Review by HeLG3N 3X

Reviewed: 03/29/04

No Really, This Is THE BEST Arcade Beat 'Em Up!

Look, to start things off, a lot of people might say the best beat em up is River City Ransom. It's a very good, if not the best beat em up around, but it's not in the arcade, neither was it ever.
Now Vendetta is almost exactly like River City Ransom in terms of great fighting psychics and graphics.
Let's move on to the real reviewing now.

Story: 6/10
Damnit man, how many games have this same story?
Girl gets kidnapped, guys/friends find out, bust some heads till the end, get her back... I'm sorry, this is too played out, and I'm tired of it.
HOWEVER, the fact that it's two different gangs fighting each other, sort of brings out the feeling of the movie ''The Warriors'' out, which is an exellent gang oriented movie, if not the best. (I personally think it's the best gang movie ever!) Anyway, on to the...

Graphics: 8/10
Ok, so let's say we were in 1992 right, and this game ''Vendetta'' hit's the arcades, we would have been amazed at the animations in this game, I mean really!
The graphics are similar to those seen in Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles (Arcade), and Captain Commando, only a bit more colorful and less pixelated. However, I wish the characters were a bit more differently colored other than either a yellow, a green, a red, or a blue shirt. They are in a gang right? Then why do all of them have different colors?! Well anyway, now on to the...

Controls: 10/10
Ok, if you have already played this before, you are probably saying ''How can he give this game a 10/10 if it only has 2 buttons!?'' You know what, so what it only has two buttons! (Not including the special attack button, which is only Punch and Kick combined.) There's so many attacks you can do in this game with two buttons, and I will tell you everything you can do! You can: Straight Jab, Back Attack, Kick someone while they hold you, Hit enemies on the floor (A LOT!), If enemies hold you from the back, you can elbow them in the face, or kick them in their legs, and even more stuff than that, so much infact, that I can't even think of them right now! Now on to the...

Sound/Music: 8/10
Honestly, the music is so addictive for some reason, it's like 80's music, mixed with a bit of rock, and punk (And I don't solely love those genre's, but wouldn't mind listening to them either.) Very Catchy. The sound effects aren't anything mind blowing, but they aren't bad either. Basically everything has it's own sound effect though, so it's not too recycled. Now on to the...

Fun Factor: 20/10
Yup! A 20 Out of 10 (I know it don't make sense, but it's just so damn fun!) Well I'm going to honestly admit, I have the ROM of this game, it's not like the arcade would ever have this game anymore, and it was never released on any system, but if it were on any system though, I would buy the system, AND this game with it! There's so much mayhem going on in the game, especially with 4 players. There's just so much things happening. Your friend could smack the guy with a Nailbat into the wall, while you wait till he slides off the wall and kick/punch him on the floor, while your other 2 friends are double teaming some dudes. Then a guy can come with a molotov cocktail, burn all of you, and another guy can pound you with a chain, or a glass bottle, then some dudes come with a motorcycle.... Ok ok, I'm going overboard here, but I'm telling you, there is nothing as fun as this when it comes to arcade beat 'em ups!

Final Words
All I'm going to say is you MUST play this game if you love beat em ups, I don't want to have to tell you twice!
I don't condone downloading ROMs, but I seriously doubt it would be so harmful as to search for this game for download, since it was never released, and their might be no other way of playing it anymore. It's a true treasure, and even though I have beat it many times, I still come back for more! GET THIS GAME DAMNIT!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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