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FAQ by ASchultz

Version: 1.0.0 | Updated: 07/23/03

Super Pac-Man(arcade) FAQ
version 1.0.0 by Andrew Schultz schultza@earthlink.net

Please do not reproduce this FAQ for profit without my permission. It 
required a good deal of effort, and I do not look to profit off my work. 
However, if you ask me nicely, mentioning my name and this specific 
game, I will hopefully be un-lazy enough to reply to you.

** AD SPACE **

My home page: http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Exhibit/2762 








    4-2. MAPS

    4-3. SKITS AFTER







  Super Pac-Man is a tough sequel to Pac-Man, on the strength of Ms. 
Pac-Man and general Pac-Mania. Sadly it's a bit annoying to play, but it 
allows you to do cool stuff: make a bigger Pac-Man, enter the ghost pen, 
and enjoy bonus levels. There are even new skits. The addition of keys 
and gates makes this game feel like a bit of a maze but with the ghosts 
often faster than you during critical points the game is not for the 
faint of heart or light of pocket.


  "Oh! That's easy! Just a joystick."

  Not so fast. It's a bit tougher than that. Pac-Man is a bit unwieldy 
here and although you still have just a joystick, note that there are 
fewer bumpers and more walls in Super Pac-Man. That means you have to be 
more exact with your turn-offs. You can pre-empt them, but you have to 
be careful. I.e. if you're running up and want to turn right, you can 
tap that way before.

  You can also wiggle Pac-Man back and forth, and he stops if he runs 
into a wall. You cannot turn into a wall and stop--the game assumes you 
are pre-empting.

  The nastiest thing to control is when you get the Super Pac-Man power-
up. This makes you very big and in fact obscures the passages. It's best 
to stick to bumpers(i.e. areas without a lot of crossroads) when you 
flash white, unless you really need to get somewhere, as turning down 
the wrong passage can be tough luck for you. Especially since you go 
faster. So when you eat a green pill, be sure to have a short path 
mapped out and be sure to make your turns quick. You'll need to develop 
intuition since you're going to turn down the very corridors you're 

  One cool thing you can do is to enter the ghost pen. It's pretty risky 
but it's the sort of thing you have to try once. Control is slipshod and 
if anyone's in there you're in trouble, even if you just ate a power 


  The ghosts pretty much know where you are. They'll try to run straight 
for you after executing an initial pattern, which they restart if you 
eat them. If you die on a level they don't give you a break on the 
restart, though.

  The ghosts' algorithm isn't too bad. If you're in the direction 
they're goingi.e. they're getting closer to you,) they continue that 
way. If there's a wall blocking them, they determine which way would be 
closer and continue. The nice part about this is that if you're running 
at each other in adjacent lanes, you'll often run past each other, and 
this will be a great fake-out.

  Surprisingly this algorithm breaks down in close range and often just 
when it looks like things are hopeless you'll escape. Sadly the first 
few times you'll be so shocked you'll blunder again, but get used to 
having this last gasp chance.

  Ghosts slow down when going through 1) the side warp tunnels and 2) 
the row where you start out, beneath the pen.



10-160 points for each 'food'
The foods are listed below:

apple      10
banana     20
doughnut   30
hamburger  40
egg        50
corn       60
shoe       70
cake       80
peach      90(looks like cotton candy)
lime?     100(green fruit)
coffee    110
mushroom  120
bell      130
shamrock  140
galaxian  150
gift box  160

  After level 16 everything above is worth 160 points.

  You get 100 points for a green pill(makes you grow big and move 
faster) or a yellow pill(makes monsters blink.) Both last less as you 
gain levels.

  If you eat a green pill and then a yellow, the yellow will keep you 
huge until it runs out. The ghosts will return to normal at the same 
time, too, so watch it!

  You get 50 points for every key you eat. You don't need to eat all 
keys to get through a board, but each key opens at least one gate.

  You get 200 for breaking down a gate that you didn't open with a key 
yet. The 'debris' will be left behind until you get the corresponding 
key for that gate. Two gates--below the top yellow power pills--don't 
have keys in any level. All the rest do.

200/400/800/1600/2000/5000 points for getting the star. 2000/5000 if the 
goodies on each side of the star match, and you tend to get 5000 if you 
get there earlier. I'm not clear on the logic of point scoring 
otherwise, but it seems that the higher your level, the more likely you 
are to get close to 1600.

  I find I get an average of 5-6K total on the non-bonus levels, 8-9K 
overall, and 17K on the bonus levels.

    4-2. MAPS

  The layout is always the same, as follows below, but different keys 
open up different doors, and of course you have different foods each 

L1-2, 15-16 blue
L3-6        pink
L7-10       purple
L11-14      green

0-f = keys
x   = gate
z   = gate you can't open with a key
#   = super sizer
*   = power pellet
~   = gate to ghosts' home(you can go in there if you want)
.   = dot


|1                   2|
| +x+ +----x----+ +x+ |
| |*| x. . . . .x |*| |
| +x+ +---------+ +x+ |
|    3           4    |
| +z--+ +--~--+ +--z+ |
| |. .| |     | |. .| |
| +x+ | |     | | +x+ |
|5  |.| |     | |.|  6|
+-+ | | +-----+ | | +-+
x.x x.x         x.x x.x
+-+ +-+ +-+ +-+ +-+ +-+
|7     8| |!| |9     a|
| +x+ +x+-+ +-+x+ +x+ |
| |.| |# .x x. #| |.| |
| | | | +-+ +-+ | | | |
| |.| |.|  b  |.| |.| |
| +x+ | | +-+ | | +x+ |
|     |.| |.| |.|     |
| +x+ +x+ +x+ +x+ +x+ |
| |*|c           d|*| |
| +x+ +----x----+ +x+ |
|e    x. . . . .x    f|

  Note that no two keys open up the same door and that the doors on the 
edges are counted as one.

  Also below the keys are a-o and the doors they open are A-O.

Levels 1-3, 16

|a                   b|
| +A+ +----C----+ +B+ |
| |*| C. . . . .D |*| |
| +A+ +---------+ +B+ |
|    c           d    |
| +z--+ +--~--+ +--z+ |
| |. .| |     | |. .| |
| +E+ | |     | | +F+ |
|e  |.| |     | |.|  f|
+-+ | | +-----+ | | +-+
K.E E.H         I.F F.K
+-+ +-+ +-+ +-+ +-+ +-+
|g     h| |!| |i     j|
| +G+ +H+-+ +-+I+ +J+ |
| |.| |# .H I. #| |.| |
| | | | +-+ +-+ | | | |
| |.| |.|  k  |.| |.| |
| +G+ | | +-+ | | +J+ |
|     |.| |.| |.|     |
| +N+ +L+ +K+ +M+ +O+ |
| |*|l           m|*| |
| +N+ +----L----+ +O+ |
|n    L. . . . .M    o|

Here, the keys are very close to the gates they open, so you won't have 
to run around too much to open things up. The only potentially 
asymmetric part is that the keys on the left open up some gates in the 
center. The pattern for later levels doesn't work here and in fact you 
may need to be careful coming up the side--for levels 1-2 you can get 
keys h, g, n, l, k, m, o and now you may have to fake out the red 
monster to get to the upper right(go left instead of up at the next 
branch--then double back,) after which the upper left should fall--
eating a power pill should really disorient the monsters.

You can also try for the full 3000 points for eating monsters here. Near 
the end you can eat a green pill then loop around for a regular power 
pill. Then you can chase the bad guys down and frequently run past them 
and cut them off.

For level 16 and up you'll need to be a bit more careful as the yellow 
ghost may make a beeline for you. In fact you may want to get h-g-e and 
pull back for k(wait to get the ghosts stuck) in order to make the 
tunnels marginally operable.

Levels 4-7

|a                   b|
| +A+ +----A----+ +B+ |
| |*| C. . . . .D |*| |
| +A+ +---------+ +B+ |
|    c           d    |
| +z--+ +--~--+ +--z+ |
| |. .| |     | |. .| |
| +E+ | |     | | +F+ |
|e  |.| |     | |.|  f|
+-+ | | +-----+ | | +-+
K.G G.E         F.H H.K
+-+ +-+ +-+ +-+ +-+ +-+
|g     h| |!| |i     j|
| +L+ +D+-+ +-+C+ +M+ |
| |.| |# .H I. #| |.| |
| | | | +-+ +-+ | | | |
| |.| |.|  k  |.| |.| |
| +L+ | | +-+ | | +M+ |
|     |.| |.| |.|     |
| +N+ +H+ +L+ +I+ +O+ |
| |*|l           m|*| |
| +N+ +----K----+ +O+ |
|n    N. . . . .O    o|

The keys are still pretty close to the gates they open, but the only 
exception is how you can't just walk right onto the green power pills. 
That's probably a good thing, though, as you'll want to be a bit 
conservative right now.

h, g, n, l, m, o, j, i is a great start here. You may have to nip back 
quickly to avoid the pink ghost, but once you do you should be able to 
get f and d. Now if there are a lot of ghosts, switch to the other side 
and try to use the tunnels to slow the ghosts down, but otherwise you 
can get the UR power pill and then double back, right and up to get a 
ghost and another key. The disorganization should let you clear out the 
upper left. This pattern works for all the levels.

Levels 8-11

|a                   b|
| +C+ +----E----+ +B+ |
| |*| F. . . . .F |*| |
| +C+ +---------+ +B+ |
|    c           d    |
| +z--+ +--~--+ +--z+ |
| |. .| |     | |. .| |
| +A+ | |     | | +B+ |
|e  |.| |     | |.|  f|
+-+ | | +-----+ | | +-+
K.N A.A         B.B O.K
+-+ +-+ +-+ +-+ +-+ +-+
|g     h| |!| |i     j|
| +N+ +L+-+ +-+M+ +O+ |
| |.| |# .L M. #| |.| |
| | | | +-+ +-+ | | | |
| |.| |.|  k  |.| |.| |
| +N+ | | +-+ | | +O+ |
|     |.| |.| |.|     |
| +H+ +G+ +G+ +J+ +I+ |
| |*|l           m|*| |
| +H+ +----I----+ +I+ |
|n    G. . . . .O    o|

The gates and keys are even more jumbled up now, but fortunately the 
basic formula remains the same. For a general look(level 16+,) H opens 
one power pill, then N and O open the gates and you can probably get k 
running between them.

Fortunately the same pattern works here as for 4-7 except the monsters 
are a bit faster at the end. The gates aren't really a factor here if 
you just make sure to get the corner keys and the one below where you 
start. Then you can warp between the left and right. You also can feel 
free to use a pill to clear out the upper left quadrant or the 
bottom/top rows of five, which become more critical as monsters go even 
faster with food reduced. You'll want to be as close as possible to the 
exits after each raid for food.

Levels 12-15

|a                   b|
| +O+ +----L----+ +N+ |
| |*| M. . . . .L |*| |
| +L+ +---------+ +M+ |
|    c           d    |
| +z--+ +--~--+ +--z+ |
| |. .| |     | |. .| |
| +J+ | |     | | +G+ |
|e  |.| |     | |.|  f|
+-+ | | +-----+ | | +-+
E.J J.I         H.G G.F
+-+ +-+ +-+ +-+ +-+ +-+
|g     h| |!| |i     j|
| +D+ +B+-+ +-+A+ +C+ |
| |.| |# .B A. #| |.| |
| | | | +-+ +-+ | | | |
| |.| |.|  k  |.| |.| |
| +D+ | | +-+ | | +C+ |
|     |.| |.| |.|     |
| +E+ +C+ +I+ +D+ +F+ |
| |*|l           m|*| |
| +B+ +----H----+ +A+ |
|n    O. . . . .N    o|

This is a very nightmarish level set, and the monsters seem to act a bit 
randomly. My advice is to get h, l, n and g. The yellow monster will run 
by you, and you can probably sneak in for E. Note that you'll need four 
keys to operate the tunnels, which should be a high priority--waste a 
power pellet if necessary to get all you need, and note that e-f-g-j are 
near the tunnels themselves but it will be tough to flip from one side 
to the other. You'll also find a lot of power pellets where you must run 
to get them and turn around at the gate. By now power pellets will be 
most useful as a way to deflect oncoming ghosts or disorganize them 
generally. You'll only want to pick up one area/block of food each time 
you fake the monsters out through the tunnels or center and come back 
around, and it's critical to use a power pill to get the five on 
top/bottom. Don't worry about extra points here--it's enough to get 
through the level. Also don't worry too much about getting all the keys. 
You'll also note that the green pills can't break down too many gates--
they can't even get to the inoperable ones. Open the tunnels early, use 
the middle extensively, use extreme guerilla tactics, and don't chase a 
monster unless you're running right at it after you eat the power pill.

    4-3. SKITS AFTER

Skit 1 is after scene 2.
R/P/B/Y chase Pac-Man to right. They freeze, and Pac-Man comes back, 
super-sized, flying above them to the left.

Skit 2 is after scene 6.
Big red monster chases Pac-Man to the left side. Pac-Man comes back 
bigger and chases the ghost that's now turned blue.

Skit 3 is after scene 11.
PR chase Pac-Man from left, BY from right. Pac-Man vanishes going right 
when he gets to the center. Then Y looks up, gets scared and turns blue. 
The others turn blue as they are crushed by a Pac-circle.

Skit 4 is after scene 15.
8x4 sheet of ghosts chases after big Pac-Man. Then off screen an 8x4 
armada of small pac-man returns chasing after 4 ghosts.

Things cycle after level 16.


|1 XXX           XXX 2|
| +X+X+----x----+X+X+ |
| +X+ +---------+ +X+ |
|  X 3           4 X  |
| +X--+ +--~--+ +--X+ |
| |XXX| |     | |XXX| |
| +x+X| |     | |X+x+ |
|5  |X| |     | |X|  6|
+-+ |X| +-----+ |X| +-+
+-+X+-+ +-+X+-+ +-+X+-+
|7 X   8| |X| |9   X a|
| +X+ +x+-+X+-+x+ +X+ |
| |X| |XXXXXxXXX| |X| |
| |X| |X+-+ +-+X| |X| |
| |X| |X|  b  |X| |X| |
| +X+ |X| +-+ |X| +X+ |
|  X  |X| |3| |X|  X  |
| +X+ +X+ +3+ +X+ +X+ |
| |X|c XXXXXXXXX d|X| |
| +X+ +----x----+ +X+ |

  My strategy for the bonus levels is to go left then down before the 
tunnel to get the first power pellet. Right and up at the power pellet. 
Right through the tunnel and up when I can get the next dot. Left, up 
and to the top edge. Right, down, right to clear out the top compartment 
and up, right, down to clear out the final pellet. Turn left to get 
another and then down. Left and then down to get the star and from here 
you can go left to get super sized. Down, right, up for the dead-end 
food, down, right, up and left, and you've cleared the bonus level. Best 
I can do is 6900 remaining and with all the gates I burst through as 
Super Pac-Man I seem to get quite a nice score in all this even if I 
don't steer perfectly. However I find if I preempt the controls I do OK.

  The diagram has your path in X and the 1/2/3 indicate where you need 
brief overlaps(turn down to start.) It is in fact best for your points 
if you don't bust side doors or try to pick up any keys. You'll nail 
enough doors on the way.

27 doors(200) + 6 pills(100) + 31 food + star(200+) + bonus(~6600) =
 (rough total) 12800 + (from 930 to 4960) + extra


  The best direct early strategy is to get all the keys when the ghosts 
are disorganized. As you get later this will not work and frequently 
you'll want to juggle back and forth by a slow area(i.e. the tunnel or 
center) or even run up against a wall below/above a pellet. It's 
possible to push towards the power pill and away and wait. You'll also 
want to open the keys to the tunnels, as it's very possible you'll get 
stuck in there.

  As for specific monster evasion strategies you may note that if you 
don't plan to get some treasures, it may be best to leave a one-way door 
for a bit. Also you can specify a treasure to leave for last and not 
worry about a one-way door onto it.

  Obviously running into a dead end yourself is not cool.

  When monsters appear to be converging on you, try to see if one goes 
past an intersection. The yellow one especially tends to avoid you.

  To sucker more monsters into the tunnel, waver by it and wait for them 
to come in. Then quickly make your move.

  There aren't many bunkers where you can fake monsters out, but if 
there's a long wall between the two of you, you may want to try the 


--- ---

  If (u) you want to avoid the monster(m) then go the way you don't 
intend and then double back. It'll 'follow' you and lose serious time.

  On harder levels you must CONSTANTLY look for the warp tunnels at the 
side if you don't have a power pill. Even the yellow guy(speed is red > 
pink > blue > yellow) can catch up to you if he stays on track. You'll 
want to bag at least two monsters and make sure the others are confused.

  Follow monsters but also keep an eye on if they pause and shake--this 
is usually a blessing(you can run past them) if not for long(they get 
faster. It seems to be a function of time) and note that they will turn 
off if they sense they are going at a right angle to you.

  Bad guys will generally keep going the direction they were in if 
there's no reason to do otherwise. They don't make 180's although they 
can be goaded back into the pen. So if you are below and to the right of 
a bad guy, and he is headed right, he'll keep going right even if you're 
more below than right.

  If you position yourself above a top power pill, monsters may circle 
around below until you make your move, and you may not want to until 
they are near heading back up towards you(on the right--they seem to go 
clockwise) or moving left(on the left.)

End of FAQ proper



1.0.0 submitted to GameFAQs 7/23/2003 functionally complete with all 
maps covered


--mame.net for allowing me to cheat(freeze enemies, learn strategies)
--Thanks to bloomer, daremo, falsehead, RetroFreak, Snow Dragon, etc. 
and others I like to talk to on AIM and also to ZoopSoul whose joint FAQ 
I delayed a bit to put this one out :P--although it inspired me in other 

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