Executive ProducerPaul Dussault
Executive ProducerKen Fedesna
Executive ProducerNeil Nicastro
GraphicsSteve Beran
GraphicsTony Goskie
GraphicsDave Michicich
GraphicsJohn Tobias
GraphicsJohn Vogel
Grunts, Screams, Groans and GibberishEd Boon
Grunts, Screams, Groans and GibberishPeg Burr
Grunts, Screams, Groans and GibberishDan Forden
Grunts, Screams, Groans and GibberishJon Hey
Grunts, Screams, Groans and GibberishAnn Mazza
Grunts, Screams, Groans and GibberishVince Pontarelli
Hardware DesignSteve Correll
Hardware DesignPat Cox
Hardware DesignRay Gay
Hardware DesignMark Loffredo
Hardware DesignJohn Lowes
Hardware DesignRay Macika
Hardware DesignCary Mednick
Hardware DesignSteve Norris
Jade, Mileena and KitanaBecky Gable
JaxJohn Parrish
Kano and KabalRichard Divizio
Kung LaoTony Marquez
Kurtis StrykerMichael O'Brien
Liu KangEddie Wong
Nightwolf, Smoke, Cyrax and SektorSal Divita
Scorpion, Reptile, Ermac, Classic Sub-Zero, Human Smoke, Noob Saibot, Rain, Shang Tsung and Sub-ZeroJohn Turk
Senior Hardware TechnicianAl Lasko
Senior Hardware TechnicianSheridan Oursler
Senior Hardware TechnicianJeff Peters
Shao KahnBrian Glynn
Shao Kahn (Voice)Steve Ritchie
SindelLia Montelongo
SoftwareEd Boon
Sonya BladeKerri Hoskins
Sounds and MusicDan Forden


Data and credits for this game contributed by DarkLink89, ffmasterjose, and jh51681.

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