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Reviewed: 07/02/07

"Let's go, bub!"

X-men vs. Street Fighter. A surprising combination, with a band of mutants facing off against some of the strongest warriors in the world. From the adamantium claws of Wolverine to the famed Hadouken-launching Ryu, from the weather-controlling Storm to crazy-legs Chun-Li, this game offers eight each of X-men or Street Fighters to select 2 of, and fight another set of 2 victims.

The fighting system consists of picking 2 warriors, seeing if you want your blocks automatic or manual, and picking the speed to fight at. You go through a whole bunch of stages until you reach the final battle, and win or attempt to. Pretty basic stuff. It's similar to games like Street Fighter Alpha, except it's quite fast, due to the atmosphere of the Marvel series. This also causes changes to various attacks, like giving Ryu a gigantic Hadouken to KO his enemies with, for example.

All the characters differ in their own unique way, each having their own strengths and weaknesses. For example, a character like Cyclops can stay far and launch his Optic Blasts at his enemy, whilst repeatedly saying 'Optic Blast!' like a loon, while a character like Zangief, the Russian wrestler, has to go close to his adversary in order to throw them to the floor. The sweet part about this, is that you don't always need 1 character there. You can swap with your spare one to change strategies if so needed. You can even team up together for a powerful team-up attack where both of you attack simultaneously.

And that's basically the core of the game. I'm no advanced player, but I like the simplicity it offers. There's obviously more to is than that, but that's how I feel it is. It works. And it's lots of fun.

Graphics: 15/15. Nice, colourful and detailed player sprites combined with varied, neutral but fitting stages really takes this to the top. It's easy to see, and impressive to look at even today.

Music/Sound:13/15. Each character has their own theme with sounds similar to their earlier music, except the X-men, who all get their own fitting theme. The music can really pump you up to fight, despite that you likely won't focus on it. The sound is nice. There's the sounds of being hit, striking, blocking, and grunts from the attacks done and dealt.

Gameplay: 27/30. This game is fun. Period. A simplistic concept of teaming up along with using the differing abilities of each character allows you to keep on going, seeing who fits best with what, and what to do against everyone and everything.

Control: 14/15. While this does vary, according to the machine's conditions, the controls are generally good. The buttons are responsive, the joystick takes you where you need, and the various skills that can be done are easily executable, with a little practice.

Story: 6/10. So, one of the enemies of the X-men (I won't say who) has kidnapped some of the X-men and Street Fighters. Not much of a plot, but it's creative, I guess.

Tolerance/Difficulty: 10/15. The game is a little difficult for newbies, but to each their own. Besides, the difficulty depends on how it's set in the machine. With 2 players, it's all skill.

Extras/Replay: 13/15. The seemingly infinite combinations of characters, strategies and abilities can guarantee that you'll never play the same match twice.

Final Tally: 15 + 13 + 27 + 14 + 6 + 13 = 87/100 = 9/10.

Buy? Rent? Crush with magnetic control?: Well, it's an arcade machine, so if you buy it, it'll be expensive. Save some money by finding one locally.

Final Words: Amazing how a small crossover spawned a successful franchise of Marvel's greatest heroes facing off against Capcom's best. While the chances of this seemed unlikely, well, it happened, and it's great. People love it. And nothing seems funnier than some martial artists standing a chance against superpowered mutated people, for lack of a better word. Just think about it.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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