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BEAUTIFUL SPACE-AGE CABINET attracts players of all age groups. The player is additionally attracted by two flying saucers moving about in formation on the playfield while the unit is in its non-activated state.

EXCITING PLAYER ACTION occurs as coin is inserted and start button is pushed to activate the unit. A rocket ship appears out of nowhere and at the same instant the once friendly flying saucer begins firing missiles at the rocket ship. Now at the controls of the rocket ship, you begin to evade the missiles bearing down on you and maneuver into position to fire your own missiles at the saucers. The thrust motors from your rocket ship, the rocket turning signals, the firing of your missiles and explosions to fill the air with the sights and sounds of combat as you battle against the saucers for the highest score. Outscore or hit the saucers with your missiles more times than they hit you for extended play hyperspace. Attain hyperspace and the playfield turns white and gives you a vision of daylight in outer space. Thrill to the reality of controlling your own rocket ship in gravity-free outer space. Battle the saucers in a duel of wits and coordination!

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