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Reviewed: 06/21/01 | Updated: 06/21/01

One of the best Arcade games ever made.

Ms. Pac Man, as you all know is the supposed wife to Pac-Man (considering they had kids). Its all explained in this game in psuedo movie sequences. Which are pretty cool I must say. This arcade game is definanlty a classic.

What is it? In this game all you have to do is eat all of the dots that are in the screen, but avoiding the ghosts at the same time. This concept may seem very simplistic, but keep in mind its a sequal to a game that was released in the arcades in 1982. You get rid of the ghosts however, by eating the superdot which makes you really powerful for a short peroid of time. There are also fruits that wander around, and they give you points. Its good for the high score and getting a new life by getting a high enough score.

Graphics - 7
Certianly isnt the prettiest game ever made, but it gets the job done.

Sound - 5
Average. This will get annoying after a while, but atleast it wont make you want to turn down the volume (atleast not for a while).

Gameplay - 9
Very Good. The one player mode will probably get shallow after a while, but if you have a friend to play with this game will never get boring. The little cut scenes add a special touch to this game (you even get to see Pac Man and Ms. Pac Man's son!).

Controls - 6
My only gripe about this game. Since your using a joystick, some times you wont go where you want to. Like once I wanted to move down, so I pushed down on the joystick, but she just kept of going and ran into a ghost. It happens quite rarely though.

Replay Value - 10
You can play this game over and over and over and over and over again. Maybe this game could teach developers these days about replay value?

Overall - 9
Good but without its share of faults. But there arent that many. But nowadays you'll be better off with other games, like Namco Museum. Its for the GBA, it has 5 games in it Ms. Pac Man is one of them. So all in all, this game might not worth be the trouble to find it, but by all means you must check it out. Its one of the funnest games ever made.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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