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You're at the helm of the Eliminator, the most dangerous assault vehicle in any world, riding down a highway that transcends ordinary space and time. Armed to the teeth with a devastating arsenal of firepower, you're capable of destroying anything that gets in your way. And you'll need all that weaponry, too -- because this Highway is like nothing you've seen before! Aliens will bounce, hover and dart straight towards you, desperately firing off salvos of ammunition. You'll have to move quickly -- avoiding the impenetrable walls which appear without warning -- returning the alien fire with huge cannon blasts of your own!
ELIMINATOR -- from Hewson. British masters of the arcade game -- will challenge your joystick skills like no other game ever has. Requiring coordination and reflexes, plus a great deal of perseverance, ELIMINATOR is an arcade game for all time. Any time.
- Up to six different weapon options for your Eliminator!
- Detailed battle screen shows your ammo count, shield status, and remaining lives!
- Spectacular, 3-D graphics that move at top speed!
- Thrilling music and sound effects!
- A never-ending challenge for even the most accomplished arcade enthusiast!

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