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Reviewed: 10/17/01 | Updated: 02/04/02

It got average ratings from magazines, but not from fans!!

I swear, I have no idea what the gaming mags were on, but they made this game sound completely mediocre and almost not worth playing at all. Then I went to my local arcade and saw it in action. X-Men V SF takes the high jumping, huge super move action of X-Men: Children of the Atom, combines it with Street Fighter characters and finishes it off with an awesome tag team battle scheme. The result is an awesome game that virtually any fighting game fan will tell you is a blast to play.

Story: 7
Wow, each of the many characters in this game has an ending! They're all quite interesting too. Some of them tie into each other, leaving room for the many sequels that came after this game.

Gameplay: 10
You pick two fighters from the huge amount of Street Fighters and X-Men available and fight many tag teams before finally facing off against Apocalypse, who, shall we say, doesn't need a partner and never will (you'll see if you get to him). To tag in and out, you press a punch and kick button of the same strength together. The person who was recently tagged out will have a chance to regain some of their life back if they are allowed to rest long enough.

For some reason, some people think that the fact that Ryu and Ken can Shoryuken the top of a skyscraper and everyone has huge beam attacks ruin the original Street Fighter gameplay. Well, guess what, this *isn't* original Street Fighter Gameplay. You want original, play the Alphas or play SFIII. Personally, I don't see anything wrong with Ryu's Shinku Hadoken being a huge Kamehameha like beam.

Speaking of huge super moves, they are much easier to execute here than in other games. This is because you already have a lot of jumping and complex maneuvering to do anyway. Ah yes, then there's team supers, where your resting partner comes into play and helps you whomp on the enemy. These are cool, but a lot of team supers don't blend well unless both fighters have a beam attack. Some special teams have special team supers (for instance, pick Ryu and Ken and Ryu teaches Ken how to do a Shinku Hadoken before the fight and they do a double Shinku Hadoken team super...and no, picking Ryu and Ken *doesn't* mean the player has no originality...where is it written that you have to be original when picking a fighting duo anyway? Aww Gambit and Rogue, the lover duo...they also suck as a fighting duo...all you ''poetic team fighters'' can kiss my greek butt! Eep, it seems I went off on quite a tangent...well the reason I said this is because I have had to deal with quite a bit of people who think you have to pick two fighters that *look* cool together and *blend* together to be considered a good Capcom crossover fighter player, and I think that's BS, and if anyone like that is here on GameFAQs, that little tangent is for *you*...okay where was I?).

You also can perform something called an Air Combo (called ''Arial Rave'' in the japanese version). This means you launch your opponent into the air and hit him with many quick punches and kicks. This move is a cheezy fighter's dream (especially if the person is playing with Gambit), but if you're honorable and refrain from using it all the time, it's a nice way to do damage sometimes.

Apocalypse is HUGE and powerful, but if you're good enough to get to him, chances are you'll be able to beat him easily. I beat him on the first try.

Which fighters are from each game? A good amount from each. You've got a lot of classic fighters from SF like Chun Li, Dhalsim and the obvious Shotokan duo...and from X-Men: COTA, you have characters like Cyclops, Storm, Juggernaut and Magneto (don't worry, the latter two are NOT as powerful as they were from COTA). There are also some characters that were never in a fighting game before, like Rogue and Sabertooth.

Graphics: 10
Again, the game mags were stupid and said the graphics were average in this game. As Wayne from Wayne's World would say, ''Shyeah! Right!'' Everyone easily has three times more animation than they did in other games. All you have to do is go to the character selection screen and watch one of the fighters move in their ready stance and you'll see. This game was a masterpiece when it was first released and set the standard for every other Capcom crossover fighter. As far as detail goes, the characters look just the same from the games they were taken from. The backgrounds are also awesome! Many of them are interactive, like the mall stage. Every time someone does a special move, a kid watching the fight attempts to do a Shoryuken as a way of cheering you on and wishing he could be like you. Some other backgrounds have special surprises! Hey, who's that guy sitting next to a fire over there? :) Finally, even the pre fight and post fight graphics are awesome. Huge, full screen pics of each fighter are shown before the match begins. If a SF character lands the winning blow, a Z (Street Fighter Alpha is called Street Fighter Zero in Japan) eclipses the fighting area except for the character. If an X-Man does, it's an X. Then you see both characters in a triumphant pose with awesome looking X-Men VS SF comic book collage background, along with words of victory from the one who dealt the winning blow.

Sound/Music: 10
The audio in this game is as awesome as the video. The SF's voices were taken from Alpha 2 and X-Men voices were taken from COTA. They are all as clear as they were in the games they were taken from, as are the fighting sound effects. New characters' voices also share in this clarity. The music is once again mostly redone from previous games, but they are remixed so well that they sound almost completely new! You may even want to listen to the songs outside of the game. I like Akuma's song a just...sounds so adventurous. Listening to it makes me feel like entering an ancient castle noone's set foot into for years and finding the sacred hidden sword...or something...

Control: 10
Like all Capcom fighters, the controls are responsive and dependable. If you can't pull off Akuma's Raging Demon super move, you have noone to blame but YOURSELF. :P

Replay Value: 8
I don't know why there is some kind of trend forming where fighting games are made without endings (or made without worthwhile endings), but thankfully Capcom had not jumped on the No Ending Bandwagon yet and there is an ending for each character. Some endings are the same (or extremely similar) for two characters, but that's because their endings tie into each other. Of course, after you see every ending, you can always beat the crap out of a human opponent! :D

Bottom Line?
The first of its kind and the forefather of all other Capcom crossovers (which, coincidentally, all rock). Even if you've mastered Marvel VS Capcom 2 and all of the other more modern crossovers, this is still enjoyable to play to see where the others came from. This fighter will go down in history as being an innovative way to give classic fighting game characters new life. Street Fighter (and now X-Men fighters) will never die as long as Capcom keeps making their games as great as this. X-Men VS SF was the beginning of a long and still growing line of exciting crossover fighters and rocks for all eternity, which is why I give it a 10.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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