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Cracker Jack by JCulbert

Version: 1.9 |

Cracker Jack Character Guide
Street Fighter EX (Arcade)
version 1.9
By John Culbert (tigeraid@geocities.com)


v 1.5

-corrected Tech hit section
-extra Guard Break motions
-corrected stupid SC buffering mistake (see A WORD ABOUT... COMBOS)
-corrected/added to the Combo Section
-revised credits

v 1.6

-added/fiddled with combos
-added vs. section stuff (including Vs. Time release fighters)
-other odds and ends

v 1.9

-added one combo (100%)
-changed "thanks to Capcom" to "thanks to Arika" (the real makers of the
-confirmed game version (according to lancer it is the "English" version)
-other little corrections/tactics


For once our arcade actually got a game fairly early!! This should help me
get a fairly good head start on doing some strategy and such for EX.

Street Fighter EX IMO could be thought of a LOT like SSF2T. There are NO
chain combos (Except of course things like C.Short -> C.Short with Ken/Ryu),
NO ACs (YES!!!! YES, YES, YES!!!), and also thankfully, no CCs.
Yes, Street Fighter EX is, for the most part, a collection of all the things
we classic SF players like--it has no CCs, ACs, or chain combos, but retains
good ol' Super Combos (wouldn't be a fighting game without them these days),
tech hits (I'd prefer if these weren't there, personally!), and a rigid 
combo system.
And of course, probably the biggest thing about SFEX is the fact that it is
the FIRST Street Fighter game that is polygon-based and 3-D! In my opinion,
it's kinda nice, and doesn't detract from the gameplay that much (some of 
the basic movements like jumping are a little different and require some
getting used to, however).


Imagine Balrog with kicks and you've got C.Jack. He's a bouncer 
for hire, I believe (sounds familiar...) 

NOTE: In the "A word about..." section, I use examples in my explanations
      involving OTHER fighters. I prefer to leave Jack for the actual C.Jack 
      guide, and I find examples with other fighters are easier to use. 
      Therefore, I recommend you find a general SFEX FAQ, like Darklancer's, 
      if you don't know what moves I'm talking about.


     D-PAD      | .-----------Strong
		| | .---------Fierce
   U/B U U/F    | | |
      \|/       | | |
    B--o--F     | | |
      /|\       O O O
   D/B D D/F    O O O
		| | |
		| | |
		| | |
		| | ----------Roundhouse
		| ------------Forward

QCT= Quarter Circle Toward (roll the joystick from D to F)
QCB= Quarter Circle Back (roll the joystick from D to B)
HCT= Half Circle Toward (roll the joystick from B to D to F)
HCB= Half Circle Back (roll the joystick from F to D to B)
 + = enter commands simultainiously
 N  = Neutral (return D-Pad to center)
 J. = Jumping
 S. = Standing
 C. = Crouching
 XX = indicates buffering

Some Short Forms Used in This FAQ:

SF2= Street Fighter II: the World Warrior (may also refer to it as Classic)
SF2CE= Street Fighter II: Champion Edition (may just be CE)
SF2T= Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting
SSF2= Super Street Fighter II: the New Challengers
SSF2T= Super Street Fighter II Turbo (may refer to it as Super Turbo)
SFA= Street Fighter Alpha: Warrior's Dreams
SFA2= Street Fighter Alpha II
DP= Dragon Punch- can be referring to Ryu's, Ken's, Akuma's Special move, or
		  to the similiar joystick/D-Pad motion (F, D, D/F)
HK= Hurricane Kick- can be referring to Ryu's, Ken's or Akuma's Special Move, 
		    or to the similiar motion (QCB+any kick)
FB= Fireball- can be referring to Special Move possessed by many characters,
	      or to the similiar motion (QCT+any punch)
SC= Super Combo
CC= Custom Combo- pertaining to Custom Combos from SFA2
FK= Flash Kick- Guile's (and Charlie's) move, or similiar motion (charge D,
		U+any kick)
SB= Sonic Boom- Guile's (and Charlie's) move, or similiar motion (charge B,
		F+any punch)
YF= Yoga Flame- pertaining to Dhalsim's OLD Special Move or similiar motion 
		(HCT+any punch)
SBK= Spinning Bird Kick- pertaining to Chun Li's pattened move
TBK= Thousand Burst Kick- Chun Li's Super Combo
SPD= Spinning Pileriver- Zangief's pattened move, or similiar motion (roll
			 360 degrees)
FAB= Final Atomic Buster- Zangief's pattened SC, or similiar motion (roll
			  720 degrees)



A Throw or Grab (including SPD or other Special Move Throw) must be done 
right up close, and is unblockable; it can only be avoided (some exceptions,
like Zangief's Running Bear Grab, and Cracker Jack's Lazy Buffalo do exist). 



To perform a tech hit, hold B or F and hit Strong or Fierce (or Forward or 
Roundhouse if your fighter has a Throw with those buttons) just as the 
opponent grabs you; basically, you perform a Throw at the same time the enemy
tries to Throw you. YOU CANNOT TECH HIT SPECIAL MOVE THROWS (eg. Zangief's



To block an oncoming attack, hold in the opposite direction. To block a low 
attack (i.e. the enemy hits low, like a sweep), hold D/B to crouch and block.
There is NO Air Blocking SFEX!



The only truely new (non-combo) feature of SFEX is the Guard Break; taking up
one level of the Super Meter, a Guard Break will break through an enemy's
block, and stagger them for QUITE a long time, allowing you to set up some
devastating combos. To perform a Guard Break, press Fierce+Roundhouse, or 
Jab+Short, or Strong+Forward.



A tick is an attack that, if you connect with it, you can go into a combo or
some other follow-up of your choice, and if blocked, you will recover in time 
to throw another attack before your opponent can; note that they also recover 
from their blocking frames at relatively the same time, so they will also be 
able to block the follow-up. But, since Throws are unblockable, you can nail 
them with a Throw!



Underneath your Health meter is a meter which will fill up when you perform 
Special Moves or when you hit the enemy. Once filled to one level, it will
flash and you can now perform one SC (or one Guard Break). It can also 
continue to be filled to a max of 3 levels.



Your fighter has the ability to perform a powerful multi-hit attack known as
a Super Combo (SC). You will know a character has executed a Super Combo
because the screen will grow dark for a moment as they gather "chi" (spirit).
ALL ANIMATION except for the gathering of the character's energy will stop,
so your opponent cannot move. If you finish your opponent with an SC, the 
screen will flash brightly, and for some ODD reason in SFEX, a METEOR will
fly through the screen! 



A combo is a series of attacks that, once the first hit connects, are
totally unblockable until the opponent is knocked down or the attacker is
pushed too far away to continue. In SFEX, the combo system has been ALMOST
returned to the original system in SSF2T. Combos in SFEX generally follow 
the pattern of Jump-in -> Standing or Crouching Attack buffered into Special
Move. You can also start simply from a Standing or Crouching Attack and
buffer into a Special Move (see "buffering" below), and in some cases, more
than one Standing or Crouching attack can be used (eg. two S.Jabs). ONLY

So what's different about SFEX's combo system? Well, first off, there is a
juggle system now, moreso than ever; for example, one time I was using 
Guile, and I hit a jumping opponent (Ken) with my Jab SB. I then jumped and
actually hit him with a J.Fierce before he landed, for a 2-hit combo!

Still, the only big difference is that you can now buffer a SPECIAL MOVE 
into a SUPER COMBO, and a Super Combo into a Super Combo! There are no 
longer different SCs depending on the Super Meter level (except in some cases, 
like Akuma's dreaded Raging Demon) but this is remedied by the fact that you 
can string together up 3 SCs to make, in essence, a L3 Super Combo anyways. 
And hey, all you whiners who complain about no more huge multi-hit combos, 
take this example combo for Chun Li!

J.Roundhouse XX Roundhouse TBK XX Kikosho

This is an excellent example of how easy it is to pull of a HUGE multi-hit 
combo, if you have the timing down pat. For this reason, it is a VERY good 
idea to cancel Special Moves into Super Combos for MASSIVE combo damage.


Their are TWO restrictions to the Super Combo buffering: 

1. If the SC is ground-based, your character's feet MUST be on the ground 
when you perform the buffered SC. The best example is with Ken; a powerful 
combo for  him is a Fierce DP buffered into a Shoryureppa--but wait, doesn't 
the DP cause Ken to rise into the air? This problem is solved if you 
perform the Fierce DP. This is because the first 2 hits of the _Fierce_ 
Dragon Punch leave Ken grounded, then he takes off for the the 3rd (now 
non-flaming) hit. The buffered SC WILL work IF you buffer it in before the 
3rd hit of Ken's SC. So this means that, for example, you cannot perform a 
Flash Kick with Guile, then quickly cancel it with a Double Flash Kick SC, 
because Guile will be off the ground with the first FK!

BTW, this restriction does of course not apply to air SCs; for example, the
CPU Ryu did this HORRIBLY powerful combo to me:

J.Roundhouse, C.Forward XX Roundhouse HK XX SUPER HK

Ryu cancelled the 2nd hit of his regular HK into the mid-air Vacuum 
Hurricane and juggle me repeatedly in mid-air! This combo HURT. I would 
assume that he could do the same thing with his DP, perhaps cancelling the
DP near the peak of its ascent!

lancer pointed out to me is that you cannot buffer two of the same SCs. For 
example, you cannot buffer C.Jack's Crazy Buffalo into ANOTHER Crazy 
Buffalo. (Thanks, lancer.)



This is a technique used in 90% of all fighting games out today. To buffer 
means to do the motions of one move while the animations of another move are 
still being performed. Here's an example for Guile:

-C.Strong XX Roundhouse FK

a) hold D and hit Strong, then U+Roundhouse

In order to perform this as a true combo, you must "cancel" the Strong with
the FK, in other words, the Flash Kick must come out before the animations of 
the Strong are finished (before he draws the punch back after it connects). 
If you are too late the Kick will be blockable and won't count as part of the 

Eg. 2- (same button buffering)

-C.Strong buffered into Strong Sonic Boom

There are two ways to perform this combo:
a) begin holding D/B, then hit Strong, then F+Strong
b) hold D/B, then press and HOLD Strong, then F and release Strong

Some may find the second easier, but I actually use both. Again, the idea is
to make the Sonic Boom come out before the punch is finished. The second
way is easy simply because there are less things to do, and may keep some
big combos a little more simplistic.
Remember of course that you can now buffer Special Moves into SCs and SCs 
into other SCs; the same idea applies, i.e. perform the motion before the
first move's animations are complete.



-Dashing Straight: charge B, F+any punch
-Dashing Upper: charge B, F+any kick
-Turn Punch: charge all three punches or all three kicks, release
-Batting Hero: HCT+any punch
-Soccer Kick: HCT+any kick
-Cracker Blitz: F or B+Strong or Fierce (close)
-Cyclone Toss: F or B+Forward or Roundhouse (close)
-Guard Break; Double Punch: Fierce+Roundhouse
-Super Combo 1; Crazy Buffalo: charge B, F, B, F+any punch, then kick or 
-Super Combo 2; Lazy Buffalo: charge B, F, B, F+any kick
-Super Combo 3; Home-Run Hero: QCB, QCB+any punch


Jab: Both are basic quick punches, standing and crouching respectively. 
     These are NOT good in combos, unlike what I previously said; after 
     using them instead of my favorite C.Forward for a while, I came to  
     realize that they have REALLY short range--99% percent of the time, 
     they missed after my jump-in. For this reason, rarely use them in 
     combos; C.Forward is better anyways. The Jabs are, however, great moves 
     to use up close, and if the opponent isn't really quick, they can tick 

Strong: both S.Strong and C.Strong aren't really that big a deal, except to
	note that they are C.Jack's longest-ranged regular punches.

Fierce: one of the things I was really hoping for with Jack was that Arika
	would give him Balrog's ol' S.Fierce, with its awesome range. They 
	didn't (although his kicks compensate for it). S.Fierce gives a body 
	blow, which is fairly powerful, however it is slow and has almost NO 
	range, so use it rarely except up close for style points (it's also
	unbufferable). One thing to note is that its priority is quite good
	and can even take out some special moves (for a big example, I once
	took out Bison's Psycho Crusher with it!!! I'm reminded of SF2... :)
	C.Fierce is the usual uppercut, which is a very important attack for 
	Jack--it is his easiest air counter when the enemy jumps too close 
	for any of his other air counters to hit easy (i.e. Batting Hero, 
	Dashing Upper, Home-run Hero). Use it rarely except in this case, as 
	it is pretty slow.

Short: after a little bit of testing, it turns out the S.Short is actually
       a LOT better than the C.Short for a tick, being a close-range Shin
       Kick. Use it often in this case. 

Forward: S.Forward is a fast side kick, great for taking out pesky low
	 attacks from fairly close. C.Forward is a VERY important attack; it
	 is a fast, high-priority attack, great for using up close. In
	 addition, it is his best bufferable attack.  

Roundhouse: S.Roundhouse is basically a slower, lunging version of the 
	    S.Forward. A great attack from mid-range, its recovery is also
	    great if blocked--use it like you would Adon's S.Roundhouse from
	    SFA2, or Ken's S.Roundhouse. The C.Roundhouse is your basic
	    knockdown trip, with good range and great damage. It can be 
	    taken out with some fast high-priority moves, so be careful.
	    J.Roundhouse is also Jack's best air attack--it's the best
	    jump-in he has, and has GOOD air priority as well. Sometimes, it
	    can actually be easier to air counter the enemy by jumping U/B
	    with this!


-Dashing Straight-

Description: Jack dashes forward with a powerful straight punch.

A good reactionary move because it is charged defensively. The thing to
remember about the Dashing Straight is that its recovery is better than most
think--only the fastest of buffered counters will take it out if blocked.
Against those who aren't experienced against C.Jack, use this quite often,
because they will block it always. After they block, you can frequently get
in a Throw (you have to walk about a step when it is blocked before you can
Throw, so don't think it is an invincible tactic!). The Dashing Straight can 
however be taken out by low attacks in the middle of the dash (both Bison's
C.Roundhouse and Skullomania's SkulloSlide come to mind); those who have 
some experience will do this instead, so refrain from throwing this out 
unless you're sure it'll hit OR you bring it out close enough that they are 
forced to block it.

-Dashing Upper-

Description: C.Jack exclaims "Upper!" and dashes forward with a powerful

Use only in special circumstances. The Dashing Upper has even faster 
recovery than the Dashing Straight, so if they DO block it, try for a Throw.
However, it can be easily ducked, giving the enemy a significant amount of
time to counter. For this reason, it should only be used if you're sure 
it'll connect, OR if the enemy is jumping from far; this will take out 
almost all jumping moves. Note, though, that it also knocks the enemy back
less than the Straight if blocked, so it makes a slightly better tick. It
also is a slightly better combo finish, because it knocks down (good UNLESS
you want to buffer into a Super Combo).

-Turn Punch-

Description: C.Jack turns his back briefly, then lunges forward with a 
	     powerful straight punch.

Pretty much the same as Balrog's. It is invulnerable when he turns his back
briefly, HOWEVER the amount of time he is invincible is IMO much shorter 
than Balrog's, and quite difficult to time. For this reason, I think it is a 
bad idea to use this for projectile countering, especially when you have so
many other ways to deal with projectiles. Still, this move isn't useless; 
like Balrog's, the longer you charge it, the more damage you do (this is
indicated by the number that Jack exclaims when he does the punch). It is
not essential to good C.Jack play, but it is a good idea to be charging 3
punches during the round, especially if the opponent throws attacks out
without thinking; just make sure that when you use it, that it is fully 
charged to do MAXIMUM damage (and the max damage is more than his SCs!) when 
it hits. BTW, the recovery is a little slower than the Dashing Straight, but 
it can still act as a tick on slower enemies.
Basically, you have a choice. If you think you can work without either your
punches or kicks, then you should use this often while staying defensive,
and counter EVERYTHING with a long-charged Turn Punch (the round could be
over quickly!). However, it does limit you in many ways, especially if you
wanna do any decent combos...

-Batting Hero-

Description: C.Jack whips out a bat and swings it in front of him.

-Soccer Kick-

Description: C.Jack performs a powerful swinging kick.

Both of these attacks will knock the enemy across the screen if they 
connect, and they do great damage. However, their main use is that they can
knock projectiles back at the opponent. For a defensive Jack, the Batting
Hero is a VERY important attack, as it allows him to knock back a projectile
and follow it in ala Guile. BTW, I usually only use the Batting Hero, as the
only advantage I see with the Soccer Kick is slightly better recovery if 
blocked. Either way, when using both attacks, only use Jab or Short, as they
come out and recover the fastest. 

-Cracker Blitz-

Description: C.Jack grabs the opponent and performs an automatic punch 
	     combo, ending with an uppercut that sends them flying away.

-Cyclone Toss-

Description: C.Jack picks the enemy up over his head, spins them around a
	     couple of times, then tosses them away with a growl.

If you're going for style, use the Cracker Blitz--if you're going for 
damage, then the Cyclone Toss is your choice, as it does more damage. Both
Throws are great weapons for an offensive C.Jack, stressing the S.Jab and
C.Jab as ticks up close, as well as blocked Dashing Straights (and even
better, Uppers).

-Guard Break; Double Punch-

Description: C.Jack rears back, then slams both his fists into the enemy's

When it connects, it'll stun the enemy enough to get in an easy combo. It 
is, however, extremely slow starting, so the enemy will see it coming and
counter with ease. See tactics for more info, as there is only one really
good setup for the Guard Break, except to use simply on persistent blockers
with slow reflexes.

-Super Combo 1; Crazy Buffalo-

Description: Jack lunges forward with repeated punches, then finishes with
	     either a big Straight, or big Upper.

A VERY fast SC coming out, and a great reactionary move. I find that, once 
it is charged, I can actually pull this off faster than the double QCT and
double QCB Super Combos. The Crazy Buffalo is a great all-purpose SC; it can
be used in defense after blocking and attack, or it can be pulled off 
extremely fast to take out the opponent's regular (and in some case Special)
attacks. It takes priority over every standing regular move, and low moves
as well IF it is buffered very early in their animation. It is also great in
combos. It can be taken out by a low attack or most Special Moves 
(projectiles) if the timing is correct, so make sure this connects; if it is
blocked, hold the kick button to do the Uppercut finish, which has slightly
better recovery than the Straight finish (by holding punch). BTW, when you
DO hold kick and it is blocked, its recovery is SO good that it is a VERY
GOOD TICK (only the occasional buffered SC will counter it!). USE THIS!!!
NOTE: if you begin to hold kick IMMEDIATELY as he starts up, he'll do all
uppercuts, and this works quite well as an air counter! (all hits, lotsa 

-Super Combo 2; Lazy Buffalo-

Description: C.Jack walks forward slowly with his hands out; if he connects
	     with his opponent, he will literally punch the shit outta them.

First off, this move is totally UNBLOCKABLE. Secondly, it is also TOTALLY
vulnerable during the dash. Just think of it as a super powerful version of
Zangief's Running Bear Grab (also a little slower). A great offensive tool,
if used right, it is also Cracker Jack's most powerful SC. Because it is 
unblockable, use ticks to open the opponent up to it, like blocked Dashing
Straights and Uppers (or BEST with a blocked Crazy Buffalo), and your Jabs 
and S.Short. Once this connects, it's well worth the trouble, and also 
wastes the clock nicely.

-Super Combo 3; Home-run Hero:

Description: Cracker Jack dashes low in a crouch, then rises with a powerful
	     uppercut that sends the enemy into the air.

The thing to note about this is that C.Jack does the crouch dash FIRST, 
then the screen goes dark for the SC; wherever Jack is when the screen goes
dark is where he will perform the upper, so get used to the range. This SC
is fast coming out and can surprise inexperienced opponents who don't see it
coming. When Jack crouch dashes, he avoids projectiles and high attacks, so
it's great for moving in and doing big damage when the opponent throws moves
out. Note that C.Jack must go under the projectile in the MIDDLE of his 
crouch dash, not at the beginning. In other words, don't perform the move
when you see your enemy draw back for the FB; wait until it has left their
hands, or else Jack'll get it right in the face.
Once the Home-run Hero connects, you're left free to juggle the opponent
with whatever you wish on his way down! (see combos) This makes the Home-run
Hero probably his best move.



Offensive Cracker Jack:

When playing Cracker Jack offensively, you must be VERY fast pulling off 
your moves, and stress ticks and combos up close. Only jump in when your foe
leaves themselves open for it (eg. projectile), and when they do, punish
them with a combo. Travel under projectiles with the Home-run Hero and 
follow with a big juggle combo. Once you've gotten up close, tick like mad
and don't be afraid to use a lot of Dashing Straights, because from this
range it is unlikely they can pull out a counter in time. Buffer the Crazy 
Buffalo into their regular attacks as often as possible too.

Defensive Cracker Jack:

IMO Jack plays a lot more effectively on defense; he has great air counters,
and use them to their fullest (i.e. the C.Fierce for close jump-ins, the
Dashing Upper for far jumpers). It is also much easier to block and counter,
especially with the Crazy Buffalo. At the same time, you should still take
advantage when you can and jump in for combos when the time arises. KNOCK
BACK AS MANY PROJECTILES AS POSSIBLE--then, follow them in with a combo, or
if they block, a Throw or Lazy Buffalo. In addition, a mean setup is to time
a Guard Break JUST right to hit as the enemy blocks their projectile, then
follow with a juicy combo!



FIRST, CORRECTION: you CANNOT buffer the Dashing Upper into an SC (except 
maybe the Home-run Hero?) because it knocks down.

C. Jack is capable of really devastating combos, especially when he has a
Super charged and ready. Remember to ALWAYS have your joystick in the 
defensive crouch (D/B) position, even when jumping or attacking.
NOTE: to buffer Jack's Dashing Straight into an SC, you simply have to tap 
B, F+any punch QUICKLY during the move; this is possible because the 
initial charge B, F from the Special Move also doubles as the first half of 
the SC motion. The only restriction to this is that you must buffer the SC 
in as soon as the Dashing Straight/Upper has started, so in other words, 
you cannot perform a Dashing Straight/Upper from a distance, then buffer in 
the SC when you get to the opponent. Both B, F motions must be done as one
fluid move.

UPDATE: You can buffer the Crazy Buffalo in a LAZY BUFFALO! The two by 
	themselves do nearly 60% damage!

Cracker Jack combos:

1. J.Roundhouse, C.Roundhouse

Comments: a quick and easy 2-hit jump in, and is the only combo Jack can
	  really do if he is not charged for a Special Move.

2. J.Roundhouse, C.Forward XX Fierce Dashing Straight/Roundhouse Dashing 

Comments: GREAT damage, and you can finish with either the Dashing Straight
	  or Dashing Upper; I'd recommend the Upper, as it knocks down and
	  has more ticking potential if blocked. 3 hits.

3. J.Roundhouse, C.Jab XX Jab Dashing Straight XX Crazy Buffalo

Comments: C.Jack can buffer his Jabs as well as the C.Forward, but they 
	  will rarely connect, so use the latter more often. Remember for
	  the last part, you need only perform the Dashing Straight then
	  quickly tap B, F+any punch for the Super. Great damage, 8 hits.

4. Home-run Hero, Fierce Dashing Straight/Roundhouse Dashing Upper

Comments: the easiest single hit (besides a regular punch or kick) that can
	  follow the Home-run Hero SC. Altogether decent damage, 2 hits.
	  (BTW, the Dashing Upper, since it hits them higher, is slightly
	  easier to time.)

5. Home-run Hero, Turn Punch

Comments: the big thing about this combo is that you have the potential to
	  do OVER 50% damage if your Turn Punch is charged long enough!
	  Practice the timing on the release of the Turn Punch, as this 
	  combo is well worth it--2 hits.

6. J.Roundhouse, C.Forward XX Crazy Buffalo XX Home-run Hero, Roundhouse
   Dashing Upper

Comments: this is where C.Jack starts getting into the powerful 
	  combinations. You need 2 levels to pull this off, and the damage
	  is quite potent. Try to buffer the Home-run Hero into the Crazy
	  Buffalo as early as possible.

7. J.Roundhouse, C.Forward XX Jab Dashing Straight XX Crazy Buffalo XX 
   Home-run Hero, Short Dashing Upper XX Crazy Buffalo (hold kick)

Comments: I have confirmed this to work, and DAMN does it hurt. BTW, try to 
	  juggle the opponent with the Short Dashing Upper as late as 
	  possible (the  enemy should be in front of Jack's face), that way 
	  all hits of the last Crazy Buffalo will connect. You of course 
	  need 3 levels on the Super meter. 15 hits!

8. J.Fierce, C.Jab XX Jab Dashing Straight XX Crazy Buffalo XX Home-run 
   Hero, Turn Punch

Comments: I HAVE CONFIRMED THIS. If you charged the Turn Punch to its 
	  fullest, this combo does more damage than even #7! Note: charge 
	  the Turn Punch with all 3 kicks, leaving you the punches to do 
	  the jump-in, Jab and all the Specials and Supers (you'll need really 
	  flexible fingers to do this as well!) :)

9. Dashing Straight/Dashing Upper or Crazy Buffalo XX Lazy Buffalo

Comments: actually, this is just a really mean tick! :) Immediately after
	  the opponent blocks the initial move, buffer into the Lazy Buffalo
	  and snag them for 35+% damage! ;)

10. J.Roundhouse, C.Forward XX Jab Dashing Straight XX Crazy Buffalo XX
    Lazy Buffalo

Comments: I have discovered that you can buffer the Crazy Buffalo in a LAZY
	  BUFFALO! This is a very deadly tick (see #9) and more importantly
	  this will drain around 65-70% damage!

11. J.Roundhouse, C.Forward XX Jab Dashing Straight XX Crazy Buffalo XX 
    Home-run Hero, S.Fierce XX Roundhouse Dashing Upper XX Home-run Hero,
    C.Fierce XX Batting Hero

Comments: this is a confirmed 100% combo! Personally I would not use it, as
	  I like my fights to last (mind you, you do have to build up 3
	  levels...) the combo is pretty much self-explanatory, you just have
	  to get the timing down pat.



Vs. Ryu:

Ryu's up to his old tricks, literally. The FB is almost as fast as it used
to be in SF2, and he can play the FB keep-away fairly well still. Whenever
he throws FBs, knock them back with the Batting Hero and follow them in; if
you're close enough, jump over the FBs instead and combo. Once you get up
close you can usually take priority over him with your Jabs and the 
C.Forward (just watch for the Vacuum Hurricane!). You can take out his HK
with the Dashing Upper, though you will frequently trade hits. Probably your
most-used move in this fight is the Home-run Hero--use it to travel under 
all of his FBs (remember, wait 'till they're out of his hand!) and even his
Shinkuu-Hadouken. You can also slip under his HK and punch him into the sky
for a juggle.

Vs. Ken:

Still DPs too much, unless he's any good. Remember that the Shoryuken is NOT
invulnerable on the way up, and from a distance you can usually knock him
out of it with a Dashing Upper, either on the way up, OR down. His FB has 
been sped  up almost to the original speed as well, so again you'll probably
stress the Batting Hero and Home-run Hero (see Ryu). The thing to watch for
is his high-priority Shoryureppa up close, and his reversal DP (don't jump
in for a meaty attack very often!). ;)

Vs. Chun Li:

Your Dashing Upper or Straight will take out her SBK, and occasionally trade
hits. If you block her Lightning Kick, counter promptly with a Dashing move
or SC. You can also counter her new Swallow Kick with the Batting Hero,
Dashing Upper OR Home-run Hero. In addition, you can usally take her out up
close with your Crazy Buffalo or regular attacks. Bottom line: she's screwed
until she has at least one SC, in which case you simply have to be careful
not to throw anything out carelessly.

Vs. Zangief:

FOR GOD'S SAKE, STAY AWAY! 'Gief's Throws are brutal in SFEX, and his 
ticking works almost as well as it did in ol' SF2! For this reason, refrain
from going offensive unless he leaves an opening. Punish Running Bear Grabs
from out of range with a Dashing Straight, Turn Punch or SC. Up close his
moves take priority over most of yours (except the Crazy Buffalo), so try to
stay away. Basically, hope he makes a mistake you can counter. BTW, you can
counter his silly Shin Kick SC with a simply Dashing Straight from a 
distance (or Turn Punch). Unless the Z you're playing has REALLY good 
reflexes, don't be afraid to pull out Dashing Straights and Uppers even if
he blocks; tick the ticking bastard and go into a Throw or Lazy Buffalo! :)

NOTE: I now have my Zangief FAQ posted...

Vs. Pullum:

My friend has taken a liking to the Arabian bitch, and DAMN is she fast.
Thankfully, Pullum Purna tends to jump too often, and you can take out even
her downward Drill Kick with a Dashing Upper (may trade hits occasionally).
She can distance you well with her long-range S.Roundhouse as well, so 
refrain from going offensive often in this fight; if you block her Ground
Drill Kick, counter QUICKLY with a Dashing Straight as she bounces off. 
Don't jump often, as she has a DAMAGING Flip Kick. Her Forward Flip SC is
VERY potent, and will take out ALL low attacks (except maybe the Home-run
Hero????), so refrain from throwing them often within her range. One mistake
for her is using that Cyclone Kick SC too often, she sits spinning in 
position ala Ryu's Vacuum Hurricane, and you can easily counter with a 
Dashing Straight or Home-run Hero+juggle combo.

Vs. Cracker Jack:

If he goes offensive, the mirror match isn't too difficult. Counter his 
frequent Dashing Straights with a C.Roundhouse (FAST) or the Home-run Hero.
When he jumps, counter accordingly. Up close, it's all a matter of who has
the faster reflexes to buffer in the Crazy Buffalo... :)

Vs. Hokuto:

Not much on her, except that she is quite fast. Most of her moves are dodge-
and-counter, so stay defensive yourself and coax her into attacking, then
counter promptly. Jumping in is usually quite safe, with only her 
S.Roundhouse to provide any real protection. Once she has a level charged,
she has a devastating Super FB, which is higher than Ryu's, and can actually
act as an air counter if buffered very late. She can also buffer it into 
your Dashing punch, so make sure you're right up close when you use one.

NOTE: I MAY do a FAQ on Hokuto--she appears to have a LOT of potential...

Vs. Doctrine Dark:

Watch out for the Explosive! Don't throw out any Dashing Straights/Uppers in
this fight, as you can sometimes dash right on top of an Explosive if you've
mistimed it. Jump his Snap Wires as often as possible, and be sure to hold
back, since his recovery is usually so bad that you can land and do a 
Dashing Straight/Upper before he retracts the Wire. Up close you're pretty
evenly matched, even when you both have levels on the Super meter--he has 
the Dark Slicer and you have the Crazy Buffalo for priority, so again don't
throw anything out and play on his mistakes.

Vs. Skullomania:

This guy is overpowered IMO. He can perform his "SkulloCrasher" and 
"SkulloSlide" (damn, what stupid names!) as well as the Super versions of 
both to take out any of your slower moves from a distance. Up close isn't
much of a problem, so try to get in close, and tick like crazy! Not much 
else on this tart.

Vs. Blair Dame:

Damn, she's good! (That's why I like using her!) ;). First and most 
importantly, she can take out either of your Dashing moves (and the Crazy
Buffalo!) with her Sliding Arrow, so only use them when you're sure
they'll connect or get blocked. PUNISH any missed or blocked Rising Knee 
(can't remember the name of the move). Other than that, remember above all
else not to throw out low moves when she has a Super charged (her Mirage
Arrow goes over them).

NOTE: I now have a FAQ out for Blair Dame... either on a.g.sf2, my homepage,
      and gamefaqs.com

Vs. Allen Sneider:

Also a fav of mine, Allen's IMO the best and most diverse of the shoto-bros.
Most scrub Allen players will use the good ol' FB crap; if so, stress the
Jab Batting Hero, and jump-in combos when you're close enough. I see a lot
of Allen players over-using his Justice Fist, which has possibly the longest
recovery of any Special Move in the game! It has good priority however, but
remember that you can counter with ANYTHING if you block it or it misses.
Other than that, the only thing you really have to worry about is a Reversal
Rising Dragon (meaning, CAREFUL with the meaty attacks!), and his Triple 
Break SC, which has good priority up close and can set you up for combos as 
damaging as your own!

NOTE: I am also have an Allen Sneider FAQ on my page, as well as a.g.sf2 and

Vs. Kairi:

No one's played him here yet! I played a little with him, and I know he's
basically like Ryu (i.e. 1-hit DP, 3-hit HK, FB). However, he has an AMAZING
rising uppercut SC, which makes an awesome air counter, so be careful here.

NOTE: I MAY do a FAQ on Kairi (I like his SCs and Throws...)

Vs. Darun:

Sweet Jesus, this guy's more devastating than 'Gief! (Still not as cool,
though!) Above all alse, try VERY hard to stay away from him, and keep on
the defensive to play on his mistakes. His Larait Punch has surprising range
and speed, so don't pull anything out of the blue; he can also lunge forward
and grab you just about anywhere with the Ganges DDT--basically, if you keep
away, the only thing you have to worry about is his Super Lariat Punch; 
which takes good priority over your attacks. STAY AWAY!!!!



-more Vs. Strategies
-any correction on tactics
-more info on his story



Thanks to Arika for a great game, and thanks to Lancer for his info.
Also a big thanks to Happy Man Arcade for finally getting a game in fairly
early! Finally a big thanks to Jason Jamieson (cka@efni.com), Jarvis, that
dude with the pink hat, that guy who gave me a few good fights with Blair
Dame (especially him!) and all the other guys at Happy Man for playing me. :)

This and other FAQs can be accessed at my homepage:


You can also e-mail me at:


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