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Reviewed: 07/19/03 | Updated: 02/02/04

Quite possibly the first example of game thats as good if not better than the original.

Ah yes Ms. Pac-Man the first & most known & praised sequel to the IMMORTAL classic that is Pac-Man. (And some know this & praise this more than the original.) And while the amount of arcades that its prodecessor is at nowadays are getting smaller but the amount of arcades that have this one are actually not that small. (Heck the one thats nearby me has TWO machines of this game there believe it or not.)

Unfortunately this & somewhat alongside Galaga are the only arcade games of its time that you can actually have a remotely decent chance in finding it in a Video Arcade nowadays. Granted its not hard to see why considering that its about 2 decades old but still it is unfortunate that it is like that. But it appears to going good in arcades nowadays (since both machines in my local arcade go well for one example). Granted Galaga has been going pretty good as well but the amount of times this game has been played is pretty darn alive & well. And its not hard to see why its a very good game of testing your reflexes & survival.

Does it look good? Yeah... But aside from the fact that our protaganist is a female this time around. Is there a considerable difference between this & its prodescessor? Yes, during the course of the game it gives you nice little cinematics such as ''The Chase'' and ''Junior'' which are nice, cute little things that have catchy tunes & a nice little bit of humor here. IT may not be much but it DEFINITELY adds a nice spice into things if I do say so myself.

This is overall one of the BETTER arcade games from the early 1980's and is quite possibly THE best one you can find today. So overall its a highly recommendable game anyways and one of the best games you can find in the arcade. So ifs at YOUR local arcade then this is quite possibly one of the best games to play with there.

+ Keeps the spirit of its prodecessor alive & quite well (especially since its in more arcades than the original nowadays)
+ Its ''cinematic'' scenes give it quite the extra bit of flavor
+ Gameplay is quite good and its certainly not devoid of Challenge.
+ Going pretty good in arcades nowadays
- Be careful on how challenging it can be at times.
- Unfortunately its one of the only early 80's arcade games that you have a remote chance in finding.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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