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Guide and Walkthrough by Vatic

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 11/21/2001

Captain Commando - Coin Op

FAQ/Walkthrough v1.1
Written Tuesday, November 20, 2001
Last Updated Wednesday, November 21, 2001
By: Vatic (azurecow@altavista.com)

  First things first. Don't steal my work. I played this game at Den House, 
took notes, then typed it when I got home. I did all the work for this, so 
taking it and claiming you did it will earn you a special place in hell. THIS 
DOCUMENT IS COPYRIGHT 2001, by me, Louis Clark. You can use this file to help 
you with the game, and that is it. No posting it on your webpage (GameFAQs 
*ONLY*), printing it in a magazine (*a* copy for *personal* use is fine), or 
distributing it in any way. This means no uploading it to an FTP, putting it 
on a CD or a disk, or anything like that. You cannot make money off of my 
work at all. Now that we got that out of the way...

 1. - Introduction
 2. - Last Update
 3. - What/Who is Captain Commando?
 4. - Character List
 5. - Item List
 7. - Boss Strategy
 8. - Missing Information
 9. - Contact Me
10. - Credits

1. =Introduction=

  This is a FAQ/Walkthrough for the arcade version of Captain Commando. I 
found the game at an old Arcade/Repair shop called Den House. They set the 
machine to free play so I could get all the information I needed without 
wasting many quarters, and for that I thank them. I tried to make as much as 
a walkthrough as I could for a game of this type. I have listed the bosses, 
and their attacks, along with simple strategies that I used to defeat them. 
Well, lets get it over with.

2. =Last Update=

  Version 1.1 - Added some items that I missed before. 

  Version 1.0 - First Release.

3. =What/Who is Captain Commando?

  Most people probably know Captain Commando from his role in Marvel Vs 
Capcom, and its sequel. To be honest, it was the first place I saw him.  But 
here he is, in an arcade game with his sidekicks, who also appear in the MvC 
series. Although, in this game, they do more than jump in to help, then jump 
out never to be seen again.

  Some people think CAPtain COMmando was to be a mascot for Capcom. I don't 
know anything about this though, and if he was, his game kinda flopped which 
is probably why we didn't see much of him until MvC.

  In the game, Captain Commando and his friends travel across town, beating 
up countless enemies who are all dressed the same, and have the same name. 
You must stop the evil Scumocide, and his gang. Nothing here that hasn't been 
done before.

4. =Character List=

  Since I am an avid MvC player, I will be using the characters Japanese 
names, which is what they are called in MvC as well. I will put the (rather 
lame) American names off to the side so that people don't e-mail me asking 
why they have different people in their game than I have listed here. I have 
also included a description of each characters desperation move, or "Extra 
Joy" attack, as Capcom likes to call it. Please remember, desperation attacks 
will shorten your life bar. Hit attack and jump together to do this move.

  -Captain Commando-
     The leader of his group, CapCom is your standard character. Normal 
looking guy with normal looking attacks. His desperation attack looks like 
the Captain Corridor from MvC2, but with a few differences. Instead of a beam 
coming from the sky when he punches the ground, two beams travel along the 
ground, frying anyone around you.

  -Sho (Ginzu the Ninja)-
     Sho is a ninja, who, of course, attacks with a sword. Most enemies he 
kills fall to the ground, cut in half. A nice little touch if I do say so 
myself. Sho jumps up in the air for his desperation attack, and small 
explosions occur all around him.

  -Genity (Mack the Knife)-
     A Mummy type character armed with two knifes. Genity also kills his 
opponents in a different fashion. Rather than just fall over, all the flesh 
melts off of them, and only bones are left behind. His desperation allows him 
to spin around with his blades out. You can move him around for the second or 
two he is in this state. This probably the best of all the "extra joy" 

  -Hoover (Baby Head)-
     Here's something new. Hoover is a large robot character, piloted by a 
baby. Yes, a baby. Weird, but it works. He doesn't have any fancy way of 
killing people like Sho and Genity do, but the fact that he is a baby should 
make up for that. His robotic leg splits at the knee, and shoots like a chain 
gun for his desperation move. I know what you are thinking, and no, its not 
that good of a move. It acts just like Sho's attack, and doesn't shoot across 
the screen. 

5. =Item List=

  Along your way, you can find items in the standard places. Oil drums, 
crates, and on your enemies. Here is a list that I believe to be complete. 
(The Armor is not present in the Super Nintendo Version)

  Tendon      - Gives some life
  Lemon       - Gives a bit of life
  Meat        - Gives a lot of life
  Sax         - Point Bonus
  Teddy Bear  - Point Bonus
  Hammer      - Smash people with this
  Gun         - Shoots a single bullet
  Machine gun - Fires in burst mode
  Paralyzer   - Stuns enemies
  Laser       - Zaps enemies with a beam of light
  Missile     - Fires a small rocket
  Shuriken    - Allows you to throw ninja stars
  Armor       - A robot you can use to beat up bad guys
  Ice Armor   - A robot that can freeze enemies

6. =Boss Strategy=

  Being a Beat 'em Up side scroller, there isn't much of a walkthrough one 
could make for this game. Just walk along and punch, kick, or slash through 
the horde of enemies until you get to the boss. I will list each area's name, 
along with it's boss, and how to best defeat it.


  Boss: Dolg

  Dolg isn't too hard. He is a large guy with spikes all over his upper body. 
He likes to grab you and toss you around if you stand in his face, and will 
charge you from time to time. He will jump up and try to land on you with his 
knee every now and then, so watch for that. 

  He has a few men with him, who will come out with guns and missile 
launchers every now and then. They are easy to avoid though, so you shouldn't 
have trouble with Dolg. You can also knock him out of his dash attack if you 
dash at him as well and attack just before you hit him.


  Boss: Shtrom JR

  This guy can be a pain if you aren't careful. He's a weird monster with a 
harpoon gun, and he likes to use it. Most of the time he will just shoot it 
once, but every now and then he likes to run up an down and fire a huge 
volley of harpoons. That would be your cue to jump, and hit him before he has 
a chance to move. Also, watch out for the fat men who will come out and shoot 
fire at you every so often.

  Hit him when you see an opening, as he likes to stop and rest for a second 
after he fires his gun. He's no problem, so don't let his gun intimidate you.

-Ninja House-

  Boss: Yamato

  Yamato carries a huge pole-arm, not unlike Seung-Mina's from Soul Calibur. 
He knows how to use it well, too. Watch out for his jump attack, which will 
either land in front of you, or behind you. Either way, he will attack you as 
soon as he lands so you might want to move if he goes air born. Don't hang 
around after you knock him down either, as he will get right up and slash 
you, which does insane damage. Always come at this guy from the top or the 
bottom, never head on.

  A few Musashi are in the area with this guy, so don't let them surround you 
if you can help it. You won't need extra targets to worry about, so I would 
just worry about Yamato, and try to avoid the Musashi.

-Circus Camp-

  Boss: Monster

  Sideshow act gone wrong? It would seem so. Monster, as he is called, is a 
rather easy boss to defeat. He is harder to stand toe to toe with and attack 
than the other bosses, as he will just swat you away if you try to keep 
attacking him. He also likes to leap at you whenever the mood strikes him, so 
either try to hit him out of the air, or be gone when he lands.

  When he is about to die, he will call down a rain of barrels. Just jump 
over these and punish him for using such foolish tactics. Monster will fall 
in no time.

-Sea Port-

  Boss: Dr. T.W.

  This is the Doctor behind Monster, the last boss. You saw him escape before 
the fight with Monster. Now, you have taken after him on a surf board. 

  The Doctor is pathetically easy, as he just likes to try to avoid you and 
toss bombs into the air when he feels like it. Try to move, so they don't 
land near you. He doesn't have much life, so he shouldn't pose any threat at 
all. Just keep moving, and watch out for the random other enemies in the 


  Bosses: Shtrom & Druk

  Remember Shtrom Jr? This is his dad, and his friend Druk. They are the same 
as Shtrom Jr, so use the same strategy you used on him, and they should be no 
problem. Also, try to pick one of the two out, and kill him. When I killed 
Druk, they both died. They don't share a life bar, so stick to one of them 
all the time if you can. And don't let them get on both sides of you. That is 
never a good thing.

-Underground Base-

  Boss: Blood

  This guy has a tube running from his head for some reason or another. He is 
also really fast for a big guy. Just like Monster, combos won't really work 
well, as he likes to just beat you out of them.

  Now about that fast part.. Blood likes to get in a corner, or close to one, 
and then launch a series of flying kicks that go up and down and side to 
side, covering the screen. They are quick, so when you see him trying to get 
close to a corner, get into the opposite one. Move when you see him flying 
toward you. You can jump his kick, if you time it *perfect*.

  He also likes to use a lot of normal jump kicks, which are very easy to 
avoid. Just step back when he is in the air, and nail him when he lands.

-Enemy Spaceship-

  Boss: Dopple

  As his name implies, Dopple likes to turn into various members of your 
group. He seems to favor the character you are using, but about half way into 
the fight, he will split in two. Now you have two targets to worry about. One 
is the real him, and one is a lower version with a smaller life bar. 

  Dopple's attacks mirror whoever he is pretending to be at the moment. Watch 
out as he *loves* to use desperation attacks, which don't lower his life at 
all. He seems to enjoy using them while you are in the middle of a combo as 

  His movement is rather slow, so come at him from either the top or bottom. 
Hit him a few times, and retreat incase he does his desperation move. 

  If he is copying Genity, he is more deadly, as Genity's desperation attack 
has really good range due to the fact that you can move while doing it.


  Bosses: Dolg & Scumocide

  You will fight the same old Dolg before you enter Scumocide's chamber. He 
doesn't have any new attacks, so dispose of him in the same fashion as 
before. If you made it this far, you will have no problem at all with another 

  Scumocide, on the other hand, is by far the hardest thing you have seen so 
far. He has many different attacks, which are very fast, and very annoying. 
He also gets in the habit of flying off screen so you can't hit him. Not much 
you can do about that, sadly.

  If Scumocide flashes blue or red, he is about to attack with either ice or 
fire. This could be a single attack, or a large number of them. The ice 
attack freezes you in place, and the fire attack lights you up. If you hang 
around in his face for too long, he will grab you by your head, and smash you 
into the ground a few times.

  When Scumocide retreats to the middle of the area, follow him. He is about 
to cause the room to explode, and the middle is a pretty safe place to be. 
You won't be hit by any of the blasts if you are there.

  His attacks are so quick, you are bound to use a few quarters here. Just 
try to avoid him when he flashes, and never stand in front of him. Sooner or 
later he is bound to die, seeing as he doesn't get the option to continue.

  Enjoy the ending.

7. =Missing Information=

  In the event I am missing some information, please feel free to contact me 
(see below) and I will add it right away. I will, of course, give credit to 
you for any information you do submit. I think this FAQ covers everything, 
but if you notice anything missing, I would be happy to know.

8. =Contact Me=

  To contact me for any reason, feel free to email me at 
azurecow@altavista.com and I will reply as soon as I can. If it is regarding 
this FAQ, please put something like "Captain Commando FAQ" in the subject 
line of the email. Please, keep the flaming to a minimum.

9. =Credits=

  Sarah, for many reasons, including just plain being the best thing to 
happen to me.

  Den House, for allowing me to set the machine to free play to finish this 
FAQ, and for granting me permission to use any of their machines to write 

  GameFAQs, for hosting my work, and for being the number one place to come 
for help.

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