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Reviewed: 07/01/05

Pac-Man, with Many Changes

Ms. Pac Man Review

Ms. Pac Man is the sister to the original arcade Pac Man. At first glance, it might look like it is just a Pac Man clone, but it’s different…in some ways. Oh yeah, there is NO story to this game. After all, this is just a 1982 puzzle game.

Graphics 8/10
They are about the same as Pac Man. The maze outlines are now a bright pink, and the ghosts are Blue, Pink, Red, and Orange, the oddball in the family. Ms. Pac Man has an eye, a bowtie, a mole, and lipstick. The dots are white. Just your same old, same old. The rest is just plain old black. It’s simple, but a lot of the graphics have gotten brighter.

Sound 8/10
Well, the start up sound is pretty cool and short. It sure is louder, and less weird than in Pac-Man. Also, the sound where you eat a Pac Dot sounds very weird, yet cool. It sounds like a mixed up version of you splashing water. It can get annoying after a while. That’s pretty much all the sound, except the ones on the cut scenes.

Game play 10/10
This is where the game truly shines. Inky, Pinky, Blinky, and, while Clyde is on vacation, Sue, try to stop Ms. Pac Man from eating the dots scattered throughout the maze. Whenever you eat all of the dots, you advance to the next maze.

When you eat 70 or 170 dots, a fruit appears. It’s a small bonus, and it’s worth a lot. Instead of just sitting there, the fruit actually bounces around the maze! You might even need to risk your life for just one!

I’ve noticed some people that try to memorize a routine for each level in Pac-Man. That’s all about to change. The ghosts are totally random this time! Pinky just goes wherever she wants, not just to the top of the screen. This greatly increases playtime.

Every two levels there is a cut scene. One is where Ms. Pac Man and Pac Man meet. These cut-scenes are better and far more interesting than Pac-Man. The best part is, the mazes always change every cut scene! Unlike Pac Man, that is.

Replay ability 10/10
There is always a high score to beat; you probably want to see every maze and cut scene as well; so start to rack up those points, and avoid those ghosts!

Final 10/10
Don’t pass up this game! This game is so simple, just pick up and play. If you liked Pac Man, you will absolutely love this game! It’s packed with so many levels and is very addictive. So go find a machine and plop a few quarters in it!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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