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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 11/01/99

Is Q*Bert really a Snork?

From the arcade machine maker Gottlieb, whose other games are... uh, search me... comes: Q*Bert, the heartwarming tale of an orange blob who innocently loves to hop up and down a pyramid all day, until that mean Coily (and some unidentifiable colored blobs) chase him away. Then Q*Bert lets loose and curses like a sailor or a resident of South Park. You can't hear anything, but you know he's saying something profane, because they had to block it out of his word balloon. How disillusioning.

Yes, that's Q*Bert in a nutshell: You hop up and down a pyramid, of sorts, looking to change the tops of all the blocks to different colors. Meanwhile, the blobs and Coily are chasing you. You do have a little colorful platform (two of them, actually, at least at first) which you can use once to lure Coily to his doom. Meanwhile, you've probably already spent four or five dollars in quarters because you can't keep from jumping off the pyramid (which makes a funny splat noise, and, if you're lucky and playing one of the original kits, a hammer hits the cabinet to create a real thud).

Q*Bert is a strangely addictive game; you can spend an insane amount of time obsessively changing the blocks' colors and luring snakes to do all the falling you've recently done. There's just something so surreal and charming about this game, that it's hard not to like. Unless you get frustrated easily, then you probably quit within two minutes and have sworn to never again play this cool classic.

Neat trivia fact: The man primarily responsible for Q*Bert's programming (whose name is Warren Davis) now works at Disney Interactive. He did design a sequel to Q*Bert that was never produced (Faster, Harder, More Challenging Q*Bert); a ROM image of that game is currently floating around the 'Net.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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