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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ASchultz

    Version: 1.5.0 | Updated: 08/22/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Punch-Out!!(arcade) FAQ version 1.5.0
    copyright 2004 by Andrew Schultz schultza@earthlink.net
    Please do not reproduce this FAQ for profit without my prior consent. 
    However, if you write a polite e-mail to me referring to me(and this FAQ) by 
    name, then I will probably say OK. But if I ignore you that means no--and I 
    am bad about answering e-mail. Sorry.
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    My home page: http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Exhibit/2762 
    **** Note: this FAQ only covers the first time through. I'm clueless about 
    the second. I can't even beat Glass Joe. But I'm sure about the initial 
    challenges. I'm sort of fishing for advice on later stuff with this guide but 
    it should still be useful.
        2-1. CONTROLS
        2-2. METERS
      3. POINTS
      4. OPPONENTS
        4-1. GLASS JOE
        4-3. BALD BULL
        4-4. KID QUICK
        4-5. PIZZA PASTA
        4-6. MR. SANDMAN
      5. VERSIONS
      6. CREDITS
      Punch-Out!! decidedly deserves the two exclamation points in its title. 
    It's a great game for its time and still nice to plow through today. Some of 
    the hit-and-dodge maneuvers may be too simple, but the different opponents--
    all caricatures of stereotypes--and what almost feels like a dance after a 
    bit make this a pleasant game to play. Yes, even after you've lost, when 
    opponents come up to the screen and taunt you in heinous magnification, with 
    the announcer to back you up("Stand up and fight!") I played this game a lot 
    when I was younger, although I watched first, trying to glimpse and imitate 
    special strategies. Opponents had seemingly irrefutible attacks, and they 
    were all so lovably grouchy that I just wanted to meet them, and they could 
    knock me down a few times before I got the hang of them.
      The path to the championship goes through six fighters, each with different 
    weaknesses and special attacks. Once you defeat them, you go to a blue-gloves 
    circuit where everyone's incredibly tough and I am clueless. So I am only 
    covering the first wave. Here are your opponents:
    Glass Joe, 112 pounds, Paris, France
    Piston Hurricane, 176 pounds, Havana, Cuba
    Bald Bull, 298 pounds, Istanbul, Turkey
    Kid Quick, 210 pounds, Bronx, New York
    Pizza Pasta, 235 pounds, Napoli, Italy
    Mr. Sandman, 312 pounds, Philadelpia, PA
      They get bigger and faster as they go on, and the basic strategy against 
    bad guys is to goad them into a punch and then let fly with a few of your 
    well timed and well placed. I wish there would be a bit more closing off one 
    strategy once it works too well, but at the same time there's still 
    opportunity to sneak in a surprise punch here or there, and not throwing any 
    body blows at all may put you in hot water after two knockdowns. For the most 
    part, you just have to overemphasize what works, though.
        After winning the first six fights you have two championship circuits 
    that get a bit harder. You can't lead punches. You have to respond, and 
    quickly. Your opponents' eyes also don't turn yellow so you can't anticipate 
    things easily that way. You have to watch body language. Sadly some of the 
    later levels force you to find something quickly and then slow the game down. 
    You have to wait to get in a punch or take bad chances while both sides are 
    dancing around. Which dampens the excitement and creates a real possibility 
    you'll sit around and not do much and lose after three minutes, which is not 
    so fun. Figuring out what to do is exciting, though, and it's fun to rip 
    through the first course. The second and third circuits are subtly different.
      Note: I'll refer to "right" as a punch throughout the game. Keep in mind 
    that an opponent's right is on the left of the screen, at your fighter's 
    left. So his "right" punch and yours are the opposite. It's how it's done in 
    real boxing I guess.
        2-1. CONTROLS
      You have four basic types of punches in Punch-Out!!--the jab, left and 
    right, and the body blow, left and right. A successful punch will get your KO 
    meter up. Once the meter reaches left to the KO sign, it will flash, and you 
    have the option of the hook and the uppercut. There's only one direction to 
    throw a hook or an uppercut, and these punches have a separate button--it 
    appears your fighter is right handed, so he comes with a right.
      Moving your guard up or down determines if you throw a jab or a body blow. 
    Moving and throwing a punch together doesn't change things. Sometimes this is 
    tricky because you need to move your guard just before you punch, which is 
    possible and works decreasingly well as rounds go on. Sometimes you'll get 
    jammed a bit, too, trying to punch where you want. The solution is to move 
    the joystick the other way before moving your fists where you want them. Then 
    throw the punch.
      For MAME controls,
    CTRL = left
    ALT = right
    SPACE = knockout blow = game start/restart
    UP/DOWN = guard up/down
    LEFT/RIGHT = duck left or right
      You can also restart a game once if you get knocked out. In Super Punch-
    Out!! your fighter has a few bandages on him but they didn't think of that 
    cool detail yet here.
      Sometimes your boxer won't do what you want him to. You'll try to get him 
    to avoid his opponent's punch and he won't do it in time. It's not your 
    reflexes. Your opponents are faster than your guy on later levels. So even 
    when you telegraph a move or do it in advance your guy won't get it in time. 
    Also note that sometimes you stun your opponent and he's just sitting there. 
    Well, it can happen to you too. Basically it seems that anything you can do 
    to your opponents, they can do back, although they have a few extra special 
    moves for you to avoid. Fortunately, they have ruts and patterns you can 
    always crack as well.
      On the other hand you can anticipate what to do next. Throw a punch before 
    you're set, or duck before a punch is finished. Your fighter will do that. It 
    can mean the difference between a successful punch and a blocked one. But be 
    sure you know how your opponent reacts or you will be a sitting duck for him.
      Note that on MAME the graphics often don't seem to be refreshed if you use 
    save states(and you probably will the first time through unless you use the 
    awesomely funny cheats.) That is because the game only refreshes the sprites 
    it knows has changed. So if you skip from a fight with Bald Bull to Glass 
    Joe, Bald Bull will still be in the upper left because there's been no 
    instruction to change the fight. The graphics stay the same. Also the timer 
    and score may seem out of date. You may have the wrong number of minutes 
    because the game hasn't changed that yet. This is a big deal if going from 
    :59 to 1:06. Basically what I've done is to make save states 1-6 at the 
    beginning of the first circuit and a-i at the advanced circuit(9 fights 
    there) and then I can play whomever I want at whatever difficulty.
        2-2. METERS
      Hooks and uppercuts may be the most powerful of shots, but they have 
    drawbacks. First, if you land a hook or uppercut, it seems to reduce your 
    ability for an early knockout. The computer seems to keep an internal meter 
    of this. If you have a way to win with continual jabs, do so. It means a 
    higher bonus, and also you'll have one less chance to deal with an opponent 
    you must successfully duck/block before you can safely punch him again.
      You gain one arrow on the KO box for ducking a punch, two for an initial 
    punch connected, and five for a punch in a combo that connects. It doesn't 
    all come out at once so it's possible you may have to wait a half-second to 
    throw that uppercut you wanted to. 25 arrows equal a full meter, i.e. KO 
    potential. I believe the game keeps track of arrows past the KO in case you 
    get a lot of punches blocked, but when you're hit you always lose KO 
      So you can get a few arrows on the knockout meter if you avoid a body blow. 
    Also if a punch of yours is blocked, you lose knockout meter points, and 
    whenever you're hit, you lose KO status instantly. This isn't always 
    terrible. For Pizza Pasta and Mr. Sandman, you can only hit them with a 
    knockout punch once, and Kid Quick and Bald Bull will usually hit you right 
    back once you miss them. Glass Joe and Piston Hurricane just duck. Until the 
    second round, when only Glass Joe ducks. When the KO lights up again, you can 
    and should get another free shot in. There's also a knockout meter you aren't 
    shown--one that states if you'll KO your opponent. It seems to go down if you 
    use a hook or uppercut unless your opponent is totally dazed when you hit 
    him. KO shots are more useful than jabs at the end of the combination but may 
    cause an opponent to wake up a bit.
      After each subsequent knockdown the person who gets up has successively 
    less maximum health. He can add to this by punching his opponent, which gives 
    him some wind back. How much health you have when you get up depends on how 
    many jabs you got hit with. But it also depends on the fight #--the later, 
    the less favorable for you.
      Your opponents seem to have a knockout meter as well, with the difference 
    being the computer sometimes gives them a boost after they've been knocked 
    down. If this happens--you're getting slugged when stuff that worked very 
    well before doesn't now--keep your fists up and duck when your opponent 
    crouches for a body blow. Eventually you'll be able to get back down to 
      You don't recharge health with time, but your opponents do. Also, your KO 
    meter empties if you are knocked out. When a contestant gets up from a 
    knockdown he regains 1/2 of his energy, then 1/4 the next time.
      If you must watch the clock, remember that it takes fewer hits between 
    successive knockdowns, so knocking your opponent down for the first time at 
    1:30 is no cause for panic.
      The crowd noise also acts as an impromptu meter. The more combinations you 
    get, the louder it is. Even if no punches have connected for a while, if 
    someone's almost had it, there'll be a clear murmur.
      Opponents usually wind up for body blows and sort of make a dinking 
    movement for jabs. So you usually want to have your guard up, to defend 
    against the quickest hits, and duck against the slower ones. You can also 
    throw a punch when you come out of a ducking move, and in fact you need to do 
    so. And if it ever seems like your opponent is too fast for you, stop 
    sparring and try to duck him. The computer is doing this on purpose. Your 
    opponent is in knockout mode. He seems to have an internal meter of his own 
    in fact and sometimes you just need to duck when he starts whaling away. But 
    the computer cheats for him internally.
      Watch out also for the yellows of your opponents' eyes. That means they are 
    about to throw a punch. Depending on if they crouch, you can tell what sort 
    of blow it will be. Leaning back--body blow. Duck. Staying there--jab. 
    Ducking indiscriminately leaves you open, so you need to avoid doing so until 
    your opponent's eyes light up.
      Random punching works OK in the first two rounds, but of course doing the 
    same thing indiscriminately won't work when your opponent starts to block. 
    Generally you want to provoke your opponent into an attack you know you can 
      While you may feel clever being able to smack your opponent around with 
    many different punches, you might just want to hone in on his weakness 
    mercilessly instead.
      You can leave yourself open with a punch, and so does your opponent. In 
    fact, you should block after throwing a punch if you don't want to throw 
    another.. To avoid a combination, never punch without a purpose, and to get 
    one of your own, learn how the opponent can be made to throw an obvious and 
    avoidable punch.
      If a KO punch doesn't work(i.e. Glass Joe begins to duck,) give up and get 
    back to jabbing.
      There are generally four count lengths before opponents get up: 3, 5, 7 and 
    10. How long the count is shows roughly how close you were to an absolute 
      Also, note the announcer saying "Come on! Come on!" means your opponent is 
    about to bust out his signature move.
      And the spoiler...when in doubt, lead with the right, duck if he responds, 
    and throw a bunch of left jabs before you're fully back to where you were.
    --------Just for fun--------
      To watch an opponent go flying, note if he is in the left or right 
    corner(rope on left or right side comes at you) and hit him with that hand. 
    He'll go flying into the opposite corner of the hand you hit him with. It 
    doesn't really matter where you drop him but some guys can really hit the 
    floor with flair.
      3. POINTS
    500 points for any punch that knocks an enemy down, otherwise:
    40 points for the first punch
    80/200 for the next ones in combo[2x as much damage]
    300 points for a hook
    500 points for uppercut
    [hook is better than an uppercut. It seems to do 2-2.5 as much damage as a 
    combo punch and uppercut does 1.5-2. The main difference seems to be that the 
    uppercut is tougher to execute. Don't worry about more points.]
    135 points per second are taken off your bonus. You start with 30000. So 5700 
    is your minimum, barring a knockdown or two which would bring you down to 
    3270 minimum(18 seconds on the canvas.) You lose bonus when you're knocked 
    down but not when your opponent is down, and you don't lose time when 
    someone's on the canvas.
    Unless you can land a punch every second you probably want a knockdown as 
    quickly as possible to maximize points.
    The default high score list reads as follows:
           1.  NOA 88700
           2.  QCB 87700
           3.  DIC 86700
           4.  BBS 85700
           5.  DBY 84700
           6.  MCE 83700
           7.  QBQ 82700
           8.  BBC 81700
           9.  DTB 80700
           10. BIC 79700
    11. SBM 78700 31. PIZ 58700
    12. CQU 77700 32. GIH 57700
    13. MBE 76700 33. HHG 56700
    14. ABB 75700 34. HPG 55700
    15. CBC 74700 35. QIH 54700
    16. LCS 73700 36. IFX 53700
    17. BQX 72700 37. MMQ 52700
    18. KEA 71700 38. BZN 51700
    19. AAD 70700 39. ASJ 50700
    20. OFA 69700 40. XMW 49700
    21. AAA 68700 41. NCL 48000
    22. DBO 67700 42. QCB 47800
    23. VDB 66700 43. DIC 47600
    24. PGI 65700 44. BBS 47400
    25. NNL 64700 45. DBV 47200
    26. OQF 63700 46. MCE 47000
    27. BVC 62700 47. QBQ 46800
    28. RAA 61700 48. BBC 46600
    29. EQA 60700 49. DTB 46400
    30. OGV 59700 50. BIC 46200
      Basically you need to get to Bald Bull--and quickly--to get in the top 50 
    with the scorelist un-reset. I calculate about 25000 per level for a good 
    player in the first circuit, topping at 28000. 15000 is good on the next 
    circuit with tops of 20000 maybe. So four wins should vault you to the head 
    of the class--assuming anyone who can beat Kid Quick can win the easy rounds 
    very early too. And they knock down Piston Hurricane ASAP.
      If you place with your first game and go for a rematch, your first-game 
    score is deleted. The initials for your score are of course what you picked 
    at the start of your game.
      4. OPPONENTS
        4-1. GLASS JOE
      Glass Joe is truly the easiest of the opponents. You can come out swinging 
    and mix up punches a bit and eventually he'll go down, i.e. when he blocks 
    down, go up, and vice versa. But his fighting strategy is so simplistic that 
    you should be able to nail him without getting hit AND on the first 
    knockdown. He generally keeps his hands up and then punches up with a right 
    jab or two, which he follows with a heinously telegraphed left body blow. You 
    can hit him with a few jabs after that, but when he dances around and starts 
    moving his hands you can take a few shots too. A few small flurries should 
    knock him down. You don't even need the KO punches, although you can get four 
    or five in without penalty. Using too many before the final blow or two may 
    force you to knock him down more than once. Lots of times he'll just sit 
    there looking stunned as you ring him up. And that's when you can jab.
      Glass Joe's "move" consists of running at you and not doing much. You can't 
    knock him down, but he's not going to hurt you either. You can go for a body 
    blow after his first hop forward when he does this. But in general it's best 
    to keep your guard up because he will either let his down or try for a low 
    punch. Either one lets you smash him with a right jab.
      Glass Joe runs at you at 2:15, if he's actually able to last that long. I 
    find that if you just let him try to punch you twice, and you're able to 
    duck, then you can hit him with a left-bunch of rights-KO to finish the combo 
    and take about 30 seconds to do him in(my best--2:32.) Beginning players may 
    want to try other ways to get behind his defense just to get an idea of how 
    Punch-Out works. Eventually Glass Joe just doesn't keep his guard up. The 
    trickiest thing he does is to telegraph a right body blow without a few 
    starting jabs.
      Piston Hurricane is a good deal tougher. After playing this game many times 
    I in fact find him the one most likely to defeat me if I'm not paying 
    attention. He has a wicked rapid-punch sequence which is hard to defend. The 
    higher note means a punch up, the lower note means a punch down, and I've 
    seen people struggle to move up and down based on the notes and succeed. 
    Usually it alternates but sometimes you get two of one, two of the other, 
    etc. Vigorous bread and butter strategies should be enough to beat him(punch 
    low until he blocks, then go upstairs, then down) but since there's an easy 
    way to deflect his flurry of punches, why not?
      Piston Hurricane runs at you at 2:30, 2:00, 1:30 and 1:00. His punching 
    combos get progressively weaker and shorter although he always pauses for the 
    haymaker at the end. Fortunately the way to get to him is to punch after he 
    lands from the first jump. That will knock him down. If you mistime things 
    you may still be able to get a few body blows in and even stop him if you 
    alternate and throw the next before the last is finished. But if this fails 
    you'll need to learn to duck. If you can't master the up/down, then you can 
    just duck right after blocking a punch(your body won't turn white) and keep 
    ducking 'til he's done. This allows you to block every other punch and duck 
    the rest. But no matter how often he hits you, don't breathe too deeply when 
    he pauses. He's about to throw a haymaker with his right hand. So duck one 
    last time. You should have a chance to smack him back a few times in the face 
    after this. But with experience you should learn when he's about to jump at 
    you. He jumps back quickly but when you hear the announcer say "Come on! Come 
    on!" watch for the first hop and slug him in the gut before he gets close.
      If Piston Hurricane goes with a body blow at any other time, duck and 
    respond with body blows of your own. This is important because a left or 
    right jab will over-reach him. It may take one time or two to move your fists 
    down but he will try several of these over-reaches across and your second or 
    third should connect.
      As for the normal course of fighting I like to come out with my guard up 
    and quickly switch to body blows. Alternate left/right/left/right and then 
    pull up to attack his head, then pull quickly down when he blocks. It's 
    possible to sit around and let him punch you, as he'll start with the left 
    and then throw an awkward right. Duck this and then hit him with body blows--
    a left or right jab will overreach him. Basically if you time his approach 
    right and spread out the up/down punches, you should be ok. A blocked up/down 
    punch often lets you in for a body blow.
      I've also found throwing a body blow as Piston Hurricane gets up is 
    effective too. But sometimes I don't need to. I'm able to knock him down in 
    thirty seconds just nailing him with body blows and switching to jabs when he 
    blocks--for one punch. The knockout punches don't really come in handy here 
    if you're going for speed, but if the fight drags on, use them when 
    necessary. Eventually you should be able to gauge his jumps and not worry 
    about keeping an eye on the clock.
      Still, his defense is pretty lousy and often he'll leave himself open to a 
    jab when he crouches to throw a big punch. There are lots of ways to beat 
    him, and once you get control of the flurry of punches he is much less of a 
        4-3. BALD BULL
      Bald Bull gives you a big chance to go up early on him. His defensive 
    stance is dubious, a caricature of the general dancing around you see in 
    boxing. He'll bob his head and move his hands up and down, and when he does 
    this you can jab him either way. You might not be able to get several shots 
    in at once, but if you wait a half-pace between them it can be very 
      Of course when he gets that stunned look you can just flat out clobber him. 
    He also telegraphs his body blows, and avoiding them and jabbing is very 
    effective. You can usually get 2-3 jabs in afterwards.
      But the best way to knock Bald Bull down is when he jumps at you, at 2:40 
    and 2:15 left. After he lands the second time, fire a left or right jab--body 
    blows don't seem to work. There's a nice window of time here. Err on the side 
    AFTER he lands, if you must. He'll go spinning and then crash to the canvas. 
    You only get two shots at this, and if you're timid, you can duck his big 
    punch and get in one jab, but that'll be it.
      Once Bald Bull has been knocked down twice, you can lead with the right, 
    duck his wind-up body blows, and nail him with a bunch of jabs. He may get on 
    a roll where you throw a jab and he lambastes you. In that case have your 
    guard up and wait for him to jab. Then you can fight back: right, duck, more 
    jabs 'til he gets ready, duck, jab, repeat, knockdown. I've won in a minute 
    with a bit of luck after the second knockdown.
      Bald Bull requires a lot of patience to defeat without the trick of 
    smacking him as he runs up. I take at least two minutes. I also would advise 
    ducking a lot until the second knockdown; clobbering him with a hook to start 
    off his second trip off the canvas shortens the odds considerably. With his 
    episodes of jumping at you, I've gotten it so he goes down after your second 
    knock down. The key is not to throw any punches that aren't sure to connect, 
    except when you paste him after a body blow. And always to hit him when he 
    moves his fists up and down. He usually goes in for a body blow after the 
    second, which makes things predictable. I usually land a hook before his 
    second run up.
      I've even made him miss one jump because I was battering him so heavily. If 
    you time your punches for when he lets his guard down, you can get the 
    flashing KO and knock him out pretty swiftly.
        4-4. KID QUICK
      Kid Quick doesn't have a big move, but he does seem to be able to zap you 
    and you're not sure why. He also has a favorite trap he likes to fall into. 
    If you start hitting him up with a right, he will eventually counter with a 
    right body blow of his own. Duck left, and before you're back standing, throw 
    a left. Then another. Throw a right and often he gets in a cycle where you 
    can keep doing this until he's knocked down. You can shorten things slightly 
    by throwing a hook at your first chance and making your final combo left-
    left-HOOK. I find it's very rare that he breaks out of his reflexive lashing 
      Again, if you find he's too quick for you in this after the second 
    knockdown, keep your guard up and be prepared to duck any unprovoked body 
    blows, but don't duck until then. Remember--don't duck/punch 'til you see the 
    yellows of their eyes.
      But with correct play Kid Quick can be very quick--to hit the canvas for 
    good. I've tried regular sparring with him and it's not easy, but once I 
    found his weakness I found him to be almost as easy as Glass Joe. I've 
    polished him off in just over thirty seconds, too.
        4-5. PIZZA PASTA
      This guy lets you beat him up early, but he can come back with a vengeance 
    to nail you if you're not careful. At 2:26 or 1:56, after you've thrown the 
    next punch, he clenches with you. You need to hold the controls right and 
    when he misses with his big punch, you can jab him left and right. There's no 
    way I can find to knock him down early. Even not hitting him for the first 
    half minute, so you can build up KO power jabbing him as he is stunned, 
    doesn't help--note that he is completely stunned and you can really batter 
    him after he clenches and mis-punches, even using KO punches for extra 
    points. The only way to wake him up seems to be to wait around or throw a 
    body blow, which really isn't very sensible. After two of these knockdowns, 
    the potential challenge begins.
      But until then you have a nice way to keep him busy. The same formula for 
    Kid Quick works for Pizza Pasta, although the price for failure is more 
    obvious. It may take a few right jabs to provoke a body blow, but once you 
    right-duck-left-left works to keep him occupied before he grabs you. You can 
    also sit around and wait before the first two clenches as he tends to get up 
    after a three-count regardless of what you do.
      Yet some times he may wind up going off on you after his knockdown. If, 
    after the second knockdown, you throw a right and can't duck his response, 
    sit there until you block some jabs from him. Then try again. If he throws a 
    right body blow before you can do so, you will be able to duck and proceed as 
    before. Remember you have three tries to get one more knockdown, but on the 
    third you may want to wait for him to punch as one punch will send you down.
      Throwing a hook to greet Pizza Pasta as he gets up the second time is not a 
    bad choice. It's a powerful shot, and if he hits you back, well, he would 
    have done so anyway at your first jab. A success here makes things a bit 
    easier, and to do this you should hit him continually with left and right 
    jabs when he's stunned, after he grabs you and throws his big punch. If you 
    want a few more points, hit him with an uppercut/hook while he's stunned, but 
    then the hook may be totally inoperative.
      Another problem I've had in fighting Pizza Pasta is that he starts to block 
    your left jabs after the right-duck-left-left. I find that I like to go with 
    body blows and going back to right jabs after that. It's a sort of 
    overextension like Piston Hurricane's and the same remedy seems to work here. 
    Remember there's a lot of room for error here--three knockdowns, although on 
    the last one he can sock you with one punch--so don't get too panicky if he 
    hits you once. Just whale on him after he jabs and throws a body blow.
      Pizza Pasta also likes to throw three quick jabs, and the fourth one 
    connects. So beware of that move. He may also do the same with three quick 
    body blows. He'll crouch slightly before that but it won't be a huge duck. 
    Basically if he starts throwing short punches that connect, switch the way 
    you block.
      I can't find a way to beat Pizza Pasta super-quickly, because when he grabs 
    you, he brings the KO counter down to halfway. Various combinations of hooks, 
    uppercuts and jabs don't seem to knock him out conclusively enough. Mixing 
    things up with a few body blows seems to work well. 1:30 is a very good time, 
      And now having said that I'm pleased to announce I've found a way to sock 
    Pizza Pasta in just over one minute. It involves knocking him down before his 
    second clench. This requires a bit of luck so I can't place it in the main 
    strategy, but basically you need to proceed as usual but when the KO button 
    flashes hit him with a right hook. Usually this will be just after the second 
    punch in one of your combinations. Continue throwing punches at him and it's 
    possible he might not be baited once. In that case throw another left until 
    he goes back to regular mode. Use a hook to smash him to the canvas after the 
    clench and missed punch. Of course you need to preempt your punches and take 
    a few chances in order to get this quick finisk but it's fun and worth it.
      Observations: I'm rarely able to knock him down in the first :34. He always 
    seems to pause a bit once. Usually he'll reflexively punch back but sometimes 
    he'll just sit there and you'll need to goad him again. Do so quickly. If he 
    doesn't pause you can get him at 2:28 or so. But the important thing here is-
    -you can gain TIME so that you can knock Pizza Pasta out before the 2:00 
    mark. Then he will clench you and the second time out of the clench is the 
    third knockdown--i.e. a TKO. In fact if you knock him out before the 1:56 
    mark that will still actually save a bit of time as the clench, etc. take a 
    bit of time.
      If Pizza Pasta does not pause, I'm able to knock him down in 2:02, only 
    once out of the clench. Usually I settle for a knockdown at 1:58 and a 
    knockout 10 seconds later although if I knock him down before 2:00 the second 
    time I can get things done around 1:52. This all seems a bit random but it is 
    possible to lay him low quickly. I just don't see a way to get him without 
    three knockdowns, though. The clench is a stupid move on his part as he'd be 
    tough without it when he switched to quick punches, but it does preclude a 
    super quick knockout.
        4-6. MR. SANDMAN
      Mr. Sandman follows in the same vein as the other opponents, except he's a 
    lot stronger, more accurate and nimble. There's no way to fake him out and 
    get a punch in. Also, when he's knocked down, he can get back up with a 
    vengeance. Basically you have to wait for an opening and then reach in there. 
    He also manages to find unstoppable combinations you just have to duck before 
    you can start hitting him. One combination works repeatedly, and I'll 
    emphasize that.
      The key loop is to get in three lefts, a right, duck his haymaker, duck, 
    and try again. Often he can be goaded into trying another haymaker. Throw a 
    hook afterwards when you get to KO, but none more, unless he hits you and 
    bumps you back below KO level. Your final punch you know will connect also 
    works as a hook against him. Also remember, when you throw the punch, to do 
    so before you're stationed. Otherwise he wil block it. He's very quick, if 
    potentially predictable. You usually want to start this process with a right. 
    It may take a couple of times before he swats at you, but once he does, you 
    can get to him.
      Mr. Sandman also has other moves that leave him vulnerable. One of my 
    favorites is when he gives two left body blows followed by a right haymaker 
    you can duck and then start the standard pummeling. If you are quick you can 
    catch him with a right as he comes in for a left body blow and then a couple 
    more, but there are safer ways to do things. Hold your ground if his eyes 
    yellow and he keeps his fists up. Be ready to duck if he crouches and smack 
    him on the rebound.
      Sometimes you may have to let Mr. Sandman smack you once before starting 
    things off. That just happens. Eventually after an initial right jab, before 
    he's been knocked down, you'll be able to get close to him and whale away. 
    Also, I duck indiscriminately after throwing a right. Sometimes he won't go 
    in for it, but he almost never socks you on the rebound. Also sometimes he'll 
    hit you with an uppercut and the best thing to do is duck that way as he 
    often combos another one from the other side.
      The avergae time for knocking Mr. Sandman down, with some practice, is 
    1:30. If he is playing extra stupid(i.e. I throw four punches, he throws the 
    overextended one back) I can nail him at 2:23. And I rarely go below 1:00 
    with efficient experienced play.
      On beating Mr. Sandman, your boxer turns around and becomes a real boxer, 
    not just a mesh of green neon wiring, and he joyously jumps up and down with 
    his WVBA belt that looks like an oversized fancy gold watch.
      "Ladies and gentlemen, we've got a new champion!"
      I've had terrible trouble with all this. Your new opponents are all "top 
    ranked" and fight like it. First of all, there's no yellows in their eyes, so 
    you have to rely on body language. Second of all, the mistakes they make are 
    either long winded or very minimal. So you need to be exact or you'll run out 
    of time. At the same time you can't go throwing punches to provoke them as 
    they often have unstoppable counters. It's important to learn when in a 
    combination you can punch back. Also, if you're getting your butt kicked, 
    then you may get knocked out after two trips to the canvas. The game can turn 
    very quickly against you in this respect, since you get almost NO health when 
    you come back up and your opponent gets a ton of it.
      As the round goes on, leading lefts are harshly punished against Glass Joe, 
    Bald Bull and Mr. Sandman. So avoid them. In a combo, hit them with a left 
    and then batter them with rights.
      Point totals are still the same, but gloves and shoes are blue. You're 
    yellow mesh but still with red gloves and green hair. If you lose and make a 
    rematch here or in the next fight sequence, your enemy is introduced as the 
    champion of the world. You are the challenger. And at the end of the fight, 
    you jump up and down with your regained belt.
      The order of fights is as follows:
    Glass Joe
    Piston Hurricane
    Bald Bull
    Pizza Pasta
    Mr. Sandman
      Basically, Kid Quick, who had no special moves anyway, is gone. The next 
    time through shakes things up a bit more and then repeats eternally:
    Piston Hurricane
    Bald Bull
    Glass Joe
    Mr. Sandman
          4-7-1. GLASS JOE
      Glass Joe here comes out very tough compared to his original reincarnation. 
    He still looks like a drip but he can now punish you if you do something 
    wrong. His moves aren't really more refined, but he can defend better after 
    making them. You need to watch his signature move: left, left, right body 
    blow. Duck pre-emptively and smack him with a left and then don't let up on 
    the rights. I've gotten nine punch combinations. You can sometimes switch up 
    to a body blow, but if you can batter him with a few shots after he misses 
    you that's pretty good, and although there will be some awkward waiting 
    around, eventually he'll take a shot at you. He may also bob his fists up and 
    down, and that's a good time to jab him to. Use KO punches mercilessly once 
    you have the ability. He may duck once, in which case you go back to jabbing.
      Once you knock him down though you can really start whaling away with an 
    uppercut as he gets back up. The announcer will say "Come on! Come on!" and 
    when he jumps at you(he doesn't actually DO anything after his run-up,) bash 
    him with all the uppercuts you can throw. The hard part can be knocking him 
    down once. After 1:20 or so he will come back with a vicious punch if you 
    lead with a left, so don't. In fact, don't lead at all. He walks into a trap 
    where you can batter him easily enough.
      If you want to try to knock him down on the second count, then go with 
    straight jabs to counter everything he does. You can throw one body blow 
    after "come on! Come on!" to quicken things up a bit. Then one more dodge, 
    left/rights should do for him. End with a hook if you wish. I've won in 2:18.
          4-7-2. PISTON HURRICANE
      The first thing to do with Piston Hurricane the second time around is to 
    whack him twice with a right as he ducks to slug you. These are pretty much 
    free shots. Then you can move up/down to try to get a few shots in. He pretty 
    much just reacts.
      Piston Hurricane jumps at you at 2:30 and right after the first "C'mon"(err 
    on the early side here as he may take a step back and require you to slug him 
    again) you can slug him to knock him down to the canvas. If you don't time it 
    right you have a long way to go and may be better off just getting knocked 
    down to save the time, because Piston Hurricane can really take time off the 
    clock. Also if he just hit you, you generally have to duck before you can 
    start throwing punches again, and that includes even if you have a knockdown 
    in between.
      On the bright side, he can be knocked out at the second turn as long as you 
    only let yourself get hit once. The exchange generally is: you jab, he comes 
    back with an overextended punch, you throw a left jab and a right jab, he 
    overextends. If you're lucky he will give a wild uppercut which allows two 
    punches. You can always poke him with a right jab if you'd like, too. 
    Throwing a hook whenever you can is a good policy as well. You can wait 
    around and see if he ducks for a left body blow as well while you wait--you 
    get two free punches for that too.
      Another strategy is to let him hit you once you've gotten to KO and been 
    able to use the hook. Then feint a bit, fill up the KO, and hit him with 
    another hook. That will get his health down a bit quicker and avoid running 
    out of time.
          4-7-3. BALD BULL
      Bald Bull gets a lot tougher after the first knockdown but there does seem 
    to be a way to grind him down without too much trouble. He also only has one 
    run-up--at 2:30. It's more difficult, too. Watch his shoes. He'll take one 
    jump forward but the second won't always continue. As soon as you see him 
    jump forward instead of back, throw a left jab. This will send him spinning 
      His main weakness is that he bobs his fists up and down. Hit him with a 
    right jab, wait a half second, and jab again for two hits. Bald Bull will 
    probably come in with a body blow after that and if you can duck and go 
    left/right that will work too. If it's before his first knockdown you can get 
    two more jabs in and in fact it's possible to get a hook before his rush up.
      After that he becomes a tougher customer. Two or four jabs are often 
    followed by a vicious uppercut at what seems to be a random delay. He'll 
    still come with the bobbing fists, though, and when that happens you can get 
    four shots in. Being hit isn't so bad as you can frequently get back up to KO 
    strength and get a hook in. In fact sometimes if he just dances around you 
    may want to throw a right just so he socks you and gets back to his normal 
    routine. You do have to watch the clock a bit.
      I can win in 1:30 with good play. If you know his body blows are coming and 
    can time the run down he's not that tough to defeat.
          4-7-4. PIZZA PASTA
      I've knocked Pizza Pasta out with two knockdowns(1:47) but it seemed to 
    take perfect play--and a lucky anticipation of that flurry of punches. 
    Basically it's luck to get that. You can get him into his little rut where he 
    just punches wildly and you avoid him but you're more likely to have to 
    perform a block, and you don't have that many chances. The first part of the 
    fight is still terribly easy. Provoke him into a punch with a right and then 
    go left-right. Throw a hook when you get KO capability(L-R-hook) and then go 
    with left/hook until he clinches. After that paste him 'til he's down.
      Before the second knockdown you should be able to go right-duck-left-right-
    etc. and knock him down a second time. If he does wise up before then, just 
    check the next paragraph for what to do next. You've seen the basic idea 
    before but I'll try to fill in a few details.
      Basically it's worth a chance to try to slug Pizza Pasta with a 
    left/right/right/ Sometimes he'll duck after the second right and give a 
    vicious uppercut but a lot of the time he will give away that he is about to 
    hit you with a flurry of low punches by...getting hit with the second right. 
    This can give you a big jump and as the flurry is more likely it's the 
    strategy you should choose. Just remember to guard down right away and step 
    out of the way at the end.
      Also if he seems to crouch a little--but not to either side--get ready for 
    the flurry of punches. Guard down. You can even afford to get hit by the 
    first one if you realize--a short quick punch that hits you is a body blow.
      However the best way to nail Pizza Pasta quickly is, once he punches 
    across, to see if his fist is too far right of his body. If it is, try for a 
    body blow. You probably won't succeed but he'll try again and this time it 
    should connect. Once your body blow connects keep alternating hands until it 
    doesn't. Pizza Pasta appears a bit vulnerable here and besides if you rely on 
    ducking and the mistake he loved to make in the first go round you'll 
    probably run out of time. Often he prefaces this cross-punch with two left 
    jabs leaving him totally open, but you do have to be able to judge when he 
    does a regular right cross you can take advantage of immediately(punch near 
    your head, left jab) and one that might take some time(punch right of his 
    head, use body blows.) The number of body blows you get is random but this is 
    an important maneuver as otherwise you and he can get stuck in this a bit.
      One of the big problems with Pizza Pasta is that he'll get down to next to 
    nothing and beat the stuffing out of you. You can't afford overconfidence or 
    allowing 'just one hit.' Because you only get four or so. Remember he gives 
    dual right jabs or none at all and then ducks.
      So hopefully it's arrividerci to Pizza Pasta(who I think looks like Paolo 
    di Canio, late of West Ham, and who had a knockdown of his own for Sheffield 
    Wednesday on a referee) and onto Mr. Sandman.
          4-7-5. MR. SANDMAN
      Mr. Sandman can still be taken down as he was the first time--if you're 
    lucky. If you're not he'll start throwing impossible punches to counter your 
    sallies. Here's how to take him out.
    --the big one is if he starts to dance around and throw jabs every now and 
    then. He'll just sit there and wait all day if you let him, so you need to 
    find a chink in his armor. You need to throw a right before he throws the 
    second of his punches. With your guard up, listen for the noise that says you 
    blocked the first punch. Wait a half-second and throw a right jab. Then 
    quickly throw two more. They can be hooks if you had the KO box to start, or 
    you can throw a hook on at the end if you went KO during this combination. It 
    may seem like it might take too much time, but a right-right-right-hook after 
    the second knockdown should do for him. You also have to be quick with the 
    punches, throwing the next before the previous connected, or you may not get 
    them all in. He's quick to block.
    --right body blow, right body blow, left uppercut. 3 left ducks, 3 punches as 
    above. If he nails you at first he may not go through with the big punch, 
    which is too bad.
    --left uppercut, right uppercut, or reverse. Even if the first one hits you 
    can duck the next and come back with 3 punches but 2 ducks/3 punches is 
    optimal. If you see it coming, which is rare, you can get 3 punches, duck the 
    second uppercut, and get 3 more punches in to get to KO status immediately. 
    Sometimes Mr. Sandman adds a big uppercut to this, and that actually is not 
    so bad. Because then you get another shot at him. If he seems to be winding 
    way up above the belt, be ready to duck.
      I've found that if I get knocked down Mr Sandman may throw another punch 
    right away when I get back up and there's no way to anticipate it. So I focus 
    on getting him on the first knockdown. I can usually win with a minute left 
    with correct play. I've used provocateur tactics before to get by him, and 
    while they can work with save states(eventually he'll randomly walk into 
    where you slug him L-R-R-R(blocked)-etc.) it's not a guaranteed way to win.
          4-8-1. PISTON HURRICANE
      Piston Hurricane's very tricky to avoid here when he does his big run up, 
    which you have to deflect for a realistic chance at winning. Again, watch the 
    shoes, but he may rock back and forth several times before moving in. If you 
    don't get the timing right it's not so bad because you don't have to KO him 
    right away, and in fact I've come to grief trying to. This bit seems to be 
    random the body blows because he moves so quickly, but with the right timing 
    you can still knock him down anyway. The trick is to go with left jabs 
    instead of a body blow--and a well timed jab can knock him down in one blow 
    too. Here you just have to delay fractionally between left jabs once you two 
    are clinched and you'll actually start hitting him with good effect. You can 
    even knock him down. It's easier than learning to duck and if you do get hit, 
    just wait and duck right after you are able to block a punch. Then whack him 
    with lefts until he gives up.
      At the start you can pause, two quick rights, and punch right to provoke a 
    wild uppercut where you can try left/right/right and of course duck when he 
    blocks. You may even be able to get a hook in if you're lucky. Then comes the 
      Sadly this is the only time you can get a lot of punches in a row in. The 
    rest of the time you will probably be concerned with trying to get him to put 
    his guard down. To do this I generally just throw a right and sometimes he'll 
    come with a straight-up uppercut. That allows a left/right and sometimes both 
    punches connect for me. Eventually there's enough power for a hook but you 
    can't really switch to body blows to catch him off guard unless he gets the 
    one punch to the right of his own face--and sometimes he mixes it up with a 
    straight up uppercut next anyway.
      Sometimes when he ducks and is about to throw a right body blow you can 
    duck and hit him with a left/right/right/right but you do have to spar a lot 
    with rights and this may give him a chance to nail you with something 
    unhittable. Whatever you do though don't dawdle. There is progress to be made 
    even if it is only a punch at a time and once you have the KO lit(and used) 
    you can afford to take risks, as taking a punch brings you back to where you 
    can throw another gratuitous uppercut. When jabbing don't throw another punch 
    after you got blocked--this game sems to look for perfection this round.
      My best time is 0:48 left. And I think I've won with a few seconds left 
    without knocking him out on the rush. So that is necessary. My timing for the 
    rush punches goes hold-and-up-and-PUNCH repeatedly and if I get out of time I 
    just duck and go back to the pugilism later. This is by far the toughest of 
    all the fights.
          4-8-2. BALD BULL
      Bald Bull is probably the second-easiest of the last lot, the easiest being 
    Glass Joe(of course.) He follows the same pattern he had before and as long 
    as you don't get too greedy you should be able to ring him up early. Again he 
    has a charge at 2:30 and again you need to wait and watch his shoes to see 
    when they go forward after the first jump instead of rocking back. It may 
    take a few times. When he bobs his fists, throw a right, wait a split second, 
    and throw another right. His next move should be a body blow and you will 
    want to evade that and then throw two more punches. Don't try another one 
    unless he looks stupefied. This pattern can continue although if he goes in 
    for jabs beware the huge right uppercut he may throw. Avoid that and whack 
    him twice. Use the hook after he misses with a body blow or uppercut if you 
    have KO ability. I can win with 1:30 or so left. It is not too hard to avoid 
    getting hit. Bald Bull's attacks are a bit slow but he doesn't go in for that 
    silly dancing around.
      Basically he may surprise you with a crouch/uppercut if you're lazy but 
    there shouldn't be any reason to deviate from waiting around and doing jab-
    pause-jab and ducking his body blow with two punches after. Repeat, etc., 
          4-8-3. GLASS JOE
      Again Glass Joe isn't too bad but he has a few more moves which may 
    surprise you a bit. You can wait for the old two left jabs and right body 
    blow and paste him just after you duck but before your feet are set--left, 
    rights. He always seems to start with that. But now you might only get five 
    punches in before he gets his guard up--no penalty for getting blocked 
    though. His new moves are:
    --crouch, right body blow. You can duck right and hit him with a left before 
    you're in position and two rights, whereupon he tries for an encore. You can 
    knock him out this way.
    --fists down, up, down, left body blow. Again you can duck right and paste 
    him a couple of times, but more than that can be trouble for you. He may 
    --one punch, right body blow. This is a bit tricky to judge and in general I 
    don't bother with it but I try to notice which way he leans after the first 
    punch. This is his last option, though.
    --also if he hits you with one 'straight' body blow after a crouch, another 
    one is coming. This is easy to duck and then you can paste him with a 
    left/rights. So if you want to win quickly you may want to try this sacrifice 
    as you get another KO punch on the table.
      I can get Glass Joe at 1:43 if luck is on my side. I'm not sure why he was 
    moved to the third fight in this circuit. He has few beguiling moves and a 
    terrible vulnerability to right jabs after he misses. And he STILL telegraphs 
    his moves!
          4-8-4. MR. SANDMAN
      While for other opponents it's risky to throw punches to provoke them, with 
    Mr. Sandman it's downright bad. He has some really heinous counters. But you 
    always have a way to counter his punches if you're careful and vigilant.
      I've found that Mr. Sandman likes to come out with a duck--right uppercut. 
    You can duck and hit him with a left and two rights. Then there are his other 
    moves. He seems to go in for grand combos here which works to your advantage 
    once you know them. Remember to tack on a KO punch at the end--the 4th if you 
    just went KO and the 3rd if you started that way. It actually isn't hard to 
    get to KO status here. You just need to avoid two flurries and respond in 
    kind. The main thing to overcome is impatience once you understand the move--
    and you need to note the timing on the jab sequence is different.
    --duck, right uppercut, either fast or slow. Left/two rights.
    --left body blow, left body blow, right uppercut with windup. Duck left 
    twice, then duck, then three punches.
    --two quick uppercuts and a long one. Duck twice quickly and then a third 
    time. Then three punches.
    --if Mr. Sandman comes at you by dancing around and throwing jabs, throw a 
    right right after his second left jab in a row. Throw three, in fact. He 
    won't stop them. If the KO is flashing after this you can throw a hook--
    whether it was before or not. You can also go right/hook/hook. I don't see a 
    way to get him after that, and this can really drain time--so you need to 
    make sure you get things right here. If you do it is an easy way to nail him 
    as he tends to get in the doldrums and not snap out of this nonsense. And if 
    you manage to get hit the game has a chance of going back to regular play.
      Incidentally with the above 'big' move Mr. Sandman will throw a jab at you 
    if you do manage to connect. His move is three jabs, which seems harmless, 
    but remember, you got in after the second. If you try for an uppercut while 
    he's paralyzed you may get shocked.
      I find I often win with Mr. Sandman going under one minute but actually 
    there's really very little danger here. The delays are pretty much set in 
    stone, and if you get off to a good start you should have no problem beating 
    him up enough.
        4-9. OR AT LEAST I HOPE SO
      Maybe there are differences in the fourth circuit but initial inspection 
    seems to indicate not. I am just too exhausted after save-stating to get past 
    Mr. Sandman # 3 to do any more, though.
    End of FAQ proper
      5. VERSIONS
    1.5.0: submitted to GameFAQs 8/22/2004. A taker is me! Second and third go 
    rounds have strategies that worked for me but I may be missing certain enemy 
    1.0.0: submitted to GameFAQs 8/4/2004. First go through complete. Any takers 
    on the second, which has been started?
      6. CREDITS
    The usual GameFAQs gang. They know who they are, and you should, too, because 
    they get some SERIOUS writing done. Good people too--bloomer, falsehead, 
    Masters, RetroFreak, Snow Dragon/Brui5ed Ego, ZoopSoul, and others I forgot.
    klov.com for having screenshots and basic tips which helped me work my way 
    War Doc for giving me something to make a futile attempt to catch up to--# of 
    arcade guides.
    Brian Sulpher and Guitarfreak86 on GameFAQs for showing how to do a REAL 
    Punch-Out!! FAQ. I only had six guys to beat, you know. They had many more.

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