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Reviewed: 09/17/08

It's Judgment Day

What better way to stir up interest in a movie than to create an excellent light gun game for the arcade. It is very sad to realize that only more than a decade ago, arcades were the place to be to waste quarter after quarter on and Terminator 2 would have definitely been one to spend them on. This game actually came out in '91 so there are some great improvements to this genre of arcade games that you do not see in the 80's games. Terminator 2 holds a lot of realism for its time and the graphics are definitely the best of its time.

Game Play

As Terminator 2 is a very realistic looking shooter, the screen is set far back into the machine itself so the little kids would not be able to look up and over to see what is going on. The gun itself is a machine pistol with unlimited ammo. Enemies will come at you from a distance so there is a lot of trying to time your attack to keep them from getting too close to you. Other enemies will pop up in front of you so you have to keep on guard to fend off a relentless and difficult invasion of enemy robots. The first stage alone is very hard to get through and I don't believe I ever was able to get past it at the arcade. You start off in the future where the robots are basically overrunning a human fort and just as in the movie you go through the game fighting off enemies that come from the future to kill John Connor. Friendlies will cost you, and they usually are in inconvenient places where powerups for your gun are located. You have to be careful with your shots and cannot just spray the screen.


Yes there is a story to this game. It is a movie based game after all. You get a great introduction to this game where in the not so distant future of 1997 human innovation in technology has led to the "Machines" taking over the world and in a last ditch effort the human leader, John Connor, sends our boy Ahnold back in time to protect young John Connor from the great Robert Patrick as T-1000. Ahnold also has some voiceover parts in this game which is pretty cool.


I think the graphics of Terminator 2 are still the best of these light gun games. Of course there are plenty of other light gun games for the arcade that look just as good or have better graphics, but Terminator 2 was quite revolutionary for 1991. While the bullets you shoot are not all that realistic, everything else basically is. The robots or people you shoot will blow to bits when you hit them so it is kind of graphic. T-1000 will not rejuvenate when you blast away at him and at times when he pops up it is like a bad spamware on your PC, but the game does remain true to the movie in keeping with the real characters from the movie.


I’ve mentioned before that you have plenty of voice bits from Ahnold himself in this game. Some of it is actual advice in the game, but mostly he will be throwing out catch phrases. There is no memorable music to speak for because all you will be hearing is the constant rattle of your gun as you continue to spray the screen with lead. Hitting innocent people in the game will cause them to scream out as well. Sound effects are also going to drown out anything else you might hear in this game since there is going to be plenty of stuff to be blowing up.

Replay Value

There is significant replay value to Terminator 2. As with all arcade games the real objective is to be beat the high score whether it was already input or somebody left you a goal to reach. The game is very lengthy although you will find that it is also very repetitive. Do not be surprised to find that humanity seems to have cloned itself in the process as you will see the same characters as you side scroll through the game. The game is still very fun and is definitely going to leave you with that pre-rumble pak shaking in your hands if you do manage to beat this game in one run. This is definitely one of those nostalgia games to go back and enjoy and although I doubt I will ever see this game-or an arcade again for that matter, if I did, I would definitely give this another go.

Final Recommendation 7/10

Terminator 2 is lengthy enough, but also highly repetitive in terms of game play, but it is still one of the best arcade light gun games around. It definitely introduced a whole new precedent for other light gun arcade games to come and it is definitely worth your time at the arcade, or nowadays, on the emulator. The graphics and sound are very good at securing a very attractive arcade game and the machine gun you use even gives you some great force feedback. T-2 brings back great memories and you should look this game up if you have never experienced the terror of wave after wave of robots coming to attack you.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Terminator 2: Judgment Day (US, 12/31/91)

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