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Reviewed: 05/29/01 | Updated: 05/29/01

I never thought this would even happen but then again I thought the same thing about Marvel vs. DC.

Just a couple of years ago while I was looking through an issue of Expert Gamer(Back when they were called EGM2) I saw a picture of Ryu shaking hands with the X-Men's Cyclops. Seeing as this was an actual game shot I raced to that feature and saw the previews for this game. Needless to say my jaw nearly dropped besides I thought seeing the X-Men in a game together with Street Fighters would only happen when pigs fly but I guess pigs today grow wings now huh? If you may know this isn't the first time something like this happened because back when X-Men Children of the Atom came out Akuma was a hidden character so I guess this spawned the idea for this game. Welcome to X-Men vs. Street Fighter a game that puts these two money making franchises against each other in two person match offs. On the X-Men side we have Wolverine,Storm,Magneto,Juggernaunt,Cyclops,Sabretooth,Rogue,and Gambit(YESS I'am glad he made it because Gambit is my favorite X-Man). The Street Fighter side includes Zangief,Ryu,M.Bison,Ken,Cammy(Now in a ridiculous new outfit that she still wears to this day),Akuma,Charlie,Chun Li,and Dhalsim. Taking a cue form SNK's KOF series XMvsSF has a team battle system with two people instead of three and now there is the tag team feature where you could tag out anytime during a match(The matches are only one round). Pretty innovative I must say since with out the tag feature the game could have been a KOF knock off. The last boss is perhaps one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe and you know him as Apocalypse. Unlike most other fighting game bosses Apocalypse starts out normal size but as soon as the announcer says ''Ready go'' he turns into this big ass form that takes up the entire screen who attacks you with drills,mini shockwaves like Magneto's,and other stuff that will make your life a living nightmare. Want to know more then you know what to do.

Most of the characters are sprites carried over from Street Fighter Alpha or X-Men:COTA but them and the newly drawn characters like Gambit and Cammy look great and I was surprised on how the Street Fighters blended in with the X-Men and vice a versa. Apocalypse looks very detailed because of his big size and this was the first time I have seen a boss like this in a fighting game(When I first saw him I stood there in shock before I knew what to do). The backgrounds look great too like the T.V studio stage in front of the set for a game show,and the shopping mall stage with the guy dressed up as the Easter Bunny. Nice very nice.

The gameplay favors the X-Men so there are super jumps,full screen beam supers and stuff like but since I was used to this in past games like Marvel Super Heroes I had no problem adapting. The added tag team aspect is a welcome addition because it makes the game more fun and it was cool making up your own teams(I always mixed characters from both sides 85% percent of the time). The gameplay is fast and furious even on the normal speed setting but no matter what speed the game was on I had a real blast playing this. The one player mode was actually better then the two player mode in my opinion because half the people in my area that came up and played against me always picked boring Ryu and Ken teams(Or at times Ryu and Akuma teams)and I always dominated them with my team of Charlie and Magneto or Gambit and Cammy but at least it was entertaining however the two player part needed some work(I guess this depends on what kind of people come up to play against you and I don't even want to bother counting how many times I faced up against a Ryu,Ken team). The gameplay is really great even with that minor flaw present.

The music includes some new tunes(Gotta love Sabretooth's theme and it reminds me of Balrog's theme from Street Fighter 2)and also some remixed ones from past Street Fighter games. The announcer is really loud and probably the loudest announcer I heard but he wasn't as irritating as say the announcer from Clay Fighter or even as annoying as Howard Cossel. The character voices sound true to their character like Cyclops,Wolverine,and a couple of the other X-Men are done by the same people that did them in the Fox Kids cartoon. One thing they should have fixed was Gambit's voice who sounded too much like Krusty the Clown and I don't think he even sounds like a cajun. Sound is great too but could leave some room for improvement.

The Street Fighters have gone over a control overhaul so now some of their projectiles are as big as themselves,the supers are now performed the way they are in X-Men:COTA,and some move that were originally not supposed to be done in the air can now be done in the air. Tagging out is done by pressing both fierce and roundhouse buttons and that feels alright. There are also duo team supers where if you had two levels on the super meter and you preformed a half circle motion plus fierce and roundhouse both team mates come out to do both of their supers. The one thing that really gets me is that whenever I try to do a duo team attack I might have ended up tagging out and it took me some time to perform one but at least the rest of the control is responsive and feels okay.

Once you put in one quarter you will already be hooked on this game. The tag team aspect really gave the replay value a boost but I would have played it even if it was only one on one fighting(It wouldn't feel the same but just as long as it was still fun). I never thought a fighting game could be this addicting until I played. The replay value is very good and also very high.

Final Word
A very great game that could have been even better if it had more characters,a better two player game,a little control fix up,and if they also gave Gambit a better voice but other then those things I'am perfectly fine with this game. Either if you love or hate all out mayhem like the the kind that is found in this game you should give this game a go if you haven't yet. Well that's it for today true believers. Excelsior!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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