Review by Master75

Reviewed: 07/21/04

A Classic Racing Game.

Pole Position was a very fun arcade machine to run to in the game center. It was popular enough for it to be re-announced on future systems. This classic racing game had the bare basics, a car, a go button, a race track, and steering. Namco also added on another feature: gear changing. By pressing a simple button, it would allow your car to go 100 km/h more than before. There would be certain obstacles, like other cars, puddles, and advertising signs. Hit any of these (except for the puddles) and your car would blow up, and be reseted. When your car would be reseted, you would want to go back into first gear (there were only two gears). The top speed for the first gear would be around 80 km/h.
Overall, Namco produced another fun game, worthy of being in the arcade.

Story : 7/10
There isn't a real story to start off this game, a computer voice comes on and says "Prepare to qualify". This indicates that a story isn't really needed, it's pretty straight forward.

Game play : 9/10
Yes, this game had (and has) very good game play. It's always fun to play a nice game of Pole Position in the arcade.

Sound : 7/10
Pole Position has beginning music, blow up sounds, and normal car sounds when you are driving (such as the engine). You wouldn't really expect any better sound quality for an early arcade game.

Graphics : 7/10
These are normal 8-bit graphics that's only to be expected by an early arcade game.

Control : 6/10
The controls of this game can be rather confusing at times. Whenever you take a turn, you only need to tap the direction you need to go in (as opposed to holding the joystick in that direction until the curve is done). Otherwise, it's simple controls: right, left, go, gear change.

Fun Factor : 9/10
Like I said, you could spend quite a while in front of this game. It is very fun.

Replay value : 9/10
You could play this game again, and again, and again, until you are sick of it. It has pretty good replay value.

Pros and Cons

-Spends time

-Uses up time and money very quickly
-Can be frustrating.

Rent or Buy
To rent this game, just get some loose change and go to an arcade to try it out. If you like it, buy it. An arcade machine may be expensive though, so be careful!

Overall : 8/10
A fun, classic racing games that will stay in arcades many years until the end of it's day. Have fun playing it!

Rating: 8

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