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FAQ by Ryu Hayabusa

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 05/27/00

Namco Museum Vol. 5/Baraduke FAQ V1.01

Johnnie Montgomery Jr.

The latest version of this FAQ can be found at www.gamefaqs.com and 

FAQ copyright 2000 Johnnie Montgomery Jr. aka Ryu Hayabusa

Legal Stuff

This FAQ is for private and personal use only. It can only be reproduced electronically, 
and if placed on a web page or site, may be altered as long as this disclaimer and the 
above copyright notice appears in full. This FAQ is not to be used for 
profitable/promotional purposes; this includes being used by publishers of magazines, 
guides, books, etc. or being incorporated into magazines, etc. in ANY way. This FAQ 
was created and is owned by me, Johnnie Montgomery Jr.  All copyrights and trademarks 
are acknowledged that are not specifically mentioned in this FAQ. Please give credit 
where it is due. 
Baraduke, Namco Museum Vol. 5, and all other related elements copyright Namco.

***Version History***                                                           
First version.

Fixed some goofy spelling errors.  Info on why I won't be able to update 
this FAQ for a while, check the Next Update section.  Added a few more 
tips to the General Tips and Tricks section.

1.  How to Play
2.  General Tips and Tricks
3.  Stage Strategies
4.  E-mail me!

HOW TO PLAY                                                                   
You take control of a space man named Kissy.  If two people are playing, 
then player two takes control of Takky.  You must clear a total of 8 
progressively harder floors, or stages, which each consists of 5 regular 
levels and one boss level.  There are a total of 48 levels.  Press the 
button (I use the X button) to fire your wave gun at enemies.  Save the 
orange paccets for points and a chance for another life bar at the end 
of level bonus game.  In each level there are a certain amount of 
enemies named octi, which when defeated will yield power-up capsules.  
Defeating all of the octi in a level will open up the gate.  Go into the 
gate in order to end the level.After you defeat 5 levels, you will enter 
the boss stage and after the boss character is defeated, you will go to 
the next stage.

GENERAL TIPS AND TRICKS                                                     
>>>Before starting the game go to the options screen, by pressing 
"triangle" at the attract screen before the game actually starts, and 
change the settings so that they fit your skill level.  If you aren't 
very good, set the extra lives to every 10,000 points, fighters to 5, 
and the rank to easy.

>>>Every time you fire a shot, you experience recoil.  This means you 
will be pushed back whenever you fire a shot.  Use this to your 
advantage.  For example, when an enemy is firing at you, fire at them 
and you will be backing up as you hit them.  This will get you out of 
the way enemy fire and you won't have to turn around and run.  So you 
will be shooting and running at the same time!  Just experiment with 
this game quirk.

>>>The roulette bonus game is very tricky.  After a while the timing 
will become second nature.  If you collect, or save, a paccet in a 
level, you will have anywhere from 1-8 paccets (depending on how many 
you saved) on the roulette wheel during the bonus game.  This will 
increase your chance of getting an extra life bar.  If you can fill up 
the roulette wheel with 8 paccets, you will get an increased probabilty 
of picking up wave guns for a short while.  Everytime you hit a paccet 
on the roulette wheel, you get an extra life bar but lose all of your 
paccets.  If you have trouble defeating the boss characters, then try 
not to get a paccet on the roulette wheel in the level before the boss 
appears.  This way when you get to the boss, you will have paccets.  
They will throw themselves at the boss for you and stun the boss for a 
few seconds, this will let you get some free hits.

>>>In some levels, the floor or walls will have invisible holes in them.  
This will help you get away from enemies.  And remember, if a projectile 
hits the wall or the floor, it will dissipate.
The wave gun power-up upgrades your gun to another power level letting 
you dispose of enemies quicker.  But when you are hit, your wave gun 
level will decrease by one.  Yellow balls are really jewels, they are 
just there for bonus points.  Destroying certain enemies in certain 
levels will cause a bonus item to rapidly fall from the ceiling.  It is 
worth a lot of points, so make sure you get it!  Beware, they fall 
rapidly.  When opening capsules, don't stand in front of it.  Sometimes 
an enemy named bagan (who is incredibly fast) will bust out of it!  
The sniper (blue alien who looks like you) is very tricky to defeat.  If 
you are one level below him, slowly approach him and take a shot.  When 
your gun is at level one he takes 2 hits.  Try to get rid of him when he 
first appears.  Try different techniques when fighting him to discover 
easier ways to defeat him.  And he is the only enemy whom you can touch 
without dying.

>>>Try your best to memorize every level so you can be prepared for the 

>>>This may only work with some people, but I find that getting your 
personal CD player and popping in your favorite CD while playing 
Baraduke will help me get farther in the game.  I tried this before and 
got very far in the game.  Give it a try!

>>>Don't get greedy.  If you have some capsules and there are lots of 
aggressive enemies surrounding them, only get them unless you are 
confident you won't get killed.

***Coming soon more tips!***

STAGE STRATEGIES                                                                 
Stage 1 - Level 1:  This is super easy!  Use this level to get used to 
the unique controls.
Level 2:  This one is a piece of cake as well, but look for those green 
jellyfish type things.  They are fast and good at evading your shots!
Level 3:  It starts to pick up a bit here...  nothing you can't 
handle... right?
Level 4:  You'll be okay in this level as long as you remember to take 
out the pink blobs on the ceilings.  They will fire like crazy and 
overwhelm you if you ignore them and try to take out the octi.  In every 
level, get rid of annoying enemies so you can focus on the more 
important octi.  Also, in this level you will be forced to learn how to 
dodge bullets that are close together.  Try just shooting the enemies a 
little then running away and letting them calm down, then repeat until 
Level 5:  The fifth level in every stage contains no octi.  Just 
capsules.  But don't get too happy.  There are still regular enemies!  
And those darn bagans!  Nothing too life-threatening here.
Level 6 - Boss:  This is easy if you don't panic.  Start things off by 
moving down and shooting as rapidly as you can.  There are four heads 
and after each head is destroyed the boss is dead.  If you have trouble, 
save some paccets over from level 5.
Stage 2 - Level 7:  Take your time and stay calm and you will be fine.
Level 8:  The octi at the bottom of the stage is invincible on one side, 
make sure you are shooting it from the right side.
Level 9:  I like this level.  It is just one big wide open area!  If you 
have trouble finding the octi, just start from the top of the screen and 
sweep the area from left to right.
Level 10:  This level can start to get very crowded.  Use the shoot and 
run technique if you need to.
Level 11:  Watch out for the blue orbs that fly around in haphazard 
motions.  Kill them if you can.
Level 12 - Boss:  Now it gets a little hairy.  It is a big eye in the 
middle of two....  well....  I'll just call them hamburger buns!  Anyway 
this is a very difficult boss, if you don't know what you are doing.  
Try to save some paccets out for this level, and when they stun the 
boss, go over and shoot him in the eye as fast as you can!  If you don't 
have paccets, then immediately go to the bottom of the screen.  Shoot 
him in a way that you are going down as he is going down.  Be lined up 
with his eye and move downwards.  If done correctly you will be out of 
the way of his fire.  When his eye turns light purple, it will try to 
ram you!  Just get some paccets for this level, you'll thank me later!
Stage 3 - Level 13:  This is when it gets mega hard!  That octi with the 
shield is right below you but it is placed in way that you can only get 
it by going one way!  This level is like a huge maze!  If you take too 
long (but by all means do not rush through this level!) an enemy with a 
shield on one side and a red squiggly tentalcle on the other will 
appear.  It flies very fast!  Shoot the side with the red tentacle to 
destroy it, and it won't appear for a while.
Level 14:  I hope you have mastered shooting and dodging by now because 
this level is relentless!  You start the level by a row octi!  And they 
are aggressive!  Once you get rid of them, you are able to breath.  
Ignore the capsules they leave behind and focus on destroying the 
enemies.  The capsules don't disappear unless you die, so get them after 
the level is less crowded.
Level 15:  This level is evil!  You have hardly any room to move around 
and you have to kill enemies and dodge bullets!  You are going through a 
narrow tunnel.  If a flying enemy or projectile comes your way, move as 
high to the ceiling as you possibly can!  You will occassionally see 
openings you can hide in, but be very cautious in this level.  When you 
approach an octi, (you have to memorize where they appear) approach it 
shooting and if he shoots a spreader, back up and run away until it is 
out of range.  Then return and continue shooting it.  You'll get the 
hang of it, if you got this far without using the stage select, you can 
deal with it.
Level 16:  This is hard!!  As always, destroy the pink blobs first then 
the octi, this will help in this level.  The pink blobs love to stay 
near the octi so get rid of it then kill the octi.
Level 17:  Get your items but beware of the deadly sniper!  If you don't 
really need any items, and you have problems fighting the sniper, then 
go straight for the exit and forget about the items.
Level 18:  This is a repeat of the Level 6 boss.  Use the same strategy.
***Coming soon, Stage 4!***

E-MAIL ME!                                                                   
If you have any questions about Baraduke, where to buy Namco Museum Vol. 
5, or a submission of a bug, trick, or strategy of your own, e-mail me 
at jmangamer@cs.com.

***Next Update***
My Playstation is currently out of action, but it will be back soon.  
Then I can give the strategies for more of the levels.  So hold tight 
until then.  You can still e-mail me tips, codes, bugs, or ask for help 
that isn't in the FAQ.  Thanks for reading!

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