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Reviewed: 06/14/03 | Updated: 06/14/03

The ultimate incarnation of classic SF2.

At the time Super Turbo came out (1994), It had a lot to contend with in the arcade fighting scene. With the likes of fighters such as Mortal Kombat II, Killer Instinct, and Virtua Fighter, '94 was a banner year for fighting games. Unfortunately, Super Turbo was a merely a more refined take on the SFII formula, and basically slipped into obscurity. It's a shame that it never really seemed to be able to rise in popularity and become accepted with arcade gamers, at least in the US.

Nevertheless, Super Turbo was the apex of the original Street Fighter 2 games. Gameplay-wise, it basically perfected the SFII formula. Hyper Fighting's speed was restored, Super Combos debuted, landing from throws was implemented, and many new frames of animation were added. Unlike the first Super SFII game, Super Turbo lived up to the title of “super”. Completely playable and enjoyable after nearly 10 years, ST is still played avidly by old-school Street Fighter fanatics, including myself. Being the very last of the original SFII games, there is a certain aura to the game that was lost when the gameplay evolved in the Alpha, SF3, and Vs. games. The only gripe I have about the game is its notoriously hard CPU AI. It’s this extremely cheap AI that possibly had something to do with its lackluster popularity back in the day.

One aspect of Super Turbo that cannot be denied is it's influence on future tournament-caliber fighters. For a game to be accepted by the hardcore fighting elite, it has to have responsive controls, a deep, intricate fighting engine, and a balanced character lineup. Super Turbo is the first game I noticed to have all these qualities, qualities that are essential for fighters today. Some companies still fail to satisfy these requirements in 2003, and subsequently their games fail to have lasting appeal.

In the end, this is the SFII that Capcom wanted people to play, after 4 revisions. People often complain about the many rehashes and upgrades in fighters today. We must all keep in mind that companies are not trying to make easy money, they’re trying to perfect a fighting system that will be enjoyable years into the future. Continued flawed revisions won’t make a company any money. Super Turbo is a perfect example of a perfected revision of what was already great fun. That’s why it probably will still be getting quarters years into the future.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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