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FAQ/Walkthrough by McMasters

Version: 1.03 | Updated: 12/06/09

                       Sega Hologram: Time Traveler Walkthrough
                                 for Arcade
                               By Luke Morgan
               (BuilluyVsSunakuemuaun@gmaiul.com - remove 'u's)
                 Version 1.03 (Most Recent Update: 12/06/09)
                        Copyright (c) 2009 Luke Morgan
                  Only for use on GameFAQS.com and AnimeCubed.com

                           Table of Contents
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1. Introduction     [1]
2. Gameplay         [2]
3. Scenario         [3]
4. Reading Actions  [4]
5. Time Periods     [5]
5.1 1873            [51]
5.2 Age of Magic    [52]
5.3 1998            [53]
5.4 50,000 BC       [54]
5.5 2173            [55]
5.6 1350            [56]
5.7 Challenges      [57]
5.8 2552            [58]
6. Easter Eggs      [6]
7. Thanks           [7]


  I'm making this FAQ because fifteen years ago, I never beat this game, and
the game disappeared from our local arcade. Recently, I saw it in a news
article about a local retro gaming expo, and vowed to finally beat it. I
played it for about ten hours, to finally best the game, and put a
fifteen-year grudge to rest. This FAQ exists on the off chance that someone
else finds it, and wants to beat it, but doesn't have the time or money to
take care of business.

Version 1.00 - Original.
Version 1.01 - Fixed spelling mistakes.
Version 1.02 - Noted glitched rooms.
Version 1.03 - Clarified timing on 2552 rooms.


  You play as Marshall Gram, chosen by leaders of the future to save Princess
Kyi-La from the evil scientist Vulcor. You must travel though seven time
periods to track down and defeat Vulcor.

  Time Traveler (TT) is a laserdisc arcade game, in the form of Dragon's Lair
and Space Ace. A scene is shown, with a short interval where input is allowed.
Correct input continues the scene, incorrect input costs you one life. A low
ton is used to note 'input not taken', a high one for 'correct input', and a
quick low three-tone to note 'incorrect input'.

These incorrect inputs may be 'rewound' by use of a Time Reversal Cube - this
rolls back the scene approximately 5 seconds, returning control to the player.
Note that this may put you in a sticky situation - leaving you on a previous
'input window', which you may also lose.


  Each time period has a number of scenes that are chosen from randomly. You
must complete each scenario in the period to 'clear' it. should you lose a
life on a scenario, you must re-enter the time period to beat that scenario.

  You may purchase Time Reversal Cubes (TRC) from the Trader throughout the
majority of the game. Up to six may be bought on any one playthrough. The
Player 1 Start button cancels a Trader visit.

Randomly after a period is completed, you will be given a change to play
the Hellgate. To do so, push Down. You can win 2 TRC, 1 Life, 1 Credit, or
nothing. You can also lose all lives and TRC.

The time periods are as follows:

Section 1:

Section 2:
50,000 BC
The Age of Magic (strange symbols)

Section 3:

Section 4:

Section 1 is first, then three random Section 2 periods. At this point, you
automatically go to the Trader - however, you will not be allowed to again.
Next is that last Section 2 Period, then Section 3, and finally Section 4.

                            Reading Actions

  Scenes are presented here with details so you can determine which scene you
are on. Some scenes may be reversed, in which case you substitute Ls for Rs,
and vice versa. Scenes often, but not always, have 'cues' to tell you what
to do.

  How to read each scene:
  - Unless otherwise noted, early and repeated input is advised. for example,
if you are to hit 'Down', you should hit Down again and again quickly until
the 'correct input' tone sounds, then immediately go to the next movement.
  - Once per game, a scene will be indicated as a 'Time Warp Malfunction'. It
will play at either half or double speed, with no sound.
  - Some scenes can appear in multiple periods.
  - Some scenes are longer or shorter based on how late you play them. This
will be noted in-text with parentheses.
  - Some scenes will 'split-second-rewind' themselves, needing you to 
perform the correct action (Fire) quickly and repeatedly. To do so, hit
Fire extremely quickly and repeatedly, only letting up when the scene ends.
Whether or not this is needed is random, but as it is the scene's last
action, do it anyway - better safe than sorry.
  - a rare few scenes are 'glitched' - they either automatically cause you
to lose a life on completion, or have insanely short windows of input, and
early input is a loss. Thankfully, they appear less than one in five games.


  L - Left.
  R - Right.
  U - Up.
  D - Down.
  F - Fire.
  Inputs listed without a comma between them mean 'must be performed
immediately after'. So, LFF means 'quickly hit Left, Fire, Fire'. pausing
between inputs will cause a loss of life.

  ** means 'repeat action' - hit this button repeatedly until end of scene.

  'Waits', while rare, are important. at a 'Wait', any input until the
Wait is over will result in loss of life.

  Example Read:
  FF,R,L,Wait until Dragon appears, RFF, L**F**
  "Fire twice quickly, then hit Right until accept, then hit Left until
accept, then wait until a Dragon appears, then hit Right until accept and
then immediately hit Fire twice, hit Left, then hit Fire quickly and
repeatedly until the scene is over."

                             Time Periods

**1873** [51]

Barrel on Right
A gunman appears from behind a barrel, is shot, then an indian appears from
the left, and is shot.

Teepees in Upper Left
(Two gunman appear and are shot.) Gram walks to the left, and an indian
appears from the right to be shot.

Pueblo in Upper Left
Two gunman appear from the right and are shot. *note: if you hit Right too
early, you will lose a life. wait until Gram touches his holster.

**Age of Magic** [52]

A wizard morphs from the left, right, and left mushrooms, evading attack.
He reappears from the left and is shot.

Palm Tree on Right
A dervish runs in from the left and is shot repeatedly.

2 Short dirt mounds in foreground 
A crossbowman appears and is shot. *This scene may appear in 1350 as well.

Rope Climber and Fire Eater
A man climbs a rope on the right, distracting Gram, as a fire eater throws
torches and breathes fire before being shot.

Sword in Stone on Left
Gram pulls a sword, dodges arrows, then mist turns into a spearwoman who
disappears when attacked.

Blank room, Sword appears in right hand (your left)
A sword appears in Gram's hand, and another flating in the air. He fends
it off, ducks it, and runs left to safety.

A Skeleton Points at a Door
A skeleton points at a door, which Gram enters.

Snake Charmer
A snake charmer distracts Gram, as a flying carpets flies at him. He
shoots the snake and investigates a lamp, which he uses to block the snake
charmer's sowrd and turn him into a girl. When he attempts to embrace her,
she disappears.

Mage on Left, Door on Right
A magic user sets a door on fire, and attempts to cast a spell on Gram.
He shoots it down, dodges fire, and then runs from a large attack.

**1998**  [53] (note - this is listed in-game as 'the post-apocalyptic era')

2 Trash cans on left with Bar Sign
Two knife-wielding thugs appear and are shot. A bottle is thrown from
the left and ducked, and the user is shot as they run offscreen.
(A short man appears on the right and is shot.)

The Moon is Out
A cleaver wielder appears and is shot, followed by a knifer and a gas can +
torcher. A chainssaw attacker appears, and is shot twice, the second turning
their head into an inferno.

Drug Dealers
Two drug dealers attack and are shot. The second gets up and is shot again.
The player is then told that "Drugs will kill ya", as many 90s games say.

A mummy appears from the right and is shot repeatedly.

Gram appears in a baseball game, ducks a pitch, and shoots people. The Umpire
calls him out.

Tombstones With Even White Smoke
Hands grab from below, Gram jumps through a ghost, drops his gun, ducks the
ghost's eye lightning, and runs.

Tombstones with Green Smoke on Left
Zombies appear and are shot. They rise, and Gram runs to a time portal to

**50,000 BC** [54]

Moon on Right
Gram runs from an amorous cavelady.

Caveman close on left
Gram shoots two cavepeople, rolls away from a club girl, and shoots her club.

Line of Dirt in foreground - Low Attackers *note: this and the next scene
are indistinguishable until the attackers show. if a girl rises from the left,
use this one. If note, and you hear 'kissy noises'
, use the next.

Girls repeatedly rise and attack two (or three) times with various spears
and are shot.

Line of Dirt - cavelady
Gram runs from a cavelady.

Tiny Grass in Bottom Left + Mound in Back Right
Two cavemen appear and are shot, and Gram ducks a flying dragon.

Fire appears all around, and Gram jumps back and forth over it.
L,R,Wait until Right fire finishes flaring up, RR

Brown Thin Cavegirl at Center Right
A thin cavegirl entices Gram, pulls a sword, is dodged and shot. She turns
into mist, and reappears as a different girl and is shot.

**2173** [55]

Square Window on Right with Tube and Robots
Robots roll by as Gram jumps them. One reverses course and is jumped again.

Glowing Square Cage
Gram is in a green glowing cage. he exits right before it crushes him.

Glowing Sign on Left, Door on Right
Gram exits to the Right, not readign the 'Do Not Read This' sign.

Rainbow on Right with Crystal Ball
Gram runs left through a door rather than get hit by a rainbow beam.

Blue Glowing Line
a blue line heats up as Gram jumps back andd forth, and UFOs fly at him,
until the line becomes a harmless green light.

Thin Metal Sparking Transformers on Left and Right
Gram dodges fireballs flowing back and forth (and a glowing red ball with
a head inside appears and attacks).

Blank Room with Appearing Space Gunners On Left
Gram is attacked by spacemen with lasers, who turn into rocketships that
fly at him when they are shot.

A Giant Brain on Left
A brain appears, which tells Gram to enter a portal (that takes you to
98081 and makes you lose a life if you take it). He hesitates, and enters
the real portal.
Wait until second portal appears, L.

**1350**  [56]

Red Swordsman on Left
A Red Swordsman appears and is promptly shot.

Red Fist Fighter on Left
A Red Fist Fighter appears, bows, and is punched in the head.

Orange Staff
An Orange Ninja attacks with a staff. Gram dodges, steps on his toes, and
punches him out.

Blue Fist Fighter on Left
A Blue Fist Fighter appears and attacks with punches and kicks, is dodged,
and punched out.
U,R,F  (NOTE: some versions may be Glitched, making the correct input R,U,F)

Blue Swordsman
A blue swordsman attacks, is dodged repeatedly, and punched.

Orange Nunchaku
An Orange ninja with nunchaku attacks, is dodged, and punched.

Knight on Clouds
A Knight exclaims 'None Shall Pass', and uses magic to remove the edge of the
clouds he and Gram stand on. He swings and is dodged and blocked, Gram almost
falling off the ledge. Gram stabs him and runs to a portal on the left.
L,R,L,Wait until sword blinks,F,L,Wait until Sword blinks,F,L,F,L

Blue Thief and Gate on Left
A Thief attacks, and Gram jumps back and shoots him He turns into a suit of
armor, and Gram shoots him, then picks up a sword. He dodges and blocks as a
wizard attacks unseen from behind. Gram ducks a spell, which removes the
armor. the thief is punched out, and the wizard is stabbed.

**Challenges** [57]
(one of these appears during 2552, or when you are on your last life)

Close Cowboy on Right
Gram pulls and drops his gun. Gram dances around the cowboy's bullets until
the cowboy runs out of ammo, and Gram punches out the cowboy.

Three Cowboys on Right
Three cowboys with rifles drawn accuse Gram of shooting their kin. Gram
freezes, then rushes for a time portal.
Wait until a blue dot appears in the bottom left, R

Room with Potion on Right, Door in Center, Fire on Left
*NOTE: This room has an impossibly small window of acceptance. It is,
however, extremely rare.
Gram freezes, looking around at the deadly room. he sees lightning hit the
door, waits for the potion to turn blue, grabs it, drinks it, and walks
over the fire.
Wait until lightning flashes twice and potion turns blue, R

**2552** [58]

6 Circles
Gram jumps away from the lit-up circles, and is teleported away.
*NOTE: this scene splits in two halfway. Gram may be teleported at the
'!' point. if he is, he is moved to a different circle, and the inputs
change, and he is teleported again. Should you be teleported,
immediately stop with the main line, and begin performing the second line.
The circlue that the action ends you on is noted.

4 5 6
1 2 3

First Line: L,U,R,D,U!,R,D,L,U
starting from 2, Gram goes 1,4,5,2,5,6,3,2,5.
at the second 5, you may be teleported to 3.

Second Line: !U,L,D,D,R,U
starting from 2, Gram goes 1,4,5,2,5- and is teleported to 3.
6,5,2 (teleported to 4),1,2,5.

White Tree on Right
Gram is harassed by lightning and a tree with turns into a mummy for very
short periods of time. The mummy attacks and is shot.

Two Metal Balls with Lightning (reversible)
Gram rises from a portal, looking up and left. He dodges lightning and 
falls into another portal. *Note: If he is looking right, replace the
Ls with Rs and vice versa.

Vulcor Drags off Kyi-La
Vulcor drags Kyi-La to the left. Gram refuses to shoot, ducks a laser beam,
and chases them into a portal.

Vulcor at the Controls (Final Scene)
Vulcor raises a shield and steals Gram's gun from his lever machine, as
Kyi-La is suspended behind him. Gram jumps holes and ducks lightning, gets
face-to-face with Vulcor, and punches him out once Vulcor lowers his shield
to shoot Gram.
Wait until portal starts to appear underfoot,R,
Wait until purple lightning starts to appear in the upper left,D,
Wait until portal starts to appear underfoot,L,
Wait until purple lightning starts to appear in the upper right,D,
Wait until portal starts to appear underfoot,R,
Wait until portal starts to appear underfoot,R,
Wait until Vulcor lowers his shield,F

You win! Long dance scene of all the actors.

                             Easter Eggs

While a credit is in the machine but a game has not started:
hold TRC and Fire, and push Up: Group shot of the development team.
hold TRC and Fire, and push Down: Game Creator (Rick Dyer) with his
20-month old son Colin on his shoulders, as he dedicates the game to him.


  Thanks to Youtube, for having tiny clips of this game in various newsclips
regardign the creation of the game, which showed me the hole placement in
the final level.

  Thanks to videotopia, for holding a retro gaming exhibition, so I could
finally beat this game.

  Thanks to Putt-Putt, Red Baron, and Tilt, the long-lost arcades of my youth.



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