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  1. Designed to patrol the galaxy in search of space pirates, the Galactic Orbital Robotic Force did its job well perhaps a little too well. After capturing all known criminals, the GORF artificial intelligence came to the conclusion that the best way to keep order in the cosmos is by ruling it with an iron fist. Now the Gorfian Empire and its droid army have come to Earth and you're the only one who can stop them.

    Drive back the front line of robot troops in Astro Battles! Destroy the empire's beam cannons in Laser Attack! Take on a swarm of kamikaze bugs in Galaxians! Enter hostile Gorfian territory with the Space Warp! Finally, put an end to the menace by piercing the glowing heart of the fearsome Flagship! Do you have what it takes to tear the universe from the grip of a machine gone mad?

    GORF Features the traditional arcade game, presented in a special handheld-friendly screen format. More importantly, the NEW Mission Matrix mode introduces twenty-four new challenges that unlock special features in the game such as a historical art gallery, sound tests and the amazing FRENZY Mode!

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