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Reviewed: 09/27/01 | Updated: 09/27/01

Simple...very simple...and very addicting...gah!

Arkanoid is one of those strange games that doesn't really fit any sort of genre and pretty much takes whatever spot that it really wants to. You could chalk it up to action, or to puzzle, some would dare to call it a shooter, and other people just call it weird but fun! Set in some distant and surreal future, you take control of a small cylinder that reflects a small ping pong type ball back towards a tone of multi-colored and patterned bricks that range in a variety of score and toughness to break. While it doesn't seem like much of a game, it is very very addicting and can cause hours of mindless fun and drooling!

-Gameplay 8/10-

Basic and addicting, you're placed in stage after stage of blocks suspended at the top of the screen. Your goal is to remove the blocks from the top of the screen, in order to proceed to the next level. Through-out the stages, you'll break blocks that will release small power-ups that you can use to take out more blocks, either by extending your reflecting bar, or giving you a laser power-up!

There is a two player option that is more or less like a competition to see who can clear what levels. Outside of that, you have one secret to unlock, but that is where any sort of secret seeking ends. Mainly what you'll replay this game for, is that it's very very addictive, and can be very very fun to play once you get into it!

-Control 8/10-

Simple and to the point, you control the small bar at the bottom of the screen with a spin type dial that is easy to use and moves in a total 360 motion, in order to reflect the ball back up against the blocks at the top of the stage, There isn't anything special or advanced involved, the fire button controls the laser pick up once you receive it for maximum brick clearing and there is no real control of that either...just mindless shooting!

-Visuals 8/10-

While not the most impressive in terms of special effects or explosions, Arkanoid delivers the goods in terms of bright colors, different level designs, and sets of special weapons that basically blaze across the screen with some pretty good displays! You'll find yourself looking at multi-colored blocks, but in different patterns through-out several different stages and that is really the only distinction between stage one and the final stage!

-Audio 8/10-

The music is what sets the tone of the game, it is uplifting and puts you in a pretty good frame of mind to break down blocks. Each stage doesn't have much of a variation on the music that you can tell, so be prepared to listen to pretty much the same tunes over and over again. The sound effects are pretty basic, in which the bing, bing, bing of the ball being bounced off the blocks. Outside of that, there isn't anything else to listen to, so be prepared!

-Quarter Crunching 6/10-

Depending on your tastes, you may find that Arkanoid offers enough addicting game play to keep you rivited for a couple of hours or more! Usually, a seasoned player can get through the first ten stages without using more than a single quarter and after that, it just depends on what type of score you'd like to get. As the stages move on, the ball moves prepared for that.

-Overall 8/10-

You're placed in a game that plays fairly well, and has the most simplistic of gameplaying, with an addictive trait that is matched by several games of this era. While it's not the flashiest of games, and it doesn't have the cinematics of some games these days, you have, when you play, a piece of living history at your control!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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