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Guide and Walkthrough by supercaptor

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/04/2008

Willow: FAQ/Walkthrough by supercaptor
Version 1.0, Last Updated 2006-05-24 View/Download Original File
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Made by supercaptor. To contact me, email dascoolone@gmail.com


Version 1.0 - Made on 25/05/2006

Do not copy my work without permission. If you want to post this on your site,
email me first. My email is up the top.

To move: Use the joystick
To attack: Use the attack button
To jump: Use the jump button
To charge up for a stronger attack: Hold down attack button, and then release
at will
To power jump: Hold joystick up, then press jump button
Go down: Hold joystick down, then press jump button
Crouch: Press the down button

The Evil Queen Baumauda wishes to kill the holy baby Elora. Willow is trying to
save her and Madmartigan helps him.

The sorceror. He can use magic, and is the main character of this game. He is
trying to save Elora.
The sword-fighter. Is saved by Willow after Crossroads. Becomes the secondary
main character in the game and is also trying to help Willow save Elora.
The old witch who was turned into a rabbit by the wizard. She helps you and
tells you where to go.
She calls out to you and tells you to hurry and save Elora.
The swordfighter in her camp. Is the fourth level boss.
The skeleton fighter for Baumauda. Is the mini-boss for Level 6.
The evil queen. Is a powerful witch. Is the final boss.

You will find shops all over the game. It is either shown with a "SHOP" sign,
or you see an owl.

Moonlight Magic: 850G (Shoots a ray of moonlight)
Tornado Magic: 2000G (Shoots out a tornado)
Gold Magic: 4500G (Turns enemies to gold)
Time Magic: 8000G (Freezes all enemies)
Explosive Magic: 10000G (Giant explosions)
Crystal Magic: 15000G (Crystal circle, killing all inside)

Battle Sword: 2000G
Dragon Sword: 4000G
Battle Blade: 6000G
Ultimate Sword: 10000G

Holy Water: 400G (Heals one HP)
Holy Liquor: 800G (Heals two HP)
Charm Pendant: 500G, 1000G, 1500G, etc. (Absorbs one HP)
Charm Ring: 1000G, 2000G, 3000G, etc. (Absorbs two HP)
Charm Bracelet: 1500G, 3000G, 4500G (Absorbs three HP)
Magic Bracelet: 250G, 500G, 1000G, etc. (Absorbs one magic attack at your
character, can carry a maximum of three)
Life Pack: 2000G, 5000G, 10000G (Gives your one extra HP)
Free Man: 5000G, 25000G, 80000G (Gives you a free man)

Costs 50G
They give you bits of information throughout the game. Everytime you meet an
owl, you will get a piece of information relating to that level and area.

Stage 1, Owl 1: First, we must meet with the warrior.
Stage 1, Owl 2: The Quest Stone is a legendary rock.  The person that holds it
will be blessed with good luck.
Stage 2: This tavern is surrounded.  You should get on the wagon and run away.
Stage 3: Owl 1: The Sergeant of the Nockmaar troops will have unguarded
moments when attacking.
Stage 3: Owl 2: I have heard that a witch lives on Fin Raziel Island.  Do you
have the Magic Bracelet?
Stage 4: Owl 1: A dragon lives in the back of the cave.  Beware of his flames.
Stage 4: Owl 2: Use a sled to go down the mountain.  Avoid the boulder by
Stage 5: Owl 1: Look for the Brownie.  He should be a strong ally.
Stage 5: Owl 2: The two-headed dragon is a fearful creature.  Are you capable
of Explosive Magic?
Stage 6: Owl 1: The corridor is a maze.  Look for the true door.
Stage 6: Owl 2: Beware of Baumorda's magic.  With her magic, she can also blow
life into objects.


***Tip: I won't know how much gold you will have when you reach a shop, but
always buy magic first, and if you have money left over, buy a life pack.

Time: 3:00
Character: Willow

Go right. Collect as much money as you can. If you have enough credit, see if
you can raise up to 1000G. This is important for buying magic. When you have a
lot of Gold, head over to the cliff. Power jump to reach up the cliff and you
should reach. Be careful of the soldier who jumps down at you. Kill as many
enemies as you can, so you get the maximum gold. There is a treasure chest to
the left which hold 200G. Crouch and shoot it to open it. After killing every
single enemy, go to the owl's shop. If you can, buy Moonlight Magic. This will
help you greatly. Now go across the bridge. You will encounter a mini-boss.

Attacks: Fire, Lightning
Special Abilities: Hover
HP: ??

Charge up your magical power to unleash Moonlight Magic on him. You should take
him down pretty quickly. After defeating the sorceror, you get 200 Gold and the
bridge would collapse. Be quick because the the ground sinks. Get the Holy
Water from the chest. Kill all enemies, again, for the maximum gold. Go to the
Owl shop. If you have followed everything, you should be able to get Tornado
Magic for 2000G. This really helps you. Now move quickly to right because the
ground sinks again and barge your way to the right. Now you should be able to
meet with the Devil Dog. He is the boss for the first level.

Attacks: Fire Breath, Claw Attack
Special Abilities: None
HP: 4

This is just a giant version of the little Devil Dog. Feel free to jump around
and hit him with bolts, or execute Tornado/Moonlight Magic to take away more HP
in one turn. This boss is very easy.

Level one complete!!

Time: 3:30
Character: Madmartigan

This is a very hard level. Be patient and keep going. This level is a big money
earner, though.

Go right until you reach an opening. Jump up and go left. There is a treasure
chest all the way on the left. Now go back to the right to go to the next
opening and jump up. There are lots of enemies so react quickly. There is a
treasure chest on the left which contains 100G. Get it and go right until you
reach a ledge. Drop down but move to the left as much as possible. There is
another chest which contains 100G. Get that and move to the right. There is
another shop, and go in by pressing up on your joystick. Get the new sword
which would help you. Now head up and go left, then right. Watch out for the
falling lanterns. At the balcony at the end, jump off and you will be on a cart
with Willow. Defend the cart and yourself against numerous enemies. They
usually come from the left, so defend there mostly. For the eagles flying in
dropping poo, power jump and slash them once in the air. Defend yourself until
the cart stops, which is when the stage will end.

Time: 4:30
Character: Willow

At the start is pretty hard with all the bomb throwers. Just keep killing.

Head right and then you will find a cliff opening. Jump up and you will find
another shop. Buy GOLD MAGIC. This is serious a very good piece of magic. You
will not be able to turn the bomb throwers into gold, so time your magic to
execute either Tornado/Moonlight magic on them. Keep going right and there are
jumping cliffs. Eagles fly around here a lot, so use your gold magic because
this place is a major money earner. After you are happy with your gold, head
over the right. Be quick at the end because the land sinks again. Now jump onto
the island. Another mini-boss

HP: ??

He's pretty easy, really. Dodge his attacks and attack him when he opens up.

Now go to the end and you will meet another owl. Don't buy Time Magic just yet,
unless you are sure you can time yourself to use Gold Magic. Instead, I would
suggest getting a Life Pack to deal with the wizard. Jump on the boat when you
are finished. There will be a long battle of fish and soldiers. Turn them ALL
into gold. Haha, you are very rich now, aren't you?? At the end of the ride,
you will meet the angry wizard.

BOSS: Wizard
ATTACKS: Fire bolt, Flame Demons
HP: 10

He is finally a little bit of a challenge. Time yourself to attack him with
Tornado magic, because that is the one the would hit him the easiest. For the
flame dragons, the best way to get rid of them is to execute Gold Magic, making
them all disappear. Keep attacking him, and he will die. Fin Raziel comes to
talk to you. The stage finishes.

Time: 5:30
Character: Madmartigan

You start off walking up a hill. I hate this bit. You have dodge and kill at
the same time. You have avoid bomb throwers, soldiers and SNOWBALLS. The
easiest way to get past this bit is to slash at everything that moves. Even the
snowballs. After a long hike, you see a shop up the top (Hey that rhymes). Buy
the next upgrade for you sword (Dragon Sword). Open the chest to get 100G. Now
head down and kill all the bats that swarm on you. Now you will meet the

ATTACKS: Fire Breath
Special Abilities: Flight
HP: 12

A long fight. However, the dragon is generally pretty easily. Just charge up
your sword while you are moving and when the dragon comes down low enough,
execute. Repeat process and you should do fine. Now head right and find a
brownie. He attacks whenever you change direction. Now move up and you should
see another shop. You should have enough money to by the Battle Blade. Go up
and then jump the left to get all the treasure, then head right and up. Here is
somewhere filled with enemies. The brownie should help you out here, and you
can kill as many enemies as you can. Sorsha waits at the end.

BOSS: Sorsha
Special Abilities: Long jump
HP: 12

Trap her at a side and maliciously slash her until you make her lose lots of
HP. Now when she jumps, go behind her and slash her where she can't guard. You
should able to take her down easily.

Time: 5:30
Character: Willow or Madmartigan (Use Willow, using Madmartigan is suicide)

Head right until you can't go on any further. Go to the treasure chest, and
obtain the Holy Water. The monkeys are pretty tough, but just use regular
attacks to kill them. Get to the shop. Buy Time Magic if you haven't already,
and if you have, get Explosive Magic. Now move to the right and go into the
door. There are lots of spikes in this corridor. Move quickly to stop the
enemies pushing the spikes at you further. Watch out for the spikes falling
down, too. At the end of the corridor, you will see another shop. Get Explosive
Magic if you haven't already, or get Crystal Magic if you have enough money
(You can get it later if you want, no big hurry). Now go around the spiked
floors to find a 100G chest. Move to the right to meet the boss.

Attack: Fire Breath, Bite
Special Abilities: None
HP: 32

No joke, but this is one of the easiest bosses in the game. So easy, you just
need to use your regular attacks while jumping about. See why using Madmartigan
is suicide here?? Kill it, and the stage will end.

Time: 2:00 for Madmartigan, 2:00 for Willow
Character: Madmartigan for first half, then Willow for second half

Head right, there is a treasure chest containing 100G. Get that. Now keep going
right where you will reach a door. Go in and you should see another shop. Enter
and buy the Ultimate Sword for 10000G. Any money left over should be used to
buy a life pack. You will see wooden blocks that appear and disappear now.
Timing is crucial and these are the only things for you to get across on. Move
over to the right, and you will see two doors. This is the start of the maze.
Going through the wrong will revert you back to the start of that area. Go
through the door on the left. Now there are spiked things falling down. Timing
is again the key, cross over while killing all the enemies. Keep going to the
right and you will see three doors. Go through the door on the left. Don't go
through the other ones because you will waste time. The next area has two
levels. Pick the one you want to go on and keep going right. Continue to the
right and you shall see two Nockmaar Sergeants and four doors. They are now
extremely easy to kill with Madmartigan. Go through the upper right door. You
will now face Kael.

Attack: Sword
Special Abilities: Jump
HP: 16

Kael is annoying. He jumps really quickly. However, using the Ultimate Sword is
good here, and rapidly slash him to death. After you kill him, go through the

You are now controlling Willow. You should see another shop. BUY CRYSTAL MAGIC.
NOW. After you do, Climb the platforms while holding down your magic button.
Whenever you see enemies, activate!! How good is Crystal Magic?? Keep going up
by Power Jumping. There is a final shop. Get any protection item needed, and if
can get another life pack, do so!! After you are fully prepared, head into the
room to fight Baumauda.

Attack: Fire bolt, Electricity ball, Crystal shots
Special Abilities: Flight, Animation of objects
HP: 23

This is it. Baumauda. The final boss. She is very, very hard. She would usually
start off by using the crystal shots, where she rotates them in a circle and
throws them at you. Charge up Crystal Magic as soon as you get the oppotunity,
and when she uses the attack, dodge a few and get rid of them using Crystal
Magic. Don't use Explosive Magic unless she is on the ground. When she is in
the air, use Tornado Magic. However, it is most effective to use regular
attacks. Get her HP down to 3, and she will make a chair jump around and shoot
things at you and slowly dropping down to something of a tombstone. Kill her
before she reaches the tombstone, or Elora dies and it is Game Over. After you
kill her, enjoy the ending cinematics!!

Willow was a game based on a movie. The game is very nice and I would give it
around 8/10 even though it is retro. This game is a very challenging one. It is
very rare, unfortunately, to find a machine for this. The good thing is, you
can play this game on your own computer using the MAME emulator.

Me (Yes, I am brilliant)
Capcom (For making this game)
GameFAQS (For letting me host this FAQ)

If you are stuck with any of the guide, email me at the email up the top of the

My contributor recognision if you want to see it:

Thank you for reading.

Willow: FAQ/Walkthrough by supercaptor
Version 1.0, Last Updated 2006-05-24 View/Download Original File
Hosted by GameFAQs
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