spawns "Obas", larvae-like monsters said to be the first stage
of a Deadman. They first float around in ovaries, and if they land, they will
grab Rick if they're not dealt with immediatelly. Once they do, you have to
shake them off by wiggling the D-Pad like it's nobody's business. If you're
lucky, you can shake them off without taking damage, though that's a bit rare.
It doesn't help that the stage is rather busy. By the time one of these buggers
is trying to leech the life out of you or whatever is it they do, more than
likely more eggs have hatched, and they come from either the top of the screen
or the bottom, and they float around with hard to predict patterns before
landing - and naturally, the eggs do damage to you as well.

This is more a test of endurance than anything else; after around 1 minute and
6 seconds in (there seems to be no checkpoints whatsoever), you should be met
with a fleshy pillar with a giant heart beating on it. "Mother" sends you her
regards - and its unholy spawn as added bonus.

Mother (MBOSS)
Honestly, there's not much to do here. Mother's a terribly enduring boss,
so she can take a LOT of punishment. You can slide-kick her without getting
damaged, but the hatchlings don't stop coming just because you've reached a boss
screen. So you have to be mindful of taking care of the Obas as well as bringing
Mother down, and if you dedicate yourself solely to slide kicking her so she
goes down faster, you'll soon have a demon daycare center in your hands before
you even know it. No less, pummel Mother and its offspring relentlessly and in
enough time it should go down - but not without a bang, or should I say, burst.
Mother will start blinking and let out a last shriek, different from the screams
it lets out when hit, and that's your cue to get the hell away from it, because
it'll release a torrent of gore when it dies. It's not an instant kill, but if
you have only one heart left, odds are you don't want to deal with the little
hatchlings all over again.

"And, to the conclusion - Stage VII-"

Yeah, rather descriptive, huh? From the getgo you will see that the surroundings
of the Mansion are all set ablaze. Fire logs will also come, either dropping
from the top of the screen or just scrolling by. Demons writhing while in
flames, the Fire Dead, also make their appearance. You can't hit ANYTHING in
flames, so all you can do is avoid them. It might be a little tricky at first,
but you can exploit the scrolling to your advantage. Any new hazard that shows
up, either fire logs or the Fire Dead, are triggered by Rick's current position
in the stage. If instead of pressing on without stopping you go around slowly
and methodically, you can isolate each of these instead of having them thrown at
you together. Having health stashed for what's to come certainly won't hurt.

Hell Chaos (FBOSS)

Rick's path ends when he finds a wooden cross in the ground. The Mask releases
energy on it, and with a monstrous scream, a giant head with apparently molten
skin raises from the ground, throwing rocks all around the screen when it does
so (it looks less impressive than it sounds). You might want to pummel the
bugger so soon as its head shows up in the screen, but that might leave you open
to be hit by the falling rocks (ol' Hell Chaos didn't throw them in the air for
no reason). The rocks fall at a lethargic pace, but you can avoid them if you're
around the center of the screen, while Hell Chaos always shows up at the edges
of the screen, either left or right. Once the rocks ended falling, walk up to
it and start pummelling it. Its' giant, fleshy hands might come for you; they
won't hit you when they are merely looming over Rick, but when they close their
palms and try to drag him from the playfield, jump to avoid getting hit. If you
time it correctly, you don't even need to jump on the opposite direction - you
can jump just where you are, and you will evade the hand no problem. Both hands
come up at it and you'll be able to tell Hell Chaos is closer to dying when they
speed up their pace. There are even times where they'll try to grab Rick at the
same time, but no panic; you just need to get the timing right just so when they
do try to grab him, you jump at the right moment so you are clear from getting
hit by both.

If you can evade the hands and the rocks, Hell Chaos can be a cakewalk
(sometimes the rocks pattern won't help, since it's random). After you hit it
enough times, the head will submerge yet again, show up in another end of the
screen, throw the rocks up, all that. Hell Chaos does this around five times,
so getting his pattern down is the trick here more than endurance. If you think
you have hit him enough times before he goes under again, you can cap him off
with a sliding kick - it might him twice or just once (if it hits him just once,
my guess is that you'll do an extra point of damage than you would have if you
just stuck to kicking and punching), but you will get no damage whatsoever. But
only do that if you're sure that two (at most) sliding hits will do him in.
Sooner or later, Hell Chaos will let out a ghoulish scream and a spirit in agony
will show up; with a shriek, it'll start releasing souls around the screen until
it fades away - and then it's over. Enjoy the ending.

6. Bestiary
Listed below are all the enemies you will face during the stages. Mostly
descriptive, strategies where appliable are found here. If you're looking for
boss strategies, these are contained within the stage walkthroughs. If there's
a different death animation caused by a weapon, these are listed as well.

Deadman (found in Stage I, II, IV, V)
Called "inferior experiment bodies", likely because of their poor endurance
(at least against Mask-powered-Rick anyway). One hit will do them in. In Stage
IV they show more agressive behavior like jumping, but they do it very scarcely
to even be a threat.
Deaths: decapitation (cleaver); burst against wall (2x4); exploded (shotgun);
impaled (harpoons); eaten (Evil Dog)
Score: 100 points.

Green Deadman (found in Stage II, III, IV, V)
More resistent than the standard Deadman, but still weak.
Deaths: same of the standard Deadman, though not all the weapons show up in the
same areas they do)
Score: 200 points.

Bats (found in Stage I, II, IV)
Common vampire bats. Are killed with a single hit.
Score: 300 points.

Top Heavy (found in Stage I, II, IV, V)
Upper-class experiment body with a mushroom-based head. The body may be
destroyed, but the head will then charge at the agressor. If you use a sliding
kick or the 2x4, when the Top Heavy's body dies, the head will be on the floor
and will lunge upwards; by other means, the head will lunge downwards instead.
Although the Top Heavy seldomly attacks it has a great range for its nail punch,
so if you're unarmed, a sliding kick or low kicks are usually best for dealing
with it. It's interesting to notice that there's apparently a sense of hierarchy
between the Top Heavy and the Deadmen, as in Stage II you can see it ordering
the Deadman against Rick in the torture chamber; and in Stage V it calls them
off when Rick arrives at the boss room.
Score: 500 for the body, 300 for the head.

Hanging Dead (found in Stage I, II, III)
A decomposed corpse, hanged by the neck with a rope. Ocasionally vomits venom
and comes down from holes in the ceiling in Stage II. When it's going up and
down, it won't do anything; if they're hit while they're doing that and they
don't die, they will shift to venom-vomiting mode. Two hits will do them in.
Deaths: the cleaver just make it look slightly different when it decomposes
in a pile of green blood, like it was indeed cut. Nothing else.
Score: 300 points.

Body Eater (found in Stage I, IV, V)
A huge leech which stays in lumps of flesh assumed to be a nest. When someone
alive is detected, they attack it in group in order to feed upon them. Their
threat relies in numbers more than anything. One hit will do them in. They
serve as Stage 1's "boss". Strategy is found at (BEBOSS).
Score: 300 points

Crow (found in Stage III)
A crow that flies in a straight line. It's absent from the PC-E/TG16 ports.
Killed with a single hit.
Score: 300 points

Water Dead (found in Stage II, III, V)
Experiment body to live in places such as the sewer. Has a great range for it's
punches. Takes a single hit to kill.
Deaths: splatters against the wall when hit by the 2x4.
Score: 200 points

Water Hand (found in Stage III)
The spirit which wanders about on the bridge. When it touches Rick, it drags him
and drops him to the river where Water Deads expect him. Can not be killed.

Evil Dog (found in Stage III, V)
An undead stray dog (apparently a result of manipulation of West's, since they
say the dog is 'made a zombie' or 'converted to zombie'). Their favorite meal is
a Deadman, ironically, so if you knock one down they'll come out to feed at its
corpse. But if you attack them while they are feeding they will get angry and
charge at you. They take two hits to be killed.
Deaths: looks slightly different when killed with the Shotgun, like all of its
blood bursts out with its skin from the body.
Score: 300 points

Nobu / 'Knob' (Stage III, IV)
It has the appearance of an overgrown deformed fetus and is very lethargic. If
you leave it alone, however, it will display fangs on top of its head and vomit
pools of poison your way. Takes two hits to die. It's absent from the PCE port
in Stage III.
Deaths: you can decapitate the fang head by shooting it with the Shotgun or
hitting it with a Harpoon.
Score: 300 points

Mirror Rick (Stage IV, V)
An inhabitant from the World of the Dead that lingers on the mirror, and comes
out when Rick is fully reflected. They take three hits to die, and there are six
in total in the game. You inevitably get to face three.
Score: 3000 points

Countless severed heads floating around Evil Cross. They'll keep respawning
until the Evil Cross itself is destroyed. Each head has its movement pattern
when they are not circling the cross; the human head lacking an eye with
pale skin will attack by going to the lower edges of the left screen, for
instance. One hit kills them.
Score: 500 points

Picture Ghost (Stage V)
Found in the painting hallway in Stage V, a grudgeful spirit confined in a
masterpiece. It'll charge at Rick, ripping itself from the painting. Takes
only one hit to be killed.
Score: 300 points

Woody (Stage V)
A severed arm with will, that taunts Rick with it's finger and jumps at him to
try to bar his progress. Killed with one hit.
Score: 200 points

Joker (Stage V)
Ghost of a beautiful girl that drops a skull on Rick's head. She'll giggle if
Rick's hit. One hit sends them back to the beyond.
Score: 500 points

Revival Dead (Stage V)
Zombies. They will keep coming back as long as Master Dead is around to raise
them. Take two hits to go down. They come in fast and slow types.
Score: 100 points each time they're knocked down

Master Dead (Stage V)
A dead spirit which leads and raises the Revival Dead to attack Rick through
necromancy. It takes around six hits to die and floats around the screen.
Score: 500 points

Egg Oba (Stage VI)
Obas in incubatory state. It floats around and when it lands, the Oba is fully
born. Killed with a single hit.
Score: 200 points

Oba (Stage VI)
Larva of Deadmen. It attaches itself to Rick doing damage. Killed with a single
hit as well.
Score: 300 points

Fire Dead (Stage VII)
Demons writhing in agony, set ablaze in Stage VII. They can't be killed.

Boss Characters

Poltergeist (Candle, Knife, Chair, Empty Can, Whiskey Bottle, Picture and
Various furniture is manipulated by an evil spirit's will, and it obstinately
attacks anyone alive. Strategy: search for (PRBOSS)
Score: Candle, Can, Bottle - 100 points; Chair - 300 points; Knife: 1000 points;
Picture - 3000 points

Biggy Man
A giant "remodeled" by Dr. West, who imbedded a chainsaw to both his hands. To
conceal his horrible appearance, the bag is worn. Strategy: (BMBOSS)
Score: 5000 points

Evil Cross
A holy symbol possessed by an evil spirit, in turn becoming wicked. It is
surrounded by disembodied heads called "Nightmare". Changed to a demonic
floating blue head called "Evil Sleep" in the Turbografx version. Strategy:
Score: 5000 points

Rick's beautiful girlfriend. She is "remodeled"/mutated by the monsters in the
Mansion to a hideous monster whose nails can extend. Strategy: (DJBOSS)
Score: 6000 points

The heart of the Mansion. It limitlessly produces Egg Obas. Strategy: (MBOSS)
Score: 6000 points (not sure - it appears the onscreen Obas factor too)

Hell Chaos
The mysterious form the Mask possessed. A giant creature that crawls in the
underground of the Mansion. It uses it's gigantic hands and throws rocks to
damage Rick. Strategy: (FBOSS)
Score: 100000 points

7. Version Differences and Localization Info
From the Arcade to the PC-Engine, there is the usual - a graphical downgrade,
removal of some enemies (like Nobu and the crow), the cleaver was removed from
Stage I as almost all of the background humans in agony; instead of an Axe, you
find a Golden Cleaver in the Chapel when fighting the Evil Cross. The "Enter
Stage" themes were reduced to just two, which keep altercating from stage to
stage. A specific theme to the Body Eaters infested room was also removed;
instead a looping version of the Body Eater room from Stage I plays. Biggy Man
simply depixelates when he's killed, as well as Jennifer. The intro and ending
were also cut down in size compared to the Arcade counterpart.

The PC-Engine port also added most of plot bits and details that would be
followed upon by the sequels, whilst the Arcade version is just terribly vague -
that was touched upon in the plot section anyway, but as it goes, all of the
named enemies here were taken from the PC-Engine and the PC port manuals of
Splatterhouse. Some are obviously different from the Turbografx-16 manuals,
where further changes were applied; Rick's mask was redesigned and painted red,
possibly to avoid legal troubles because of the likeness to Jason Vorhees; the
Evil Cross was swapped over with a demonic blue head called "Evil Sleep"; the
Chapel was redesigned so that everything that threw you back to religious
imagery was removed (rendering the ‘cutscene' after you destroy the Evil
Cross quite senseless, even moreso than it already were uncut, since it lacks
Jennifer's scream at the end) and the cross at the end of Stage VII became a
tombstone. As far as naming difference goes, here's a handy table. Whatever
isn't mentioned didn't have a western counterpart in the manual.

JAPANESE NAMES                      | WESTERN NAMES
Hell Mask                           | Terror Mask
Deadman                             | Red Walking Zombies
Green Deadman                       | Green Walking Zombies
Top Heavy                           | Large-headed Demon
Hanging Dead                        | Hanging Corpses
Body Eater                          | Crawling Red Slime
Water Dead                          | Sludge Monsters
Nobu / Knob                         | Crawling Slug
Piggyman                            | Biggy Man
Woody                               | Crawling Hand
Oba                                 | Newborn Monsters
Fire Dead                           | Fire Demons
Hell Chaos                          | Demonic leader

8. Common Questions
A FAQ within a FAQ, if you will. These are the most commonly asked questions
about Splatterhouse I know of, so here they go.

Note: this wasn't exactly a spoiler-free walkthrough, but if you just tackled
Splatterhouse and now feel like giving a try to the other games in the series,
and don't want to find stuff out beforehand, you'd better stop reading here

Q: Did Splatterhouse really begin the era of rating systems for videogames?
A: Not the Arcade.

   The Turbografx port came with a disclaimer of sorts talking about the nature
   of the game, since horror-themed games with high amounts of gore weren't
   frequent when Splatterhouse was released. Splatterhouse 3 for the Genesis
   would come with a "MA-13" rating that Sega itself implemented for its games.
   The Arcade wasn't so fortunate, as the recurring history with many that tried
   the actual cabinet in the US is that the game would simply vanish without
   warning from whichever locations it could be found. Almost banned, without a
   trace, if you will.

Q: What is that thing the Mask possessed at the end of the game? Is it Dr. West?
A: From what we're all been able to gathered from the Japanese side of things...


   West was added in the PCE port (and kept within the TG16 version). In
   Splatterhouse Part 2 (the japanese version of the sequel for the Genesis),
   you do come face-to-face with West, who is now a zombie himself. Hell Chaos
   is merely called a "giant creature that crawled in the underground of the
   mansion" in the PC manual for Splatterhouse, since the PC-E manual didn't
   even so much as include a screenshot for Stage VII.
   It sounds sloppy, I know, what with that if you account that West's likely
   inspiration for namesake, Herbert West from H.P. Lovecraft's "ReAnimator"
   was beheaded and all at the end of the tale, and the final boss just so
   happens to be a giant head. The US Continuity, though, abolished all mentions
   of a "Dr. West" in Splatterhouse 2, replacing it in the manual with "Dr.
   Mueller". What to make of that all is ultimately up to the fans, but as the
   story progressed for the sequel, West was included in Part 2 as far as the
   original storyline went. Ultimately, as someone said, the only thing we know
   for sure that thing is... is that it's Hell Chaos.

Q: How many ports did this game receive?
A: Three.
   First you had the PC-Engine/TG16 port in 1990, from its original release
   in 1988. In 1992, the game was released for the FM-Towns Marty, a popular
   Japanese computer. Needless to say, this one didn't get released in the
   West either. In 2003 an official port for the PC was released with the game
   being rather faithful to the Arcade, as is with the FM-Towns version.
   The uncut Arcade version is now also slated to be bundled in with the remake
   of Splatterhouse, scheduled for release on the PS3 and X-Box 360 alongside
   the two sequels as unlockables.

Q: If "Mother" was spawning the monsters in the Mansion (at least the Deadmen),
   then what did West really do? What's the nature of these creatures even?
A: We'll sooner learn the meaning of life before this one, I'm afraid.
   West is seen raising demons in the PC-Engine manual, down to test tubes and
   everything. The Deadmen, Top-Heavy and Water Dead are also regarded as
   ‘experimental bodies'. The Evil Dogs are also said to have been transformed
   into zombies. So if the Deadmen are ‘experimental bodies' but they have their
   own breeding quarters, does it mean West created Mother as well?
   As for the nature of the monsters, that is doubly puzzling, seeing as how a
   Top Heavy assaulted Rick and left him for dead, while a Deadman dragged
   Jennifer around... while the writhing corpses in Stage I show that there was
   no discrimination going around there. West himself did these? Did his
   creations do it? While the Deadmen seem ‘apathic' in a manner of speaking,
   the Top Heavies maybe could be up with the torturing of human beings found
   in the catacombs. Or the Body Eaters...
   It's interesting to note that far as I checked on the japanese materials
   (simply because they catalogue the intended plot way better than its
   western counterparts), the Body Eaters weren't apparently ever alluded to
   West, which makes a lot sense given a certain boss in Splatterhouse 3; that
   same boss cements as almost granted that West was summoning creatures from
   beyond besides just experimenting on them or whatnot. One of Splatterhouse
   2's bosses, the "Deadman Fat", is a cannibalistic version of the Deadmen.
   While the Deadmen are said to be West's experiments, Deadman Fat continues to
   appear in Splatterhouse 3, long after West is out of the picture for good,
   and as part of the ‘Wicked God clan' Rick fights in that game. As for what
   the Deadmen and Top-Heavies truly are, nothing so far as hinted that despite
   being called ‘zombies' whenever something was localized, they are of Romero
   fashion (namely, bite-happy undead). West's creations aren't even really
   ‘dead', per se; as you can see in the text descripting Stage I, it talks
   about the ‘dead' (the mutilated humans in the background) and ‘strange
   living creatures' sauntering around the dungeon. That slots itself in nicely
   with Splatterhouse 2, which shows that West is using an Altar to conjure
   souls from the World of the Dead to give life to his experiments. But that
   just makes Mother sticks out all the more then if you go out there.

   Of course, when the game was nothing more than Rick and his gal Jennifer
   winding up in a cursed mansion, most (if not all) of that would be moot...

Q: What set the mansion ablaze? Mother's destruction?
A: I've never seen official word on this, only theorizing, but as it goes,
   "all signs point to yes". It has also been theorized that during the
   downpour, while Rick fought his way through Mother, the mansion was hit
   by lightning and everything else was set aflame. That's not too
   farfetched - you can hear thunderbolts roaring in the battle against
   Hell Chaos - but since Splatterhouse isn't dealing just with SCIENCE
   but well into the supernatural, it would seem, alright, that destroying
   'the root of all evil' caused the creatures and the Mansion to flare up.

Q: Why are you calling "Captain Mozarella" Hell Chaos?
A: That's the character's official name, pretty much. Whatever was used to
   name the enemies and so on in this guide was compiled from official
   materials. "Captain Mozarella" was a name made on the fly by the person
   who did the OST rip going around the Internet. Before the name surfaced
   as Hell Chaos, several others were around, like Dead Head, Mutated Head,
   and so on. In the end, it's all up to the player's preferrence what to
   call the enemies.

Q: Does the ending song have a name?
A: Apparently it didn't for the first 10+ years it even existed. In
   "The Complete Sounds of Katamari", though, from the Katamari Damacy
   series, Namco included a song called "Sento nel Core", its subtitle being
   "Arrange Version from Splatterhouse". It is exactly what you think it is;
   the ending theme, with an orchestral arrange. Most of the song's lyrics
   were borrowed from an existing song called - you guessed it - "Sento nel
   Core", but that has no relation to Splatterhouse whatsoever.

   The lyrics are as follows:
   (unknown opening verse)
   Sento nel core, certo dolore (2x)
   Che la mia pace turbando va (2x)
   Splende una face
   che l’alma accende
   se non è amore, amor sarà
   se non è amore, amor sarà.
   Sento Nel Core, certo dolore
   Che la mia pace turbando va

   A translation is alongside these lengths:
   I feel in my heart a certain sorrow
   Which goes on disturbing my peace;
   There shines a torch which inflames my soul:
   If it is not love, love it'll be.
   (repeated verses omitted)

9. Special Thanks
Many thanks go out to Rob Strangman of "West Mansion", of which the japanese
Resources were used to compile the info found on this guide, and the overall
support found at the site's native forum, "The Third Moon". If you feel like
chiming in on some of the discussion points brought in "Common Questions",
that's definitely the place you want to be.

The West Mansion homepage can be found here:

Special thanks to Namco as well for creating a screwed-up and incredibly fun
to play trilogy that helped pave the way for horror gaming at its beginning.

10. FAQ Version History
1.00 - Initial release (May 29, 2010).
1.20 - Second release, corrected some wrong info at spots and added the
score for each defeated enemy, alongside the information for the switches in
the Arcade version and how they impact difficulty, down to Extending Lives,
and the bit about making Jennifer's pattern harder in her section.
(June 1, 2010)

11. Afterword and Contact Info
Thanks for reading through the Splatterhouse FAQ. I hope you all find it
useful and that it adds to your fun in the game, and, best case scenario,
gets you past a place you got stuck.

If there is anything that you would like to chime in for the guide, feel
free to. Below follows the contact info:

E-mail: rodrigoshin at hotmail.com

Please put "Splatterhouse FAQ" in the Subject line, as I receive massive
doses of Spam daily and mostly erases any single unknown e-mail that arrives
(such as the ones with the subject saying "hi" or "wassup", which are mostly
pr0n spam). You can also find me around in the West Mansion forums, The
Third Moon, too.


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