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"Welcome ladies and gentlemen. It's a great day for baseball!" And you'll hear that very statement along with dozens of others from the actual, digitized voice of Jack Buck, one of the most famous baseball announcers in history. Jack Buck's play-by-play is just one of the many great features that makes Relief Pitcher one of the most realistic baseball games ever produced for the Super NES.

Take the long walk in from the bullpen and toe the rubber in a tense, game-saving situation as the stopper, or take it right from the national anthem as the starter. And don't let the game title fool you - Relief Pitcher won't take the bat out of your hands! You'll be taking your cuts in the batter's box too, as well as fielding, throwing, and running bases.

Fastballs, curveballs, knuckleballs, changeups and more. Power swings, suicide squeezes, steals and double steals, sacrifices - even the infield fly rule. Relief Pitcher has it all!

- Fireman or starter - the choice is yours
- Finally! Straightforward controls take the confusion out of fielding
- Four realistic Big League parks
- Digitized voice of Jack Buck handles play-by-play
- Season or single game modes
- 1- ir 2-player action
- All-time arcade favorite

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