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Reviewed: 08/01/18

A Great Crime Fighting Game

Crime Fighters 2 is a great arcade gameplay that combines the simplicity of early-1990s beat 'em up games with the urban dystopian environments that made the Final Fight clones a visual pleasure to play. Players can punch, kick, throw and even use weapons in order to eradicate the bad guys. I like how the Japanese version is uncensored compared to the North American version because the gay guys in the downtown level can hump you to death if you can't fight back quickly enough. It's also found in the Asian version (which is used pretty much everywhere except Japan). The Konami sound is awesome and allows players to hear the full spectrum of video game music that was available in 1991.

Players have to rescue some cutie named Katie from an evil underground gang and players have to fight their way through a dystopian city just to save the day. After the players beat the final boss, they must do a boss rush in order to get out of the dystopian city alive with Katie in tow. I like how the bad guys have a distinct pattern and the graphics are realistic for a 16-bit arcade game.

The sound effects are on par with most of the fighting games during that time; just your generic kicking and punching noises. While I wouldn't recommend buying an entire soundtrack based on this game's music, I would listen to it on YouTube for a few minutes. The weapons have a really good effect on the enemy; effectively knocking them back a couple of steps and/or stunning them. Players can also pick up power-ups which will replenish their health. Players get to play the game an infinite amount of times until they run out of quarters; which was a thing of Konami video games back in the early-1990s.

My favorite boss is the two brothers that wore the tuxedos. One of the brothers is taller than the other brothers and they were called the Rude Brothers. It was hilarious fighting a regular-size enemy alongside his midget brother. Players can even use the weapons on the bosses; which allows them to deal extra damage to them while sacrificing on attack speed as a trade-off. The scoring system basically keeps track of your kills, and using a continue makes the number revert to zero, just like in the SNES video game Rival Turf. With practice, anybody can make the high score without having to use a continue.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Crime Fighters 2 (JP, 12/31/91)

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