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Reviewed: 06/07/01 | Updated: 06/07/01

Even harder and better then it's predecessor.

Irem's R-Type 2 the sequel to the original R-Type. The game is and was much rarer to find and play. However if you where one of the few that got to play this game; you where treated to very good game.

Graphics 10/10

Beautiful details in your ship and the enemy crafts. Incredible looking foregrounds and backgrounds. Very detailed bosses. Not to forget the special effects, like the water dropping off of robots. The best thing is the game throws all these things at you with no sign of flicker or slowdown.

Music 9/10

More of an upbeat type soundtrack. Some of the music is remade from the original R-Type. The first stage music is an example. The sound effects are cool too. You can hear the enemies fire their shots at you. Your ship's guns all make different sounds, as do the enemy crafts.

Control 8/10

Somewhat to slow of a moving ship when you start. After you collect a couple of speed ups, you end up crashing into things. Now in most shooters this would not be that bad. However in R-Type 2 it is very bad. You need precision controls here, as if you die you get sent to stage points. The good thing about the controls is this, you will be making most of the mistakes.

Challenge 10/10

You might want to get yourself whole mess of tokens before you play this one. Also medicine for stress and frustration would be good. The game starts out harder then the first one did. You find yourself being overwhelmed by enemies in just the second stage. At least in the game you only have to deal with six stages. However they are harder to clear than the 8 or even 16 of R-Type. Be prepared to see the continue and game over screens a lot. That is until you get good at the stages. In fact the difficulty is a lot like Gradius 3, as if you die at a high level it better to start over.

Replay Value 7/10

With the simple fact that it will take most people many tries to beat this game. You will be playing it over and over. However once you beat it you will be only playing it again to get a higher score.

Final Thoughts

They don't make shooters like this anymore, and it is a shame. Also a relief too, boy games like this are just to frustrating for most players.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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