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Reviewed: 05/11/01 | Updated: 05/11/01

An almost average game based on a bad movie.

What's this a Street Fighter game that gets a five? Ahhh run for your lives okay maybe not then. Well anyway making Street Fighter into a live action movie was a bad idea,making a game based on the movie was an even worse idea(Since the movie tanked in the box office and we all want to forget that we paid the admission to see that disaster of a movie right fellow gamers?). I think this game could have come at a worst time because not only was Capcom facing a lot of bad publicity from the movie,but also many gamers were sick of the many upgrades of Street Fighter 2(I didn't mind them one bit) and went to a certain blood filled crapfest fighting game that did not deserve the popularity it had(Cough Mortal Kombat cough) and gamers did not go back to Street Fighter intill another year or so when Street Fighter Alpha was released. Well getting to the game Street Fighter: The Movie is probably better then the movie in which it came from(But then again that's not saying much) and like that certain blood filled fighting game which I mentioned above it uses real life people for the fighters(We all saw that coming but I don't think I want to see a motion captured Ryu). Well getting to the fighters they include most of your favorites like Ryu,Vega,Guile,Chun Li,Bison,Sagat,Ken,Balrog,Zangief,Honda,and Cammy. There is also Akuma and I don't know why they put him in there because he wasn't even in the movie but then again I will give the game some credit because this is the first game in which he was not a secret character and he also has a name here this time. There is also Sawanda who was an army solider who worked with Guile in the movie. There is also the Shadaloo soldier Blade who was one of the soldiers that worked with M.Bison in the film(I must give the guy that designed Blade's costume a pat on the back though because it fits somewhat in with Shadaloo and it also gives him that unknown feel). Well if you can endure anymore bad memories of the Street Fighter movie then come on down to my review.

The gameplay is below average. You do get all of your favorite Street Fighters and there are still fireball,dragon punches and the other kind of stuff like that but it just doesn't feel like Street Fighter. I mean look if you throw in Ryu and a couple of the other characters and throw in the special moves that doesn't mean you have a Street Fighter game though. In fact I don't think it even is Street Fighter its probably just Mortal Kombat in disguise(shudders). Fighting against the CPU is cheap too because they play like experts and you may find your self losing during the first match(Don't you hate it when that happens?) and don't even think about throwing your opponent because they will keep doing throw counters on you in which they throw you back(I know throwing is kind of cheap but counter throwing is even cheaper). This is not what I was expecting from Capcom.

The motion captured fighters look pretty bad and they make the ones from the first Mortal Kombat look like works of art. Well all the fighter do look like their movie counterparts and that could be either a good or a bad thing depending on how you look at it but some of them do look kind of ugly(If you thought Akuma was already ugly before then you haven't seen him here because he looks awful motion captured). The backgrounds are boring and I didn't like them with the exception of this one stage that was inside the caged arena from the movie. Nothing special graphics wise.

Music? We don't need no stinkin music. I guess that's what the lead sound guy said when he was going to compose the music and I don't think there was any music here and if even if there was I didn't here it. The voice samples are alright but sound weird like Ken says ''Dragon'' during his Dragon Punch instead of Shoruken(Heck I could of settled for All You Can instead of just plain old Dragon). The sound here really bites.

Well it is the standard 6 button setup we all know and love and the special moves still require the classic motions too and there are also some the super moves from Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo. They also added in throw counters and I'am sure glad they didn't use this concept in future games because it is too cheap and the CPU uses them too much(But then again it does prevent you from using too much throws but I don't think it's possible that there are people here that just depend on throws). Well at least the control is okey dokey.

Umm sort of but not quite I'am afraid. Maybe for a while to see if it is any good but after that it goes down hill from there. I think most people will not play this any longer just because it was based on the Street Fighter Movie but it's not as bad as that(Once again that is really not saying much). Replay value is below average.

Final Word
Well if I had to choose between this and the home console version of this game(The home versions were different from this if you may remember)I would take the arcade game mainly because at least it was somewhat fun compared to the boredfest that was the home version but still that does not make the arcade game any better. I don't think this game even deserves the Street Fighter name it has. If you must give this game a shot but remember you have been warned.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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