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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 08/07/01

A weird, weird game...

We've all heard the story about the three little pigs right? Well how would that game translate to the video game world? Probably not very well, at least that's what Pooyan's makers thought. What if we gave the pigs bows and arrows, flying meat, and an ingenious pulley system? And how about give the wolves strawberries, balloons, weird red projectiles, and the kidnapped baby pigs? Well you'd end up with Pooyan, the weirdest game this side of the house of sticks.

Game play is very simple. You control a pig with an never ending supply of arrows (and a bow of course). You can move up and down the side of the cliff thanks to a pulley system and other pigs. You have to shoot wolves that are either floating up or down on balloons. You can't just hit the wolves with the arrows though, you'll have to pop their balloons! The higher the level, the more hits it will take to pop their balloons. The wolves will also be throwing weird red things at you, and maybe dropping strawberries to block your shots. If it's a level where the wolves float down, when they reach the ground, they will go in a hole behind you, and snap, so you'll have to avoid them. If they float up, they will try to push a boulder on you, but it will take many of them to push the boulder.

The graphics of this game certainly aren't spectacular. The pigs don't really look like pigs, and the wolves look like brown alligators or something. The sound is pretty average, except when the wolves howl...well, you'll definately be cringing. Sounds more like a dying cat than anything else.

Pooyan is an old classic game, so it will probably be hard to find in any arcades today. Worth a play or two probably, but especially if it's one of those dandy nickel machines you find some places. Play it once and you'll realize just how far games have progressed.

Rating: 6

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