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Discover the secrets and capture the riches of the ancient Pharaohs in LOST TOMB, the hit arcade game from Stern Electronics who has brought you such popular arcade games as POOYAN, BERZERK and BAGMAN.
Your descent into the Lost Tomb will find you in a world unseen for centuries. Infested with deadly creatures and mysterious mummies, your journey throughout the Lost Tomb will be dangerous. The ancient gods have many powers, and when angered, they unleash their rage by creating a deadly earthshaking which releases a lethal spray of bullets from the chamber walls.
Armed only with your gun and your whip, you will attempt to escape. As your journey takes you deeper and deeper within the chambers, the dangers multiply.
As you encounter a terror never before experienced, you will need every ounce of courage and strength to discover the secrets of the Lost Tomb. This is one arcade game you won't want to miss.
- scores of colorful graphics screens
- dozens of challenging levels and secret tombs
- fascinating animation

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