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"The stale old look of earlier Jams is no more, replaced by silky-smooth motion capture players and a completely 3-D arena... with wilder dunks, tons of new features, lots of new codes and tricks, 3-D polygon characters and Marv Albert, this title is sure to please." -Game Players

- All-new 3-D engine
- Ultra-realistic player movement through "Motion Capture Technology"
- Graphic detail that makes players look like their real-life counterparts

- Player attributes based on NBA stats
- All 29 teams
- All 29 courts
- Over 170 NBA players stats
- Playoffs, Finals and All-Star Games
- Marv Albert at the play-by-play

- Over 30 outrageous new 'Extreme' dunks
- All-new 'Extreme' button elevates your game
- "Jam Cam" zooms in on game action
- Over 60 hidden players and secret teams
- Slam with one to four players

Authentic home courts and realistic player movement
Up-close action with multiple camera angles
All the teams! All the action!
Players rating on 13 attributes based on real NBA stats

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