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    FAQ/Move List by ONGANJU

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    Mat Mania the Retro-View and Walk-thru
    By, Julian Bongat aka ONGANJU
    V1.0 Dated the 14th of September, 2000
    **This FAQ and Retroview of the Game is the sole
    intellectual property of Julian Bongat and is
    not to be reproduced, changed, or redacted from
    in any way, shape or form.  If you wish to use
    it as a source of information, please remember
    to sight the author(ME) as your source.  If you
    wish to use this FAQ in it's entirety on a 
    website or publication, please contact the
    Author first.  Writing this takes lots of work,
    and not very many accolades are received from 
    Any requests to use this FAQ or any contributions,
    corrections, or feedback can be sent to:
    Revong@hotmail.com or DaBongRev@yahoo.com.  
    *Game Title:  Mat Mania
    *Year Released:  1985
    *Publishing Company:  Technos/Taito America
    Genre:  Arcade/Wrestling
    *Clones:  Exciting Hour(Taito America/1985),
    *Mania Challenge(Technos/1986/VS version) 
    *Playable Characters:  1(MM and EH)/2(MC)
    *Control scheme:  2 Button Joystick.  Buttons
    were "Punch" and "Kick" respectably
    Rules to Win/Lose:  By Pinfall, Count-out(to
    20), or DQ(count hits 5 if you're on the
    turnbuckle).  If the timer runs out, the match
    goes to a draw and the game is over(match
    length is 3 minutes).
    *Key to Abbreviations:
    P - Punch Button
    K - Kick Button
    U - Move Joystick in the Up position
    D - Move Joystick in the Down position
    L - Move Joystick in the Left position
    R - Move Joystick in the Right position
    MM - Mat Mania
    EH - Exciting Hour
    MC - Mania Challenge
    *Basic Control Commands*
    Both Characters Standing:
    P - Punch
    K - Kick
    P + K - Run in direction walking.  If the
    buttons are just pressed by themselves, you
    will run toward the opponent.
    To Grapple, walk towards the opponent.  
    U/R or U/L toward Upper-right or Upper-left
    Turnbuckle to climb it.
    When outside of the ring to climb back in
    walk to the front of the ring and press the
    joystick Up.
    While Grappling:
    Bodyslam:  U/D + P
    Whip to Ropes:  L/R + P
    Brainbuster:  L/R + K
    Piledriver:  U/D + K
    **Mania Challenge Only**
    When being grappled and in a
    headlock(dominated position), you can reverse
    a hold.
    Atomic Drop:  P repeatedly
    Belly to Back Suplex:  K repeatedly
    After Opponent is Whipped to Ropes:
    Back Body Drop:  P
    Elbow Pat:  U/D/L/R + P
    Rolling Sole Butt(Spinning Heel):  K
    Clothesline:  U/D/L/R + K
    While Running at Opponent:
    Shoulder Tackle:  P
    Flying Body Press:  K
    **Mania Challenge Only**
    Flying Dropkick:  P(must bounce off ropes)
    Lariat:  K(must bounce off ropes)
    While Opponent is Down:
    Pick Opponent Up:  P 
    Pin Opponent:  K
    Somersault Senton:  Climb Turnbuckle then K
    Kneedrop:  Climb Turnbuckle then P
    Body Splash Pin:  Run Toward Downed Opponent
    and Press K(This can also be done if the
    opponent is outside on the left or right side
    of the ring--you just won't pin them)
    *Play Tips:
    Okay, contrary to popular belief this game is
    not a total button masher(although it doesn't
    hurt if you have fast fingers).  Most of the
    times, the games system works on a simple
    "Rule of 3."  Basicly, under the Rule of 3,
    you are able to execute 3 moves without
    difficulty(relatively).  After that the CPU
    player will break your string of moves.  
    So if you execute a move that knocks the
    opponent down, you can pick the opponent up
    again twice and execute two more moves with
    relative ease.  But if you try for a 4th move,
    the opponent is gauranteed to reverse it. 
    Same goes with coming off the turnbuckle. 
    However, if you've gotten to the point that
    you can hit the opponent with 3 moves off the
    top consecutively, then just pin the opponent.
    They won't kick out.
    Also, the game has no visible Health/Energy
    gauges at all.  You know only when you're
    extremely hurt or close to getting defeated by
    the music playing.  When you get into a hurt
    condition, the tempo of the music will jump
    considerably.  About 3 moves more and you will
    not be able to kick out of any sort of pin. 
    Pay attention to the music playing in the
    To make grappling easier with the opponent,
    wear them out with punches and kicks before
    you try to grapple.  About 3 punches or kicks
    will cause the opponent to tire out and slump
    forward.  Now if you grapple with them, you
    will automatically take control(if you have
    not yet broken the Rule of 3).  Can't seem to
    get that Brainbuster off when you want to? 
    Pummel the opponent a little, and you'll find
    it a lot easier.
    Play cheap.  Take advantage of being cheap in
    the game.  When you meet the opponent "Coco
    Savage" aka "The King of Cheap" you will know
    why.  If you are able to knock the opponent
    down.  Time a Shoulderblock to catch them as
    they get up and repeat the process as much as
    you can.  The CPU can(and will) turn the match
    around as soon as it is allowed(usually
    around the 2:00 mark or the timer), and there
    is no limits to its cheapness.  As the saying
    goes, "Do unto others...first."
    *Character info:
    The Main Character:  In the Mat Mania,
    Exciting Hour Versions of the game, the main
    character is simply known as player 1.  In
    Mania Challenge, they finally give the player
    character a name, "Dynamite Tommy."  I don't
    think it too far a speculation to think they
    modeled the character loosely from the
    Dynamite Kid.  The second player character was
    dubbed "Hurricane Joe."  Unfortunately, I
    don't know which wrestler was the archetype
    for him(although he is, for all intensive
    purposes a clone of player 1).  The only
    difference is the color of the tights between
    the two, Tommy's being blue w/white boots and
    Joe's being red w/black boots.
    The Insane Warrior:
    I would safely assume that this characcter is
    based on Hawk from the Road Warriors.  A big
    gaijin brawler with impressive power moves.  
    Press Slam
    Elbow Drop
    The Insane Warrior(or Worrier if you're
    playing EH) is a big brawler who likes to
    punch.  Now, if you're playing within the Rule
    of 3, you should have no problem  grappling
    with him.  If you are, you can wear him down
    with punches and kicks.  If you are about to
    break the rule of 3 and you've already worn
    him down, don't grapple  with him, rush him
    and hit him with a shoulderblock from close
    range.  This will break the rule of 3 around
    80% of the time.
    When/if you decide to wear him down with
    punches and kicks, approach from a different
    level on the mat, and let him run into the
    punches and kickes as he approaches and
    switches levels.  **These techniques will work
    with all the opponents.**
    He's the standard 1st opponent jobber that
    you can take advantage of to get used to the
    controls.  His favorite tactic is to grapple,
    hit you with forearm smaches to stun you, and
    then hit you with a clothesline.  If you're in
    a real bad position, he will Press Slam you
    instead of clotheslining you.  If that's the
    case, you're close to being beaten.  In which
    case, I suggest you go into ultra-cheap mode
    and try to set him up so you can come off the
    turnbuckle and end the fight.
    The Karate Fighter:  
    I'm at a loss for which wrestler inspired
    this character.  He is a heavily martial arts
    based character.
    Super Chops
    Flying Jump Kick
    Jumping Chop(when you're down on the mat)
    The Karate Fighter is the second opponent in
    the game, and he's pretty standard.  You
    should have no trouble beating him if you
    decide to wear him down first before
    grappling.  If by chance, you get to the point
    where he starts with the Super Chops, you can
    kiss yourself good bye.  After he knocks you
    down with that, it's almost inevitable he will
    drop two Jumping Chops on you while you're
    down and then gingerly pin you.
    Coco Savage:
    I believe this powerful(and ultra-cheap)
    opponent is modeled after Bobo Brazil,a 
    legendary black wrestler who found a little
    exposure in the land of the rising sun.  He is
    by far the cheapest opponent in the game, and
    tougher to beat than the Champion.
    Double Handed Face Crush
    Giant Swing
    This guy is cheap.  He will immediately try
    to grapple you, after which he will headlock
    you and punch you in the head repeatedly.  But
    unlike the other opponents grappling holds,
    this one will knock you down, after which he
    will walk over to the top of your body to grab
    you as soon as you get up and repeat the same
    move until he chooses to quit.  The other
    thing he does which is annoying is to rush you
    from point blank range with a shoulder
    tackle.  He will do this over and over just
    like the headlock/punch combo.
    You have two things to do:  1)Start the
    Shoulderblock pattern as soon as possible.  Do
    it until he stays down long enough to come
    off the turnbuckle.  or 2)Keep moving up and
    down and throw out a kick so that Coco runs
    into it.  If you get lucky and catch him while
    he's trying to rush you, you'll knock him
    down and will be able to pick him up and
    grapple with him.  If he isn't knocked down
    and you do catch him, move up or down a little
    more and throw the kick again, and hope you
    hit him a few times to wear him down. 
    Whatever you do, take every opportunity to pin
    him with the Body Splash at every
    opportunity(it still damages the opponent when
    you do it).
    If Coco starts throwing you across the ring
    into the ropes, you're in a bad position.  The
    only saving grace is that he like to go for
    the flying Body Press at almost every occasion
    and has some really bad timing.  Even when he
    does hit, if you're still healthy enough to
    kick out, you can always rush over, pick him
    up and grapple with him before he gets up.  If
    you do, go for Body Slams and whips to the
    ropes.  Most likely he will reverse attempts
    for Suplexes and Piledrivers.  He is by far
    the cheapest character in the game, but he is
    beatable.  If you get past him, all the other
    opponents are fairly easy.  If at any time he
    hits you with the Giant Swing, just give up
    and ante up another quarter or credit...  :(
    The Pirahna:
    I'm at a loss at who this masked wrestler is
    fashioned after.  The character is fashioned
    to be a cheating heel who resorts to cheap
    tactics to win.  A funner character to
    encounter, and an archetypical heel.
    Iron Claw
    If you've gotten past Coco Savage, playing
    against The Pirahna is actually almost
    refreshing.  The game seems to start turning a
    bit more cheap when it comes to the running
    moves, as it seems he'll reverse your running
    attacks with the Iron Claw over and over. 
    Stick with the basic tactic of wearing him
    down with punches and kicks and pay attention
    to the Rule of 3 when you're grappling him,
    and you should be fine.
    The Champion Blues Bloody(MM) or The Golden
    Hulk (EH/MC)
    This opponent is a powerful gaijin brawler
    fashioned after Bruiser Brody.  After the
    event of Hulk Hogans surgance into the
    wrestling limelight(a spot he still insists he
    deserve's today), the designers of the game
    changed the name of the champion to The Golden
    Hulk, as the character design pretty much fit
    them both.  However, the boots stayed
    fur-lined wich was vintage Brody attire.
    Running Dropkick
    One-Armed Body Slam
    Leg Drop
    He's your standard opponent, and the basic
    tactics work on him to a tee.  However, he
    does have a habit of throwing opponents out of
    the ring and then following it up with a Body
    Splash to the outside.  Work on him and wear
    him down, setting him up to eat a few Sentons
    and Kneedrops off the turnbuckle.  If by
    chance he ever hit's the Leg Drop, it's over. 
    Don't expect to get up.
    *Other tidbits:
    This game originally came out in 1985 and I
    remember it clearly.  The first wrestling game
    I've ever seen, and I loved it.  Of course my
    experience was mostly watching my older
    brother play it, but it was a sight to behold,
    and when I finally got my chance to play the
    game, I wasn't disappointed.
    There are lots of details in the game that
    make it a worthwhile gem, even in this day in
    age of chreate-a-wrestler modes and
    deathmatches and what not.  It's a simple game
    that's fun.  They paid a lot of attention to
    the little things too.  The crowd is an
    absolute riot if you can actually take the
    time to look at them.  In the crowd you'll be
    able to find:
    ZZ Topp.
    Darth Vader.
    The Bunkers.
    Stevie Wonder.
    JJ Walker.
    John Travolta. 
    One of H.R. Geigers Aliens.
    The Jackson 5.
    The Stay Puffed Marshmallow Man.
    Princess Leia.
    I think there are others, as there are faces
    in there that I recognize, but just can't put
    a name to them.  It's kind of a game in itself
    just trying to figure out who they tried to
    model the audience members off of.  Who can
    you find?

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