Review by Master75

Reviewed: 07/02/04

This game never gets old.

Ms. Pac-Man is my favorite arcade game...actually, it's my favorite game out of any systems. This game could only be made by a genius, and was. It has the same fun as Pac-Man, but this time with different movies, more fun, more mazes, lip-stick, a bow, a freckle, an eye, and starring a female character. This game is the most fun you will have in an arcade.

Story : 9/10
The story is pretty good. I mean, what could be better than a pizza with a missing slice traveling around and eating dots and occasional ghosts and fruit?

Game play : 10/10
The fun never stops when you're playing Ms. Pac-Man! It is an excellent game that never gets old.

Music : 9/10
Like most pac-man games, this game still has the continuous droning sound, and every now and then the tune changes when you eat a power pellet. Various bleeps and bloops. The music that plays during the movies is sooo good though! (especially the first movie)

Graphics : 8/10
It's what you would expect from an arcade machine, Ms. Pac-Man goes around eating dots and dashes, it's not the greatest, but this part doesn't count so much.

Replay Value : 10/10
Like I said, this game never gets old. You could go on and on just playing hours on end glued to the screen. Just keep putting in quarters.

Pros and Cons

-Endless hours of fun.
-A pure classic in your hands.
-Everything else.

-You may spend a lot (too much) time playing it.
-All you do.
-Not enough mazes.
-Not enough fruits.

Buy or Rent
If you're looking to buy a whole arcade machine with Ms. Pac-Man on it, then I would definitely play it first else where. To "rent" this game, all you need is a quarter, and go to a mall, arcade, or pizza parlor and you can play. You may need more than one quarter though =).

Overall : 10/10
Excellent game. I love it, and most people do. Don't let it take over your life though!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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