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Reviewed: 09/28/01 | Updated: 09/28/01

Best arcade game ever

Introduction: Ms. Pac-Man was created to appeal to female gamers multi-colored stages. I first came across Ms. Pac-Man when I was extremely young and my family had an Atari 2600, I think. I didn't think much of it at the time. Heck, I liked Asteroids more.

About ten years later, I went to the movies with my father and, as per usual, he got us there about 30 minutes too early. We went to the arcade and saw Ms. Pac-Man. He reveal to me that he was quite good at it in the past. Always up for a challenge and being a video game expert, we played a two-player game. If I remember correctly, he beat me about 42,000 to 38,000.

The last time we played against each other was about 6 months ago. If I remember correctly, he got about 62,000 points and I got about 135,000 points.

Today, I rarely play Ms. Pac-Man but that is only because I am too busy with the hassles of college and chasing tail. Anyway, despite how much I love Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and Time Crises 2, Ms. Pac-Man is still the leader of the pack (vrooooom).

Concept: Ms. Pac-Man is a game where you control said character through multiple screens, collecting 1 point pellets and avoiding ghosts. You can temporarily take the ghosts out of the game and gather points by devouring a power pellet (worth 50 points) and touching a glowing blue ghost. Bouncing fruit also comes into play, providing more points, especially the banana worth a whopping 5000 points. Clearing the stage of pellets moves you to the next level. After the first three stages, there are cut scenes which provide comic relief. The goal is to get the most points you can, and not ''finish'' the game.

Now for the technical stuff:

Challenge: 10/10 -- The thing you have to realize about these old school games is that the challenge is only as good as the person playing the game. So this game definitely deserves a perfect score since the only way to lose is through human error. Some newer games, such as Revolution X and this Spiderman game, have automatic hits or your characters health depletes as you play (respectively). These games are challenging you as much as your monetary affluency.

Fun Factor: 10/10 -- This one is a little harder to describe. The game is just plain fun. It has a simple formula and concept that work really well. I personally found it much, much more fun than regular Pac-Man. I'll never get sick of this game.

Replay Value: 10/10 -- It took me more than a year to get sick of TC2 and M vs. C 2, but I have never gotten tired of this game. Extremely addictive and catchy.

Graphics: 2/10 -- One of the reasons I love this game is that it proves that graphics really aren't that important as long as the gameplay and/or story are well done. The graphics are extremely simple: Ms. Pac-Man is Pac Man with a bow basically. The pellets are dots. The power pellets are bigger dots. The stage is interconnecting lines.

Control: 9/10 -- In general, Ms. Pac Man is easy to navigate. Especially since there aren't any complex operations; just move her around. Doesn't get a ten because sometimes the machines can have a damaged joystick which affects response time, etc. If the joystick is damaged and response time is affected, give it an 8. If not, give it a 10.

Sound: 7/10 -- Extremely simple, just blips and bloops. You have to admit though, anyone who has played it a few times can hum the song played during cut scenes.

Overall: 10/10 -- An eternal classic.

I want you to read the next line VERY CAREFULLY. I'm not one of these people who passes out perfect scores to every game he loves left and right. I rarely-about 0.1% of the time-give out tens. I'm a very strict judge. Some of my favorite games of all time don't get tens from me: Xenogears, FF6, TC2, etc. I really despise people who casually give out perfect scores (be more critical people!). Just because you like a game, it isn't ten worthy. If you review your 100 favorite games on this board, less than 10% should get perfect scores.

That's just my opinion. I'll leave scoring up to you.

-if your good, 1 quarter can buy you several minutes of play.

-graphics (boo-hoo)
-shows its age

Conclusion: If you have never played Ms. Pac Man, give it a try. Chances are you'll like it quite a bit. If you weren't born before the late eighties, maybe not.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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