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Guide and Walkthrough by Joon

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 12/09/2003

Captain Commando
FAQ/Walkthrough 1.01
Created by Joon

|                              I. Table of Contents                           |

I.   Table of Contents
II.  Introduction
III. Version History
IV.  Characters
  Mummy Commando
  Captain Commando
  Ninja Commando
  Baby Commando
V.   Walkthrough
  Stage 1 - City
  Stage 2 - Museum
  Stage 3 - Ninja House
  Stage 4 - Circus
  Stage 5 - Seaport
  Stage 6 - Aquarium
  Stage 7 - Underground Base
  Stage 8 - Enemy's Spaceship
  Stage 9 - Callisto
VI.  Legal Information

|                               II. Introduction                              |

Captain Commando is an action game made by Capcom for the Super Nintendo
Entertainment System. It's the typical beat-'em up, complete with a nonsense
plot and enemies with swapped palettes. Despite the minor drawbacks, Captain
Commando is, also in typical beat-'em up fashion, very fun. The level designs
are some of the most random I have ever seen. Just looking at the level names
gives on the idea that every locale is covered. The desultory arrangement
doesn't hamper the fun at all. In fact, it only serves to make the game a bit

|                              III. Version History                           |

The walkthrough and characters are all covered. Everything I wanted to cover is
here. If something occurs to me, I might add it in later. Spelling and grammar
errors might get corrected later as well.

Some spelling errors have been corrected.

|                                 IV. Characters                              |

All of the specials cost health to use. They can't be used if the character
would die from sacrificing health.

Mummy Commando

"Mack" as he prefers to be called, is a crime-fighting mummy. How it all
happened is a mystery. Despite a curious background, Mack is a welcome addition
to the team. He's fairly tall, wears a brown cap and pants, and wields two
knives. Mack will spin in a circle while holding out his knives during his
special. The attack doesn't last long, but he can move while he's spinning in
order to cause maximum damage.

Captain Commando

A blonde man wearing cybernetic armor and sunglasses. For his special, he puts
his fist to the ground and causes an electric current to flow directly in front
of and behind himself. 

Ninja Commando

Ginzu as he's known to his friends, is, fittingly, an out of place freak who
fits in perfectly with this team. He uses a short sword for most of his
attacks. Ginzu's special only hurts him if he makes contact with it. He jumps
into the air and creates a cloud of smoke.

Baby Commando

A genius toddler who built his own robotic suit, Baby is another freakish
addition to the team. I would find it difficult to punch a baby, but the
enemies in the game don't hesitate. Baby's special creates a small explosion
around himself.

|                               V. Walkthrough                                |

The bosses all have several bars of health. Instead of being depleted like the
normal yellow bar, the other colors are taken out in entire bars at a time. A
few hits will usually cause the bar to change to the "lower" color. The bars
will continue to change like this until the health drops down into yellow. A
bosses yellow health bar acts just like any other enemies. Here are the bar
colors in their descending order.

Dark Blue
Dark Green
Light Green

Stage 1 - City

Walk to the right and the weakest of weak, Wooky, will attack. A man in a green
suit with brown gloves, hood, and boots, Wooky is the loser enemy. Distraction
more than anything, Wookies throw the occasional punch but prefer dancing on
the side of the screen and dying.

A pace down the road is the second enemy, Skip. Apparently driven to crime by
his stupid name, Skip is very lanky and carries knives. His reach is short, but
he can throw the knives. Stay away from the area directly in front of Skip to
avoid being hit.

At the entrance to the bank, there are two barrels. Break the top one to get
some roast beef. The bottom contains a sledge hammer that can be used to bash
in the skull of the third enemy, Eddy. Eddy is just like Wooky except purple
and prone to kicks not punches.

Inside the bank, the boss, Dolg, has opened the safe. When the commando nears
him, Dolg will break the box in front of him and a small statue will pop out.
Pick up the statue for 5,000 points. Dolg will mostly walk around trying to
punch the commando. He also likes to jump around trying to knee the commando.
To avoid getting gang beaten, grab Dolg, give him a few punches, and then throw
him into anyone who is around. Dolg gives up 2,000 points when defeated.

Stage 2 - Museum
Two Skips greet you upon entering "The Dinosaurs" section of the museum. A
couple new enemies are after the Skips. Carol is a woman with light pink hair
and tight purple clothes. She moves fairly slowly, but her attacks will shock
the commandos. For the most part, she'll try to hit them directly with her
implements. Sometimes, she'll jam them into the ground and send a current
directly in front of herself. This current will shock friend and foe alike.
Joining Carol is Sonie. Sonie looks just like Skip except he has a red jacket
and a slightly better name and reach. Not to be outdone in the twin department,
Carol's twin Brenda will also appear. Brenda has the same hair style as her
sister, but Brenda is sporting a dark green body suit. Brenda attacks the same
way as Carol. Just past the skeletons, a hole will open in the floor for the
commando to enter.

At the bottom are the charming twins Organo and Samson. They're getting into
the mood of the caveman environment and have seemingly stopped shaving. They
attack with short-reach punches. Just after meeting the cave twins, the midget
with an attitude, Marbin, will attack. Marbin likes to rush at the commando and
give him a head butt. Marbin can also use the bottle he's carrying to breathe
fire. Stay away from Marbin's front to avoid getting burned. 

At the end of the path is the boss and a barrel. The barrel contains roast
beef, eat it now if you need the health. Otherwise save it for during the
fight. Shtrom Jr. jumps from the left to the right and vice versa. He'll walk
up and down firing tiny harpoons that are easy to avoid. Don't approach from
the front or Shtrom Jr. will jump into the air and kick the commando. Some
Marbins will join in the fight. Try to ignore them or kill them by throwing
Shtrom Jr. Stay on the right side of the room because a line of Marbins may
come in from the left and simultaneously breathe fire. With luck, Shtrom Jr.
might get burned instead of the commando. Killing Shtrom Jr. gives 3,000

Stage 3 - Ninja House

First up are a couple of Skips and the first Mardia. Mardia is a big woman in
ragged clothes with nappy hair. She can through small bombs from a distance,
but their blast range is very small.

Two more Mardias are next followed by one Skip, one Sonie, and one Marbin. As
they start to die, two Carols, another Mardia, another Sonie, and another
Marbin will show up.

As you walk in front of the building, you will be attacked by the first Kojiro.
Kojiro is a small ninja in red clothing. He is fairly quick and can leap great
distances. After Kojiro dies, Sasuke will take his place. Sasuke is a green
ninja who likes to use a sword. After Sasuke, Hanzo appears. Hanzo is a blue
ninja who prefers to throw shuriken. There are also two boxes on the right. The
bottom one is empty but the top one contains a bowl of bananas. After killing
the three ninjas, Musashi will appear. Musashi is a large, brown samurai. He
moves very slowly but is, of course, strong. Just avoid walking in front of him
and the Commando should be able to dispatch him easily. When Musashi dies,
Commando will enter the temple.

A mixture of Kojiro and Hanzo will come out of the wall panels. Sasuke will
come running in from the sides to help them. A bit farther along, there are two
boxes. The left box contains a shuriken and the right one contains a sandwich.
A group of five Musashi will surround the Commando and take him away as he
ventures further. He'll be taken to an arena,

In the arena, the boss Yamato will appear in a cloud of smoke. Yamato is very
large, has a lot of pink hair, and brandishes a halberd. If he starts flashing,
he will jump away and summon a ninja. Mostly, he just walks around swing his
halberd. Yamato's attacks don't do a lot of damage, but they will add up for
those who aren't careful. Defeating Yamato yields 4,000 points.

Stage 4 - Circus

There are two boxes on the path below the puppy. Don't wait to open them. There
is a single Wooky guarding the entrance to the big top and as soon as he is
dead, the commando will automatically enter. The top one contains a rocket
launcher and the bottom one contains a painting.

There are a couple more Wookies inside. After killing them, the commando will
jump down into the large hole behind them.

Now, the commando is inside the center ring. The audience is packed full of
Wookies who can't sit still. A ton of Wookies will attack. Luckily, it's only
Wookies that attack. After dealing with a horde of them, the commando enters
the room on the right.

The next room is a lab of some sort. The tubes can be smashed for a few points.
The boss, Monster, will break out of his tube as the commando approaches. Don't
pay any attention to the scientist in the background, kill Monster. The aptly
named Monster has three red eyes, light green skin, a blue bandana over his
"mouth", and some lovely blue jeans. He'll hop around the room causing small
shocks that stun the commando. Monster will slap the commando very quickly if
he approaches the front. Try to stand beside Monster and move to grab him.
Getting beside Monster can be tricky because of how much he jumps around. Every
time Monster is hurt, the scientist will turn red with anger and start yelling.
Give him something to be really mad about and put the freak six feet under.
5,000 points are earned for killing Monster.

Stage 5 - Seaport

The scientist will try to elude the commando by jetting away in a small boat.
Not to be outdone, the commando will hop on a pink board that looks to be
Barbie's surf board.

Various enemies will zip past on their own Barbie Boards as the commando
chases down the scientist. Simply move out of their way and let them pass
without conflict. A guitar, assault rifle, bowl of bananas, and a teddy bear
will also be floating on their own boards. What kind of sensitive sniper would
put all of these things on the water, I have no idea. Someone else thought it
necessary to put a series of billboards in the water. It's difficult but try
to jump over them. After a few sets of billboards, the commando will follow
the scientist into a tunnel.

There are thirty-nine seconds to stop Dr. T.W. Ignore the other enemies as much
as possible and focus on the doctor. He'll try to throw bombs at the commando,
but he's a poor shot. Each time the doctor is punched, his boat will hop
forward a little. If he gets knocked off of the screen, move back a little.
Without being able to see him, avoiding his bombs is much harder. Beating Dr.
T.W. in the time allotted should be very easy. A time bonus will be given for
beating the doctor with time remaining. 6,000 points are also awarded for 
beating him to a pulp.

Stage 6 - Aquarium

The first thing one notices upon entering this stage is that the architect must
have been inbred. Why three manholes would need to be built in the middle of
an aquarium's viewing tube is anyone's guess. In any event, a few Wookies have
taken to hiding in them. A Mardia and a few Carols will join the Wookies in
their attack. After defeating everyone, the commando will move into the shark's
head with the disturbing, moving eye.

In the corner of the room are some metal cases. Break them to pick up a pistol.
A couple of Wookies will attack as you come in the door. Bless their soon-to-
be-exploding hearts for trying.

A new enemy, Z, is a little further down the line. Stay off of Z's plane
because its arms can stretch very far to attack. A few more Zs and Wookies
will get in your way before the boss. Too bad the pistol does squat for damage.

Shtrom will come out of the racing out of the tube. He looks just like his son,
only red. A Marbin will come from behind as well. If the Marbin dies, he will
be replaced by a Z. Shtrom attacks just the same as Shtrom Jr. so he doesn't
prove much of a fight. After Shtrom dies, Drok will come out of the tube. Drok
also looks just like Shtrom Jr. and Shtrom. Not surprisingly, he also attacks
in the exact same way just a little faster. If the Z gets killed, a line of
Marbin will come in from the left and breathe fire. They'll quickly recede and
a single Marbin will join the fray. For defeating "The Shtrom", the commando
earns 7,000 points.

Stage 7 - Underground Base

That darn architect is at it again! This time, the floor has little arrows that
divide the path into lanes. Walk on the top, against the arrows to avoid
barrels that fall. This area is occupied with a healthy supply of Sasukes and
Kojiros. Wookies and Eddies will come out of tubes on the far right as the path
turns. As the path turns back to the right, a couple of Mardias will attack.
A few brawls later and the commando walks into some weird assembly line.

Barrels will fall here as well, but this time they'll cover the entire span of
the path. Jump over them to avoid getting hurt. Musashi will attack from the
right and Mardia from the left. Another line of barrels will fall just to the
right. Again, a Musashi and a Mardia will attack. After they die, Eddies and
Wookies will start coming from the right. After a small fight with them, move
onto the carpet. For some reason or other, a man with no shirt decided to have
his office built attached to the assembly line. His chair will lower him to
another room and his desk will conveniently explode. The explosion creates a
hole in the floor that lets the commando follow the shirtless man.

A long drop through a tube later and the commando is standing on a space
shuttle. The man will drop down and start attacking. With a name like Boots,
anyone can guess what he likes to do: kick people in the face. Boots is strong
and has great reach. Always stay off of his plane. Stay close in and he'll go
for head kicks. Stay far away and he'll jump kick across the entire room. He
moves quickly so keeping out of his line of attack is difficult. For defeating
"The Boots" 8,000 points are awarded.

Stage 8 - Enemy's Spaceship

Apparently the spaceship took off and the commando got in at some point. Try to
stay in the middle of the screen. Groups of Carols will come in and shock the
ground at various times. Wookies and carols attack so controlling the fight and
keeping in the center shouldn't be hard. Move to the right slowly so that the
shock lines can be avoided. Carols will keep attacking and the Wookies will be
replaced with Eddies. At the metal door, stay on the right side of the screen
because, obviously, no Carol shock lines will come from that direction. Carols,
Eddies, and Wookies will attack outside of the metal door. The door will open
after the fight and lead to an elevator.

A Marbin fire line will come in from the right and leave a few compatriots to
fight. Shortly, the elevator will stop and allow some Carols and Wookies to
boards. Stick to the left because a Carol shock line will come from the right.
A bit further to the right is the boss.

A fat man in a tight green suit will walk onto the screen, press a button on a
remote, and then split into two of the commandos. The Doppels are exactly like
their real counterparts except for their color. Luckily, they have little
health. The only real problem is getting double teamed. Specials work well here
because they will stop both enemies and, because of the limited health of the
Doppels, won't have to be used so much to kill the commando. 9,000 points are
received for defeating "The Doppel".

Stage 9 - Callisto

"Last Stage Start"--there's nothing sweeter than that. Apparently the commandos
can walk around on other planets without dying, good for them. Samsons and
Organos occupy this space junkyard with the occasional Skip for good measure.

Carols and Brendas guard the elevator. Kill them during your ride up to what
looks like a cocktail party... at the junkyard... in space. Wookies, Skips, and
Eddies are guarding the red carpet at this fabulous space party. Good old Dolg
will join in on the fun. He's the same as always but with more health. Take out
Dolg, a few Skips, and a few Eddies so the commando can enter the passage
behind the portrait.

Well, the secret passage behind the painting, at the cocktail party, at the
junkyard, in space leads to a control room. Apparently, the architect wasn't
satisfied with the weirdness of the control room so he added an organ in the
back, how nice. Walk to the right and you'll come across the last boss,
Scumocide. He's an enormous guy in a cheesy wrestling outfit who seems to wax
his entire body. Jerk that he is, he'll start by lighting the entire room on
fire. Hopefully, the commando is standing in one of the spots that doesn't get
toasted. Scumocide will float around the room punching downward. He can just
punch or use elemental attacks. Fireballs that will burn the commando can be
shot from Scumocide's fists. Blue fireballs can also be shot out of his hands;
they will freeze the commando. Occasionally, Scumocide may use the combustion
attack again. Try to approach him from the side, grab him, get in a few good
punches, and then throw his Herculean ass. For defeating "The Scumocide" 10,000
points are earned.

Congratulations! That's it, game over. Enjoy the ending in all of its glorious

|                            VI. Legal Information                            |

Copyright 2003 Joseph Colby

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
of copyright.

Captain Commando is copyright Capcom Co., Ltd. 1991, 1995
Capcom U.S.A., Inc. 1991, 1995
Licensed by Nintendo

Currently, GameFAQs.com is the only site authorized to host this FAQ.

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