• Alternate New Challengers Colors

    When inputting the codes for the New Challengers versions of the characters, you can also select their old alternate colors by including LP or LP + LK at the end of the code.

    Choose New Challengers alternate colors.Press LP or LP + LK at the end of the New Challengers character codes.

    Contributed By: discoinferno84.

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  • alternative outfit color

    New outfit colorsAfter picking a character, press any punch or kick button, then press Fierce + Jab + Forward when choosing for the new color.

    Contributed By: djinni204.

    8    11

  • Pick Old Versions of Characters

    Select the corresponding new version of the character with Jab (ex. if you want O. Sagat pick Sagat), then enter the code below while the plane flies to the top of the screen then press Jab again. If done correctly you should hear a sound and your character's costume colors in their portrait should change. Old versions have no super combos and cannot reduce throw damage.

    Down, Down, Down, UpOld Chun-li
    Down, Down, Up, UpOld Dee Jay
    Down, Up, Up, DownOld Bison
    Down, Up, Up, UpOld Dhalsim
    Left, Left, Left, RightOld Ken
    Left, Left, Right, RightOld Fei Long
    Left, Right, Right, LeftOld Vega
    Left, Right, Right, RightOld Blanka
    Left, Right, Right, RightOld Blanka
    Left, Right, Right, Right.Old Zangief
    Right, Left, Left, RightOld Balrog
    Right, Right, Left, LeftOld T. Hawk
    Right, Right, Right, LeftOld Ryu
    Up, Down, Down, DownOld Guile
    Up, Down, Down, UpOld Sagat
    Up, Up, Down, DownOld Cammy
    Up, Up, Up, DownOld Honda

    Contributed By: Kouga, dinobotmaximized, and klon.

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  • Old Zangief's Magic Throw

    When playing as Old Zangief, it's possible to throw opponents regardless of how far away they are. You need to perform his Flying Power Bomb (360 Motion + MK) as a reversal attack, when he's recovering from a block. This works best against projectiles, but can be done as a reversal against any attack as long as the opponent is on the ground. This glitch is specifically used by Old Zangief, not the Super Turbo version.

    Contributed By: discoinferno84.

    5    4

  • Play As New Versions With Old Colors

    This requires a few steps: Start by playing as the old version of your character. Then, intentionally lose to the CPU. While on the continue screen, have Player 2 join. Wait until the character select screen appears, then press Start. Don't press anything until the timer runs out, and the game automatically selects your character. This will result in your character being the Super Turbo version, but they'll be wearing the old colors.

    Contributed By: discoinferno84.

    6    5


  • Fight Akuma

    There is a hidden boss named Akuma. To get to him, you must play through the one player mode with any character and beat every opponent without using any continues, in less than 1,500 seconds of total game time, or by having a score of over 1,200,000, or by holding an attack button for 2 seconds during the victory quote screen after winning 12 consecutive matches. If these conditions are met, Akuma will knock out M. Bison at the start of the final match and challenge you instead.

    Contributed By: Rugal and discoinferno84.

    11    10

  • Play as Akuma

    Highlight Ryu and hold for 3 seconds then,
    Highlight T.Hawk and hold for 3 seconds then,
    Highlight Guile and hold for 3 seconds then,
    Highlight Cammy and hold for 3 seconds Finally
    Highlight Ryu again and hold for 3 seconds then
    Press all 3 punches and Start at the same time at the end of you counting.

    Contributed By: dandy4.

    54    25

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