Review by Andrzej B

Reviewed: 07/22/04

Not Just a Classic eighties game. She's a classic 80's icon.

Some might try to pass this off as just another way for Midway to gather more cash over the Pac-Man Mania that was an absolute craze at the time, but to be fair Ms.Pac-Man is one of those sequels that is far greater then the original by improving on the original and even gaining more popularity and critical respect then previous. Ms.Pac-Man has this.

The graphics in Ms.Pac-Man aren't as detailed as some other shooters at the time, but with it's bright colored mazes and ghosts, flashing pellets and of course the fact it's easily noted to be the first game where your are a female rather then a male pilot in a ridiculous space suit. This game gets a nice charming thumbs up. Nothing brilliant, but it had it's unique glow at the time. Also, the little cartoons and intro are a blast to watch.

The Music basically the same as it was in the original Pac-Man, but that hardly brings down the game at all. You still get to hear the basic toons from the the introduction, to the "wakka wakka wakka" chomp that i assume all pac-people make when they eat. Now to mention the new thumps of the fruit in the area and the cries of the ghosts as they have become destroyable. Nothing new, but always charming!

The story of Ms.Pac-Man isn't obviously given to you, but it's tremendous fun to watch all the cartoons during the scene (none of which I'll spoil, but expect a cameo from Pac-Man). If the little toons in between weren't enough, the enjoyment factor will shoot through the roof, as this is where the game beats Pac-Man as there are now ghosts with smarter AI, so as many Pac-Man experts found in the earlier pac-man, the ghosts won't follow basic patterns so you'll have to find a way to get around it without cheating. Not to mention there are now 4 different mazes to go through, making this game better then the original in the fun factory. Excellent.

Challenge/Re-Play Value:
This game is also more challenging then the original Pac-Man, the ghosts have greater AI as i have mentioned, and also you'll find that you are moving faster then before. Also, unlike in Pac-Man, the fruit will now enter from the side and bounce around rather then always appearing in the middle, making it slightly trickier to catch for more points. Having four mazes is also a big plus. So along with the original Pac-Man fun, you'll have this. This game never gets old.
a big 10/10.

Ms.Pac-Man sold over 115,000 units in the US alone, and I am sure most people today would still prefer this game over the original Pac-Man. It's a solid game of Maze fun. One of the best sequels ever created.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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