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FAQ/Move List by Darklancer

Version: 2.00 | Updated: 06/12/97

	S T R E E T  F I G H T E R S    E X     F A Q    VERSION 2.00 

Warning : This FAQ is NOT for sale nor for any profit purpose.
	  Please ask the permission before distribute it on the internet.

Warning2: This FAQ is solely made for personal interest of the game.
          The moves are translated from various Japanese Magazines and
          The English move names are literally translated by the this FAQ 
          author, it does not represent Official 's move names.
          None any part of this FAQ is to be published on profit purpose
          English articles like : Game magazine, hint books, ...etc.
          without the approve or credit of the author !!!
          ( I don't make this FAQ for others out there to copy it and make
            profit !!!!!  Understand !!??)

[ Best viewed with MS-DOS EDITOR or WINDOW NOTEPAD ]

Date created : 26/12/96
Version 1.5
[ More Moves added,fight Gouki condition added,version date 29/12/96 ]
Version 1.55
[ Move names(some) translated,hidden Character added,version date 11/1/97 ]
Version 1.56
[ Skullo Dream Final added version date 19/1/97 ]
Version 1.60
[ Beta hidden chars moves added,some minor corrections .date 22/1/97 ]
Version 1.61
[ Alternate colours for Skullomania .date 25/1/97 ]
Version 1.65
[ Moves of hidden chars updated,some minor updates. date 7/2/97 ]
Version 1.70
[ Conditions to use hidden chars,Gouki moves ,fight Garuda.etc.Major update.
  date 15/2/97 ]
[ Gouki 's move corrected. date 17/2/97]
Version 1.72
[ Some corrections 21/2/97 ]
Version 1.75
[ Garuda move name + corrections corrections ... 25/2/97 ]
Version 1.76
[ More Move names corrected 27/2/97 ]
Version 1.80
[ Tactices added, grammar corrected 5/3/97 ] 
Version 1.85
[ More Corrections, more details on new characters' background 2 April 97 ] 
Version 1.87
[ Warning 2 added  12 April 97 ]
Version 1.90
[ Add SkulloDreamFinal description, some updates 7 May 97 ] 
Version 2.00
[ Add Blair 50+ virtual hits, Seiyuu list, add some background info,
  updated on 12 June 97 (Final Update?)]



360=spin joystick once around
s=store for 2 sec
bk=back , fw=forward , dn=down , up=up
[ Countries Versions ]

Street Fighter EX is distribute in 2 versions : Japanese version and 
American version .
There are some differences in these two versions, therefore there are 
sometimes 2 names for the characters in this FAQ .

Version                   U.S
Language		English
Background    Hokuto's stage is different (pagoda is distorted)              
Sound             no speech when win (can be switch "on" ?)           
Censored      D.Dark 's Punch throw (Neck slice) is changed to normal throw
Ending        No ending discription .Immediately staff roll.
	      Japan version has ending discription in Japanese .
[ Game System ]

Play is just like other Streetfighters games, but include new systems like :

GUARD BREAK : To destroy opponent 's defence, and leave the opponent open for 
	      The command for G.B(guard break) is same for all characters: 
	      press LP+LK or MP+MK or HP+HK . 
	      It consumes 1 super meter .
SUPER CANCEL: After using a super combo , another super combo can be used 

[ Characters and Background ]

Pullum Purna  : 
She is the fastest fighter in the world ! Grand daughter of an Arabia millionaire.
1st player :Dressed up as a young Arabian girl , pony tail , white top , 
blue pant .
Background info : 
Pullum grew up without any worries in a rich family. She was trained by her
grandfather(?) who told her to keep away from a room in the palace.
One day, out of curiousity, she went into the room which had a huge monitor
at the center. 
"Everything belongs to Shadoloo !"   
A shadow appears on the monitor which vanished seconds later. Pullum wonders
about 'Shadoloo' and the shadow. She finally made up her mind to find this
shadow and join 'Shadoloo' ... and her first step into streetfighting... 

Stage : Inside a Middle East type palace , with red curtains , and marble 
	pillars .Some Butterflies at the back.

Hokuto :
She used the fighting style of Bushinruu (same as Guy)
Dress up as typical Japanese dojo , white head band , white top ,red chest guard,dark blue pant.
A qoute from Donny Chan:{Her [Hokuto] blue and white costume, with a red chest
protector, looks more like a Kyuudou costume than an Aikidou costume.
IMO it's sort of cute. ^^; }

Background info :
At the age of 17, Hokuto learned that her elder brother was missing.
"Hokuto, find your brother and stop him before he steps in the path of the
'Shura' ... and you shall embarks the Bushinruu tests ... " 

Stage : Nighttime , a square , a beautiful Pagoda can be seen at the back , 
	with Cherry Blossom trees surrounding the square. 

Chunli :
Interpol anti-drug officer.
Dressed up as in SF II world warrior  .
Stage : Daytime , China 's "Tian An Muan" square .
        Some birds in the background. The People's Assembly Hall is in the
        other direction. The text left of Chairperson Mao's pic says "Long
        live the People's Republic of China." The text right of Chairperson
        Mao's pic says "The people of the world [something]."

Doctrine Dark : 
Assassin from the "special assassin troop"
He was under Guile but later Rolento destroy his whole troop.He inturn,
hates Guile for that.
Dressed up as a special squad , wear a ventilating mask,dark blue bullet proof 
vest? with a logo on the back.Gold hair and wide open eyes .... weird . 

Background info : 
D.dark was from Germany who look forward to be in America 's special force.
Later he was admitted to a special squad under Guile.But during a war
in Germany(?), Rolento, using underdog tactices, destroyed the whole 
squad. D.Dark, covered in blood, was the only one found alive ...
One night, the nurse at a hospital found that a patient called 'Doctrine
Dark' was gone ...

Stage : In a sewage tunnel , characters ' legs are inmerged in the water . 
        Dim lights and graffiti on the wall ...

Best wrestler in Russia ,nicknamed "The Red Cyclone"
Dressed up as in SF II world warrior .
Stage : Daytime , an Industry site .

Skullomania :
Fighting Mania Hero who wants to get rid of all evil in this world . 
Dress up in a suit of Skeleton .
Background info : [ A white collar who has a caring family ,..just want to
be a SuperHero ...]

Stage : In a Amusement Park . At the back is a big Cardboard? of an devil ,
	merry-go-round ...

Cracker Jack :
A Bouncer for hire ! 
Dressed up as a sheriff?(More like an Italian bouncer).
Wears a cowboy hat, has sideburns, wears white shirt ,a red tie ,blue pant 
Background info : 
[ He is from Europe.
His job is a bodyguard in a Bodyguard Group . But one day he decided to 
leave the group. . . and later become the bodyguard of Blair.] 

Stage : Daytime , Europe? .European style houses and a small fountain at the 

Guile :
U.S. Army
Stage : Dusk , a airbase .Fighter planes and some buildings in the background. 
        Dust on the ground.

Ken :
Needs no introduction.  
Stage : Daytime Countryside .Trees shade the whole scene , a hut and 
        two deers can be seen at the back .

Ryu :
Needs no introduction.
Stage : Cloudy , a Rocky place .
Looks like a rocky beach at the base of some cliffs. Some red
banners in the background in one direction; a red Japanese gateway
and a large Buddhist statue in the background in another direction.
Sometimes there's rain, and when the camera angle changes, the rain
always falls perpendicular to the ground.

Vega (M.Bison) :
Shadoloo 's Leader .
Dressed up as in SF II .
Stage : Daytime ,Thailand.Golden Temples ,a Thai 's style golden boat ,some 
	palm trees ....

Gouki (Akuma) :
A terror who uses Satsu no hado .
Dressed up as in SSFIIX (but not wearing sandals?)
Demo  : as about to fight Vega , the view zoom in ,then black out ,with 
        sparks of hits combo,then screen change to VS demo screen.
Stage : same as Vega .

Garuda :
Representing a Samurai with the mask of a skull.
Wears a dark red armor, orange massive hairs struck out at the back of 
his helmet.Attack with shinning sharp pointed object from his body.
Stage : Dark Japanese room with doors decorated with drawings.(Japan Version)
        Most likely in a temple .A gateway of somesort can be seen...
        RYU 's stage. (USA version)

Allen Snider :
He was defeated by Ken during a tournament and he has come back to challenge 
Ken again ! Hot Blood type fighter !
Dressed up just like Ken/Ryu except that it is in purple or white(2P). 

Background info :
Allen expects himself to be the best in US untill he was defeated by Ken
in a tournament. "You are TOAD in the well!" Ken said. 
"This toad is gonna leap from the well into the world!" 
The insult made Allen steps into the world of streetfights...

Stage : Thailand 

Blair Dame : 
In blue bodysuit and metalplated boots ,bare thighs ,and white shin guards.
Her blue hair is tide up.   
Background info : 
[ She is from a rich family and was well educated. She was tought the skill of
fighting. Her friend persuade her to see the world by travelling around.
She was very interested about it. Her mother supported her and has
secretly hired a bodyguard to protect her ...]

Stage : Cracker Jack stage

Darun Mister : 
A wrestler from India who has heard of Zangief 's name and is out to challenge
Big muscle guy ,very short hair, a thick moustach ,wears a gold belt . 
White shorts,gauntlets,and boots.

Background info :
[ A wrestler of a underground wrestling federation ]

Stage : Thailand

Kairi : 
Same Clan as GUY (FinalFight,SFZ,SFZ2) , brother of Hokuto.
A Shura who got a scar on his face.

Background info : 
"Who am I ?"  Kairi lost his memories about his pasts and family .
He fights to find out who he is ... and the fights have lead
him to the path of 'shura' ... 

Stage : Hokuto 's stage



Sakotsuwari       :  G.B
Senpukyaku        :  fw,MK

HADOKEN           :  QCF , PUNCH             
SHORYUKEN         :  fw,dn,fwdn , PUNCH          
HURRICANE KICK    :  ( QCB , KICK ) x 3       

[ Super Combos ]
Shinkuu Hadoken   :  QCFX2 , PUNCH           
Shinkuu Tatsumakisenpukyaku     : QCBX2 , KICK
Air Shinkuu Tatsumakisenpukyaku : in air , QCBx2 , Kick

KEN  MASTER                           

Inazuma kakato wari (Lighting heel cut) :   G.B
Forward roll                        :  QCB,Punch
Jigokukazaguruma (Windmill of Hell) :  in air,near enemy,bk or fw or dn+MP

HADOKEN          :  QCF,PUNCH                     
SHORYUKEN        :  fw,dn,fwdn PUNCH 
HURRICANE KICK   :  ( QCB,KICK ) x 4          

Shoryureppa      :  QCFX2,PUNCH             
Shinryuken       :  QCFX2,KICK 


Senenshuu                       :  G.B

Sou Shou Da (Double Blow)       :  fw,MP
Yousoukyaku (Eagle Claw )       :  jump , dn + MK
Ryuseiraku  (DragonStar Throw)  :  in air,near enemy,dn or fw or bk + MP

SPINNING BIRD KICK              :  QCF  KICK   
HIENJYUU  (Flying Swallow Kick) :  QCB  KICK            



Elbow Stamp                      G.B

Spinning Back Knuckle            fw,HP
Rolling Sabot                    fw or bk ,MK
Heavy Stab Kick                  fw or bk ,HK
Flying Buster Drop               in air,near enemy,dn or fw or bk + MP

SONIC BOOM                       back,s,forwd ,PUNCH
SOMMERSAULT KICK                 down,s,up , KICK

Opening Gun Bit                  bk,s,fw,bk,fw PUNCH
DOUBLE SOMMERSAULT KICK          bkdn,s,fwdn,bkdn,up,K



Flying Body Attack              Jump , dn + HP
Back Drop                       near back of enemy , fw + HK

DOUBLE LARIAT                   ALL PUNCH
S. PILEDRIVER                   360,PUNCH
SIBERIAN SUPLEX                 360,KICK

FINAL ATOMIC BUSTER             360 x 2,PUNCH or ALL PUNCH (level3)
SUPER STOMPING                  QCFX2,KICK  
STOMPING CANCEL                 During Super Stomping ,QCB Kick 


Bukyakuzan   (Dancing Slash)      : G.B

Chuuhou      (Elbow Crash)        : fw,HP
Gaishuu      (Snipe Kick)         : fw,HK
Ryusui       (Flowing Water)      : near, bk,HCB  Punch

Chuugekihou  (Elbow Attack Crash) : QCF  Punch
Shougekiha   (Crushing Blow)      : during Chuugekihou , QCF Punch
Gokyakukou   (counter attack)     : bk,dn,bkdn,  Punch
Shinnkuugeki (Swift Attack)       : QCB  Punch
Shinnkyakugeki (Swift Kick)       : QCB  Kick
Shin (Swift)  :  during Shinnkuugeki or Shinnkyakugeki , QCB  P or K
[ Super Combos ]
Kineneki   ("Qi" shoot)           : QCB x 2  Hold Punch
Kyakuhougi (Skill of Phoenix)     : QCB x 2  Kick


Arakuru star Ankuru             G.B

Arakuru Risuto                  fw,MP
Arakuru Risuto                  Jump dn,MP
Dance.Uindo                     in air near enemy,fw or dn or bk+MP
FUeMINAUINDO  (double jump)     in air ,up once

Purim Kick                      fw,dn,dnfw  Kick
Ten' el Kick                    QCB  Kick
Drill Purrus 			QCF  Kick
Drill Purrus 40°,60°,80°        Jump QCF  Kick

[ super combos ]
Puraekh Ra'am                   QCB x 2  Kick (can be done in air)
Res Al khana                    QCF x 2  Kick


SHUDDER Blade     : G.B

KNIFE nightmare   : fw,MP
DEATH spinkick    : fw,MK

KILL Blade        : fw,dn,dnfw  Punch
DARK Wire         : QCF  Punch
DARK Hold         : when D.wire hit , bk + Punch
DARK Spark        : when D.wire hit , punch
EX-plosive        : QCF  Kick

[ super combos ]
KILL Trump        : QCF x 2  Punch
DARK Shackle      : QCF x 2  Kick


Taunt                   :  360 + HP 

Skullopunch             :  G.B

Step in Upper           :  fw ,MP
Kakato otoshi           :  fw ,MK
SkulloDash              :  fw,fw (can hit enemy) 
SkulloBackflip          :  bk,bk

Skullohead              :  fw,dn,dnfw  Punch
SkulloCrasher           :  QCF  Punch
SkulloSlider            :  QCF  Kick
SkulloDive              :  bk,dn,dnbk  Punch
SkulloTkatchov          :  bk,dn,dnbk  Kick , hold LP+MK+HP for score
(technical term of gymnastics)

[ super combos ]
Super SkulloCrasher     :  QCF x 2 Punch
Super Skulloslider      :  QCF x 2 Kick
Skullo Dream            :  LP,LP,fw,LK,HP
Skullo Dream Final      :  During Skullo Dream , hold LP+MK,
			   dn,bk,fw,fw,dn,bk  , enter the move
			   immediately when first hit .

--*Notes on SkulloDream Final*--
Many people have ask me about what S.D.Final does since many can't succeed in
executing it.
The correct timing is : when execute S.Dream, hold LP+MK(don't let go),
when Skullo hits the opponent, shift down, then in the second scene, 
shift back, then in third scene, shift forward .... and so on. The 
timing between each scene is about 1/2 sec.
If you succeed, Skullo will shoot a laser during the 7th scene, so 
it is not a finishing move althought the name "S.D.Final" ...
It will not cause extra damge . 


Double Arm Punch        :  G.B

Dash Straight           :  bk  s  fw  Punch
Dash Upper              :  bk  s  fw  Kick
Final Turn Punch        :  hold all Punch or all Kick ,then release 
Batting Hero            :  HCF  Punch   /* can hit away projections ! */
Soccer Ball Kick        :  HCF  Kick    /* can kick away projections! */

[ super combos ]
Home Run Hero           :  QCB x 2  Punch
Crazy Jack              :  bk s fw,bk,fw  Punch ,
			   then press P for straight , or K for Upper 
Lazing Baffulo          :  bk s fw,bk,fw  Kick

  --------------------- TIME RELEASE CHARACTERS -------------------------


Ganges Chop		: G.B
*(Ganges:a river in India)

Ganges DDT		: in air ,near fw or dn or bk + HP
Daran Catch  (counter)	: bk,dn,bkdn  punch

Lariat                            : fw,dn,fwdn  punch 
                                    /*light Lariat hit away projection!*/ 

Ganges DDT		          : fw,dn,fwdn  Kick
Brahma Bomb		          : 360 punch
(*Brahma:a Hindu god)
Indora Hashi  (Bridge of Indra)   : 360 kick
(*Indra:a Hindu main god)

[ supercombos ]
Tasogane Lariat (Lariat of Dusk)     : QCF x 2 punch
Indora ~~ Hashi (Bridge of Indra)    : QCB x 2 kick
Chouuzetsukishin Bomb                : 360 x 2 punch
("SuperDevilGod" Bomb,translate:"Dynamic" Bomb)


Bukyaku	 (Martial kick)	     : G.B

Ryubu	 (Martial of Dragon) : fw MK

Shinkihatsudou (God Force Initialise)  : QCF punch
Maryuunetkou   (Demon Dragon's Flash)  : fw,dn,fwdn punch
Mouryuukasen   (Phantom Whirl)         : ( QCB kick ) x 3 

[ supercombos ]
Sairoukyoushu  (Coyote Murderer)       : QCB x 2 punch
Shinkihatsudou (God Demon Initialise)  : jump QCF x 2 punch
Kyoujyanenbu   (Evil Omen Dance)       : LP LP fw LK HP 


Jumping knuckle         : G.B

Uriya-! Kick		: fw, MK

Uotsushiya-!!		: near HCB Kick
(Its pronunciation is Uossha-)

Soul Force              : QCF punch
Raising Dragon          : fw,dn,fwdn punch
Justice Fist            : bk,dn,bkdn punch /* can hit away projection!*/

[ supercombos ]
Fire Force              : QCF x 2 punch
Triple Break            : QCF x 2 kick


Trick Kick		: G.B

Te Gatana(Hand chop)    : fw MP
Step side kick          : fw MK 

Lightning Knee          : fw,dn,fwdn Kick
Shoot Kick	        : QCB kick , QCB Kick, QCB Kick
Shoot Upper             : fw,dn,fwdn Punch 
Sliding Arrow           : QCF Kick

Mirage Combo Kick       : QCF x 2 punch
SpinSide Shoot          : QCF x 2 kick 

  ------------------------- CHALLENGERS ------------------------------


GOUHAKEN  	  :  G.B			

Forward Roll                         : QCB punch 
SENPUUKYAKU			     : fw + MK
TENMAKUJINKYAKU  (Demon Dive Kick)   : jump , dn MK
ASHURA SENKUU    (War God Warp )     : fw,dn,fwdn or bk,dn,bkdn + 3P or 3K

GOUHADOKEN              (Great! Fireball)         : QCF punch
SHAKUNETSU HADOKEN      (Flamming Fireball)       : HCB punch
ZANKU HADOKEN           (Air Slash Fireball)      : jump QCF punch
GOUSHORYUKEN            (Great! Dragonpunch)      : fw,dn,fwdn punch
TATSUMAKI ZANKUU KYAKU  (Hurrican Air Slash Kick) : ( QCB kick )x4  

[ super combos ]
MESATSUGOUHADO          (Destructive Great Fireball)   : QCBx2 punch
MESATSUGOUSHORYU        (Destructive Great DragonPunch): QCFx2 punch  
TENMAGOUZANKUU          (Demon Great Air Slash )       : jump QCFx2 punch  
SHUN-GOKU-SATSU         (Instant Hell Murder)          : LP,LP,fw,LK,HP
							  level 3 only

GARUDA  <<can't be use>>

Saiga		:  G.B

Bu              :  invicible forward move

Jyuuki          :  air throw

Zanki   (Slash the Ghost) :  shoulder charge
KyouJya (Insane Snake)    :  leap forward with few kicks

Kizan	(Demon Slash)	: Upward Spinning Cut
Zyazan  (Snake Slash)   : Downward thrust from the air
Shuuga  (Attack Fang)   : forward thrust
Gouga   (Bomb Fang  )   : flying body attack
Gen	(Illusion   )   : disappear(Garuda) if been hit
Raiga   (Lighting Fang) : 2 Side upward thrust

[ supercombos ]
Kienbu  (Dance of Demon Swallow) : Ground/Air Spinning Top 

  ---------------------------- BOSS -------------------------------------

VEGA ( M.BISON )  <<can't be use>>

PSYCHIC CRUSH           : G.B

DOUBLE KNEE  PRESS      : Leap forward and attack with kicks
HEAD STOMP              : Leap into the air and stand on opponent 's head
SOMMERSUALT SKULL DIVER : after HEAD STOMP, attack with fist while coming down
PSYCHO CRUSHER          : fly towards opponent with body covered in force

[ super combos ]
PSYCHO CANNON           : Charge up a energy ball in the hand and throw it
KNEE PRESS NIGHTMARE    : same as DOUBLE KNEE PRESS but with more kicks



<< Conditions to fight Gouki ( Akuma ) >>
   -- Get 8  wins streak continuously against CPU .
      (That means you can still lose a round in stage 1 or stage 9)
or -- Get 32 wins streak against human player .

<< SKULLOMANIA 's alternative colour >>
   -- hold start ,press :
      LP = black (default)
      MP = red
      HP = purple
      LK = green	 	 	
      MK = yellow 
      HK = pink 

<< Conditions to fight Garuda >>
   --Get 2 perfects, get 4 super finishes on last round,
     use level 3 's supercancel once or 
     Zangief 's level 3  F.A.B./Gouki 's level 3 Demon Rage
     (Red flashing light indicate level 3) 
     (exception for Kairi and C.Jack ,they only need level 2)
     and require minimum combo hits for each character : 
     6 hits : Allen ,Darun
     7 hits : Ryu ,Ken ,Zangief ,Pullum ,C.Jack ,Blair
     8 hits : Guile ,Hokuto ,Skullomania ,Kairi
     9 hits : Gouki
     11hits : D.Dark
     12hits : Chunli

<< Conditions to release the 4 hidden Characters >>
   -- The machine is installed for 400 hours .(not 460hrs)
      The characters will be available automatically .
      (Move cursor to the left or right of Pullum or Skullomania)

<< Conditions to use Gouki >>
   -- The machine is installed for 400 hours .(Hidden chars available)
      At RYU , start once , dn x 3 , up x 4 ,press MP or MK .
   -- He can also be selectable after about 600(?) hours. 

<< Hear the Crowd cheers !! >>
   -- When Skullomania 's SkulloTkatchov,hold LP+MK+HP,a score will be given.
      10.00 = Bravo (crowd cheering can be heard)
      9.50 to 9.99 = Good (crowd cheering) 
      9.50 below = None ?
<< Hat Trick !!! >>
   -- When C.Jack hit back 15 projections in a stage , crowd cheers can be 
      heard !
   -- When C.Jack kick back 3 projections in a stage , it will show HAT TRICK
      + crowd cheers !!

<< Blair 's virtual 50+ combo hits !!! >>
   -- Need at least 2 levels of supermeter, finish the opponent with shoot 
      upper(1 hit) or SuperCombos. While the opponent is floating in the air
      do another SuperCancel and SuperCancel. The time will be freeze and
      as long as the timing is right, the opponent will be juggle in the 
      air. (The Super Meter will not be use up)      

<< BUG >> (provide by LION<lvilner@planete.net>)
   -- Skullomania : Do a taunt when the opponent is knock out of the 
      screen . Skullomania will not chase .The game will jam and the 
      one with most blood wins when time over. 

[ Technics to defeat CPU ]

Firstly,I classified the characters into 3 groups.
Projection   group : RYU, KEN, GOUKI, KAIRI, ALLEN, GUILE .
Slammer      group : ZANGIEF, DARUN .

The Projection group basic tactice is to throw a projection, then waits for
the CPU to jump towards player, then uppercut(shoryuken or down+heavy punch)
The CloseContact group basic tactice is to jump in and do combos, or 
waits for the chance to attack .
Slammer group, IMO, is the easiest to play in this game .Basic tactice is :
Jump Kick, land, 360 SpinningPileDriver move . Almost against all CPU !!
There is a trick in this game, which is the CPU will not move close to player
.By doing jump upward + Heavy kick, the CPU will not move any closer.

*Chunli 's basic tactic in this game is Spinning Bird Kick all the way !!

----- To defeat CPU 's 

RYU : He will mostly throw 2 hadokens after one another. 
      After he throw the first hadoken, waits for awhile, jump in and 
      combo !!.

KEN : He will use Hurrican kick or does 3 Shoryuken when a round starts.
      When Ken uses forward roll, throws him or jump away from him . 

GUILE : Jump in and combo after he throws a sonic boom. Do not jump attack 
        when he does not. Sometimes he will jump kick,then LP,LP,sonic boom
        cancel into SuperCombo, just block all of them and do what ever you 
        want when he come down(his super finish with a sommersualt)

PULLUM : At the beginning, she will use Drill Purrus, just block and sweep 
         her. After her blood is 1/3 and she got a meter or more, 
         she will try to get close and use her G.B. Try jump backward 
         when close to her, her G.B may not hits player.

C.JACK : Basic technic to fight him is to crounch ,then middle kick 
         when he get close. After blocking his supercombo(Crazy jack),
         throw him . For Darun, use heavy lariat after block Jack's
         batting hero or soccer kick.For D.Dark,uses light EXplosive. 

HOKUTO : Projection group: projection->uppercut->projection->uppercut...
         CloseContact : Skullo : repeat using skullocrasher ,or skullodive
                        Chunli/Blair : jump MK,down MKx2,jump MK ....
                        D.dark : repeat using EXplosive (middle)
                        Pullum : air Drill purrus, jump , air Drill purrus ..
			C.Jack : Jump kick,....
D.DARK : CPU will use light EXplosive then spinkick, jump in attack
         when he uses spinkick. For Hokuto : use SwiftAttack (QCB+P)
         from a distant.For Pullum : repeat air Drill purrus ... 

SKULLOMANIA : Block untill he uses Slide, then combo him !

ZANGIEF : projection group: throw projection, Zangief will use lariat, 
                            then sweep him .
          CloseContact : Basic  : Jump upward, Middle or Heavy Kick .
                         Hokuto : use SwiftAttack.
                         D.Dark : repeat EXplosive(light or middle)
                         C.Jack : DashStraight from a distant. 
                         S.mania: S.crasher . . . 

CHUNLI : Block low, when she jump, anti-air her.

VEGA : Block his PsychoCrusher, then throw him. Block his Headstomp,
       block again for his S.S Diver, then throw him. 
       For Skullomania : uses S.crusher . . .
GOUKI : be very alert ... that is all I can say ...

GARUDA : do not try to sweep him . do not jump in and attack him. 
         Jump upward + punch or kick to store up the meter.
         He will not come near. Then wait for him to attack, 
         after block his attack, use Super combos on him. 
         For projection group, players can throw projection
         from a distant, then wait for him to jump, then uppercut

[    Seiyuu ( Voice Actors ) for SFEX     ]

Ryu             Ishizuka Katashi
Ken             Iwanaga Tetsuya
Chun Li         Miyamura Yuuko
Guile           Genda Tesshou
Zangief         Takagi Wataru
Hokuto          Amano Yuri
Pullum Purna    Sakamoto Chika
Doctrine Dark   Takagi Wataru
Skullomania     Futamata Issei
Cracker Jack    Ginga Banjou
Kairi           Shiozawa Kaneto
Allen Snider    Hosoi Osamu
Darun Mister    Nagasako Takashi
Blair Dame      Tachibana Hikari
Gouki           Nishimura Tomomichi
Vega            Nishimura Tomomichi
Garuda          Hosoi Osamu


Thanks :
Game Kenkyukai
Luigi Coppola <mmul0@cental.sussex.ac.uk> [correct some errors!]
Gouku <gokuo@pacific.net.sg> [for me to browse his Gamest!]
Donny CHAN <crs1219@inforamp.net> [for more stages/chars' descriptions!]
Michael Chen <http://tknet.tku.edu.tw/~u4190805/>
[Thanks! For correcting most of the Japanese move names!]
Judson Lester  <lester@chartres.ee.tulane.edu>
[Thanks! For correcting most of the grammar mistakes!]
Greg Kasavin(shrike@slip.net)Neo Geo Mega Shock(http://www.slip.net/~shrike)
for the Seiyuu list !!

English translations of Hiragana/Kanji move names are author 's 
translation (literally),it does not represent Official 's move names. 

SFEX FAQ version 2.00  ------- 12 June 97

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Warning2: This FAQ is solely made for personal interest of the game.
          The moves are translated from various Japanese Magazines and
          The English move names are literally translated by the this FAQ 
          author, it does not represent Official 's move names.
          None any part of this FAQ is to be published on profit purpose
          English articles like : Game magazine, hint books, ...etc.
          without the approve or credit of the author !!!
          ( I don't make this FAQ for others out there to copy it and make
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