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Geese Guide by Basel

Updated: 06/08/2003

Geese Howard

A Word Before We Get Down To The Real Talk:
What you will read down is my strategy, which means..
it might not be workable with you as it is with me and
may be yes. I really do not need any E-Mail(s) asking:
"What is good or bad" since I will fully talk about
everything about him (including combination attacks).
Hope it will somehow be useful to you and lead your
play or skills to a higher level.

Character Profile:
Character Profile:
Name: Geese Howard (The Kingpin Of Southtown)
Wife: Maire R.
Son: Rock Howard
Half Brother: Wolfgang Krauser
Brother-In-Low: Kain R. 
Most Trustworthy Bodyguards: Billy, Hopper and Ripper
Also Known As: "Ruler of Southtown", "The Conqueror of
the Underworld", "Don of the Dark Organization", "The
Ultimate Self-Made Badguy" and "Lone Wolf Killer
He Is: The Main Villain in SNK 
Weapon: Bare Hands
Birth Date: 1953.1.21 
Birthplace: America
Age: Above 46 
Height: 183cm
Weight: 82kg 
Blood Type: B
Country: U.S.A
Style: Kobojutsu and Hakkyokuseiken  
Hates Most: Those who get in his way.
Likes Most: To be on top of everybody.
Favorite Sport: None
Stage: Geese Tower 
Character Voice: Kong Kuwata


In Games:
1)The Super Spy
2)Fatal Fury: The King of Fighters
3)Fatal Fury Special
4)Fatal Fury 3: Road to the Final Victory
5)Real Bout Fatal Fury
6)Real Bout Fatal Fury Special
7)Real Bout Fatal Fury 2: The New Comers
8)Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition
9)Fatal Fury: First Contact
10)Fatal Fury: D.M.
11)Art of Fighting 2
12)Quiz The King of Fighters
13)SNK Vs. Capcom The Match of the Millennium
14)Capcom Vs. SNK 
15)Capcom Vs. SNK: Pro
16)Capcom Vs. SNK 2
17)The King of Fighters'96
18)The King of Fighters Ex: Neo Blood
19)The King of Fighters'Kyo
20)SNK Vs. Capcom Card Fighters Clash
21)SNK Vs. Capcom Card Fighters Clash: Expand Addtion

In Backgrounds:
1)Pao Pao Cafe - The King of Fighters'94
2)The King of Fighters'2002

In Endings:
1)Fatal Fury Team - The King of Fighters'94
2)Fatal Fury Team - The King of Fighters'95
3)Special Team - The King of Fighters'97
4)Art of Fighting (on Nintendo)
5)Billy Kane's - Real Bout Fatal Fury
6)Yamazaki's - Real Bout Fatal Fury
7)Terry Bogard's - Real Bout Fatal Fury 
8)Andy Bogard's - Real Bout Fatal Fury
9)Ex Billy Kane's - Real Bout Fatal Fury Special
10)Billy Kane's - Real Bout Fatal Fury 2
11)Billy Kane's - Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition

In Openings:
1)Fatal Fury Special
2)Fatal Fury 3
3)Real Bout Fatal Fury
4)Fatal Fury Wild Ambition
5)Fatal Fury Mark of the Wolves
6)The King of Fighters'96
7)Art of Fighting 2

In Animes:
1)Fatal Fury: Legend of the Hungry Wolf
2)Fatal Fury 2: The New Battle
3)Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture


Why Geese?
  Yes, yes... YES! Geese Howard, the biggest bad@$$ is
BACK. And you can bet your @$$es that he is playable.
Mawahahaha... WHAT WHY! It is Geese, the one and only
one whom I truely like. Damn, he is not way cooler
than before, just look at his appearance, stage,
moves, voice and outfit then you will know why!


  Of course Geese Tower, as usual. So damn cool. The
collection of Japanese armor look so awesome... a very
well done. 


Background Music:
  Yup, you guessed it. Geese Ni Katakori... the very
best BGM in all games. Listen to it and you will never
stop attacking. 

Winning Quotes:
Scum should know its place.

Special Quotes:
1)Against Bogards: If you always fight like that, you
will never get anywhere. Geez!
2)Against Billy: You fight like a milkmaid. Butch up!

Facing Geese:
Coming up against me takes guts. I like guts with


Character Background
  The world was silent when they heard the news that
"Geese Howard is alive." Now Geese's mission is to
regain the title of grand champ and pay back to Terry,
Andy and Joe for what they did to him.  


Geese: Over so soon? Geez!


A = Light Punch
B = Light Kick 
C = Strong Punch 
D = Strong Kick 


Command List:
Special Moves:
1)Reppu Ken: Quarter circle forward + A
2)Double Reppu Ken: Quarter circle forward + C
3)Shippu Ken: Jump & quarter circle backward + A or C 
4)Knockdown Blow: Half circle forward, up/forward + B
or D

Super Move:
5)Raising Storm: Down/backward, half circle backward,
down/forward + BC             

6)Katate Nage: Near opponent, forward or backward + C
7)Shinku Nage: Near opponent, down/forward + C
8)Kosatsu Sho: Near opponent, forward or backward + D


  Geese's strategy here is pretty basic compared to
his other appearances. 

  His standing A is always used for making the
opponent on guard. Just like his standing B... they
are effective if used wisely. His crouching A or B are
kind of speed if you want to play keep away... so
better use them a lot against Terry, Andy or any fast

  His dictance C is good to use for the "before the
get up" setiuations. Also, his distance D has got the
same method except his C is faster. His crouching C is
good as an anti-air. Use it when the opponent jumps
from a close distant. You should use his standing C
for combination attacks. Needless to say, his
crouching D is the best attack because it has a
long-range attack and it can be cancelled to a Special
Move easily. 

  His CD (also known as Get Lost) is good if the
opponent is about to jump. If the opponent did not
jump then cancel it to a Reppu Ken. Be sure not to
only use it as if it really is a helpful attack! Focus
only on the opponent's movements then make your move. 

  His Air Attacks are good... his B  and C can be used
for combos. His D can be used for combos and distance
attacks. You can cancel many opponents' attacks by
this kick. His A is not that helpful except it comes
out fast which makes you hit the opponent before he
does! It is all about you... I prefer B, C and D all
the way. His straight up D has got a very good
invinciblity! Use it wisely to trick your opponent.
Like when you are about to make the opponent think
that you are going for a Shippu Ken, you instead do
D... get it?

  When the opponent is in the backstage, it is better
for you to attack with either B because it comes out
fast... but when the opponent is about to attack you,
then use the C attack. His A and D are there only when
you are facing big guys like Big Bear, Krauser or

  His throws are good. The best is Shinku Nage because
he will throw the opponent very far away to make you
free to do anything "next"! Katate Nage is useful if
you want your opponent a bit near you. His Kosatsu Sho
has the same damage. There is no difference except
that Kosatsu Sho is cooler than Katate Nage!

  His Special Moves are good. His Reppu Ken is good
when the opponent is turtling. Throw it and when he is
about to jump, either CD, distance C or crouching C.
His Double Reppu Ken is used for the near fights.
Never use it a lot, because there is a little lag when
he performs it and after he performs it. Only in close
range combats. 

  His counters are good if you know the trick of them.
His Knockdown Blow + B for the Special Moves and upper
attacks... his Knockdown Blow + D for only the
standing attacks. You should use Knockdown Blow + B a
lot and use the one with the D button seldomly. 

  His Shippu Ken is good if the opponent is big and if
not then use it from time to time. He goes back yes,
but he does that very slow after performing the
Special Move.... but if the opponent jumps with you
then do not think of doing anything other than his
Shippu Ken. It will help you a lot. 

  The trick of his super duper unbeatable move,
Raising Storm, is you have to do it when the opponent
jumps. Nothing but against the air attacks or when the
opponent is attacking you from the backstage. It has a
very small range, but it is fearful if used well. It
is not that hard to perform as most of the guys think,
just practice and you will master it in no time. 

  With time you can master everything. Geese is
considered to be one of the hardest characters to use.
So, you need to play with experts a lot in order to
master him and know all his good and weak points! 

  I will only write the names of the moves (not the
commands), I have always been so... so if anybody is
not good with it, you can see the command list above
and then check here again. I will list every good,
bad, short, long, easy and hard combos. I really will
not bother to look for sites to put any of their
combos in here. I like to see my work completely
original, but you might know all the combos... I will
put it just for Geese's fans' sake. 

1)Jump C, standing C, Reppu Ken
2)Distance D, crouching C, Reppu Ken
3)Distance D, crouching A, crouching A, standing A,
standing B
4)Jump C, crouching A, crouching A, Double Reppu Ken
(not sure)
5)Crouching A, crouching A, crouching A, standing A,
standing B


Questions & Answers:
  This section is for those who E-Mailed me about a
thing or two about Geese or some aspects, instead of
e-mailing them back, I will answer here so that nobody
would ask the same questions again... I will write
some of then old questions:

Q: Don't you think that Geese's Super Move is hard to

A: No, I do not think so. Geese is supposed to be a
hard character to use... so everything should be hard,
otherwise there is no point in liking him!


Q: Many people call his Super Move "Raging Storm"!
What's with them?

A: I have no idea at all. It is called "Raising Storm"
and that is all I know. I usually do not pay attention
to unwanted and needed rumors.


Q: I read his background and it seems as if Fatal Fury
Special was not out of the story! What is going on?

A: SNK used to mess things up a lot in the few past
years. They solved the problem in Fatal Fury 3 where
Geese really returned and found the bastards all
around his town, then he kick everyone's butt and
regained his town in Real Bout Fatal Fury.

Last Word:
  Okay, Finally... it is finished. Hope I was helpful
and useful to you. If anybody wants to use anything,
by all means do so, but tell me so first before you do
that. And if anybody have any doubts about any
combination attack or cannot perform any, kindly,
E-Mail me and I will explain it more clearly to you.
Remember, do not stick with the rules a lot... Screw
The Rules.

Special Thanks:
1)To SNK for this great game.
2)To Gamefaqs.
3)To all Geese's fans. 
4)To all my friends for the encouragement. 

Fatal Fury Special is Copyright SNK Crop. This
document Copyright 2003 Basel <Mr_Basel@yahoo.com>

If you need to contact me to add or ask me about
anything, E-Mail me at Mr_Basel@yahoo.com or

Credits for GameFAQs and SNK Crop.

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