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Glitch FAQ by DDaniels

Version: 0.1 | Updated: 11/02/98

Subject: SF2 Classic Glitches FAQ
From: sf2freak@erols.com (David Wright)
Date: Mon, 02 Nov 1998 20:35:27 GMT
Newsgroups: alt.games.sf2

Street Fighter 2 Classic Arcade Glitch Faq
Version 0.1
Derek Daniels

So you have to be asking yourself the obvious, why am I writing a faq for a 
game that is over 7 years old now.  Well, I recently purchased a supergun 
(a device that has a JAMMA harness that allows you to play arcade games on 
your TV) and I recently acquired a SF2 classic.  Great I thought, now I can 
become that magic throwing scrub that I always wanted to be.  So I searched 
through many a newsgroup, web site, email and IRC channel looking for 
knowledge on this game. I quickly came to the conclusion that this game was 
poorly documented and the people that do have this knowledge are on the verge 
of forgetting it.  This faq is NOT a moves list, this faq is NOT a Callus faq 
(even though I'm sure the majority of this will work on Callus).  What this 
faq IS is a resource for someone who has purchased SF2 classic and would like 
an easily accessible document on the 'fun' part of SF2.

As usual, if I'm missing anything of if something is incorrect please let me 
know.  I only have access to Version 3 so if I'm wrong on other versions 
please let me know. I will try to make this as complete as possible the first 
time around, but I will continue to update it if need be.

Version Info
So now you have your sf2 classic and you are playing your over-powered guile 
wondering what version you have.  The general consensus is that there are 4 
different versions.  The 4th one being the rarest, and version 3 being the 
most common.  I've only see a version 4 once.  I'm not positive what the SNES 
version is based off of (most home versions are based on the most recent 
revision of the arcade but they may have just released version 3 bug free.  

Version 1 - Zangief is the key to determining this version.  Zangief's low 
roundhouse will hit Guile's low forward cleanly and his jumping strong has 
strange properties as well.  He can also SPD through anything -- outside of 
Guile's low fwd, outside of Chun's Lightning Leg, Honda's 100 Hand Slap, etc.  
Also his jumping short will take out all of Dhalsim's limbs.  All Guile 
Glitches work.  The only thing I'm unsure of on this version is Dhalsim's 
Invisible and Reset. Ken/Ryu may have had an endless hurricane kick glitch, 
and I think Guile's standing fierce into flash kick may have reset the 
machine, even though it was more than likely fierce throw into flash kick 
which reset the machine.

Version 2 - Zangief has been toned down, his low RH will trade more often 
instead of hitting cleanly.  Rumour has it that you can't jump straight up 
over dhalsim's jab fireball but this is unconfirmed.    If there ever was a 
Ken/Ryu endless hurricane kick it would have been removed in this version.  
You can do standing fierce into flash kick with Guile on this.  This may have 
been the version that introduced Dhalsim's invisible and reset as well.  
All Guile glitches work.

Version 3 - There are 2 easy ways to distinguish this version.  Honda's 
glitch only works on this version and Guile's free flash kick glitch resets 
the machine.  Dhalsim's invisibility resets the machine.  His reset glitch 
resets the machine as well.  All other Guile glitches work.

Version 4 - No glitches work.  The easiest way to discern this version is 
that all of Guile's sonic booms are the same speed no matter what button used 
(jab) and all of his flash kicks are the same height (short).


I guess I should have some type of preface describing what is a glitch and 
why it is here.  A glitch is essentially doing something that produces an 
unexpected or undesired result. Some of these are 'cool' as in Dhalsim's 
invisibility while others are really un-impressive.  But their end result is 
what we are after.  We seek out glitches to push a game's engine and try 
things that maybe the programmers didn't think of.  Sometimes amazing things 
are found out this way, the whole concept of buffering normal attacks into 
specials for instance.  It's unfortunate that the majority of programmers 
these days either release games buggy and only update them after everyone has 
found them out (while paying for their games mind you) or just put a limit on 
what you can do (cough maximum damage).

While I believe classic to be an amazing game (remember...all of this was 
based on practically nothing!!  Every concept they implemented set the ground 
rules for ALL fighting games to follow) as a fighting game, classic also has 
some of the most amazing glitches in the history of street fighter.  It 
amazes me to this day that there were so many people aware of Guile's magic 
throw across the world before the internet as we know it today took off. 
Gaming magazines weren't really a popular thing at this point and if they 
were they would have never made mention of it.  This is my attempt to finally 
put all of this in one easy to find place.  So without further ado, the 
glitches of SF2 classic.

First do a Jab Ball (charge back for two seconds then hit toward plus Jab) and 
immediately pull back to charge.  I prefer to do this all the way across the 
screen to allow a longer charge time.  After you hit the opponent you will 
bounce back.  Now, before you land push toward and fierce.  You will do a 
fierce roll that will not hit the opponent (it should but it just goes through
them).  I've heard this glitch should result in Blanka biting the enemy but
I have no idea why it should.  Shrug.

As far as I know Honda's glitch only works on Version 3.  All you have to do
is jump straight up then hit roundhouse.  Have the opponent try to block it 
high (it's a high attack).  If you have Version 3, you will go right through
their block and hit them.  You have to block this attack low, which makes no
sense. Not a very exciting glitch but it helps determine which version you 

Invisibility - This is an interesting glitch as it kinda lead to a special 
move later on, his teleport in Hyper.  I am rather positive that this only 
works on version 2, perhaps 1 as well.  I have never gotten this glitch to
work on mine.  Everytime I try it resets the machine.  And it shouldn't work 
on 4, even though I've never tested it to confirm it.  Anyways, this is how it
is done:  Do a fireball and hit forward and fierce at the same time.  The
timing is kinda weird.  If done properly Dhalsim will disappear from the
screen.  He can still move and do special moves.  If Dhalsim gets hit he
will come back.  If you are hit with a special move while invisible, your
projectiles become completely worthless as they will no longer harm the

Reset - Same idea as his invisibility, but you do fireball with fierce and 
roundhouse this time.  In all honesty I think roundhouse is the key as I've
done strong and roundhouse at the same time and it has reset the machine as
well.  shrug.

Delayed Move - If you do a low short to fireball, the next move you do will
be delayed.  Nothing exciting or interesting.  It's just funny to hit fwd
then see it come out 1/2 a second later.  Makes you feel like you are playing
Mortal Kombat :)

Bonus Stage - Destroy one side of the car only.  Turn away from the car then
jump backwards and hit roundhouse.  The idea is to hit the car on the top part
you just destroyed.  If you do it right you will become stuck to it.  The only
way to end this is turn the machine off and back on. 

Hurricane Kick - If this glitch exists, which it may as you still hear about 
it from time to time, it had to be version 1 only.  No one I know has ever
seen this nor done it.  Shrug.  Supposedly it is do a hurricane kick then
repeatedly hit rh as fast as possible.  I don't know if the initial hk is
supposed to hit or not.   If anyone knows anything more about this one, please
email me. 

White Ryu Vs White Ryu 
I have seen it done, I have even done it.  But it was a long time ago and 
I have forgotten how to do it.  I know it involves a draw game somehow but
that is all I remember.  Anyone else remember more?

Turbo Short - This is another glitch that is fun only to do once.  If you hit
your opponent with low short, do another low short, then hit jab as fast as 
possible.  If a 3rd low short would have hit the opponent a short will come
out even though you are hitting jab. If the short would have missed, jab
usually comes out even though short will from time to time.  No clue as to
whether or not this was in all versions. 

Statue - Get within sweep range (technically it's upside down kick range) and
charge back for a sonic boom.  While holding back hit roundhouse (which will
result in Guilde doing his upside down kick) and while the kick is hitting
push toward plus punch for a sonic boom.  Guile will start to go back to his
normal pose but will get stuck in a certain frame of animation.  He can not
be hit low while in this frame.  You can not move either.  The easiest way to
get out is to flash kick out.  You can be hit out.  This is rather fun to do
versus the cpu as vega will just keep trying to slide to hit you (which will 
miss cause it's a low attack) and zangief will just stare at you like huh?

Free Sonic Boom - The easiest of Guile glitches.  Throw the opponent with
strong, while holding toward (assuming you hit toward plus strong to throw)
keep tapping a punch button.  As soon as Guile recovers he will throw a 
sonic boom.  This is a really easy way to set up the combo of sonic boom,
jump in fierce, fierce, sonic boom, backhand or any other combo you want to
start off with a sonic boom.  This glitch, since it gives you a free sonic
boom charge, will also give you a free magic throw charge.  Harder to time
though cause you have to space it so that the throw doesn't leave the opponent
in the corner. 

Free Flash Kick - This is the glitch that allows you to amaze your friends 
with combos like jump in fierce, standing fierce sonic boom, flash kick. First
you start off by throwing the opponent with strong.  As soon as you throw
charge down for a flash kick.  Before the opponent lands do the motion for
the flash kick (doesn't matter which button). If you actually flash kick you
did it too late.  On version 3 you will reset the machine if you did it right.
On version 2 and below guile will recover from his throwing animation slightly
weird.  You now have a free flash kick stored up.  I do believe there is a
time you have to use it by, but the next time you hit kick Guile will do a 
flash kick.

Handcuffs - Another glitch involving the strong throw (what was wrong with 
this thing?).  Charge down for a flash kick.  While moving the joystick up,
I find it easiest to keep it held from down/away to away then to up, but at
the away part hit strong, then press up and kick.  Guile should start throwing
the opponent then as soon as they leave his hands they should fly back toward
Guile and become stuck to him.  Guile can not hit his opponent, and his 
opponent can not hit Guile.  Even if you jump the enemy is stuck to you.  You
can not do any special moves either.  The only way to end this glitch is to
magic throw the opponent out.  If you don't once the timer reaches zero you
will be forever stuck in the win/loss animation until the machine is reset.
Since the only way out is to magic throw the enemy this makes for a nice way
to practice the magic throw. 

Reset - This time instead of doing a strong throw before you flash kick you
do a fierce throw. I personally think that standing fierce into flash kick
has always worked but people do throw before and that is what caused the 
machine to glitch.  Shrug.  Until I find a version 1 I guess this will all
be speculation.  Anyways. Charge down for a flash kick, on the way up hit away
and fierce for the throw, immediately hit up plus roundhouse for the flash
kick and the machine will reset if done right.

Magic Throw - The glitch you have all been waiting for ^_^.  This glitch still
causes arguments amongst everyone.  I will first detail what I have had luck
with then describe what I have been told works as well.  

As you know from above the only way out of the handcuffs is to magic throw, 
you may find it easier to practice on a handcuffed opponent.  Also, this
glitch involves some weird timing that requires you to tap toward for 1/2
a second then the fierce and roundhouse.  So it may be better for you to 
charge back then hit toward and see how long you can keep walking with Guile
before hitting the punch button and still get a sonic boom.  Once you get
used to how far you can walk this will allow you to get a feel for when you
should magic throw.

Okay.  With that all out of the way.  Charge back (I should say that the
range for this throw is around low forward range even though you can throw
air borne opponents with it) then hit toward then slowly hit fierce and 
roundhouse at the same time. If done right Guile will throw his enemy with
a strong throw (even though you never hit strong!).  This throw will grab
EVERYTHING.  If Ryu/Ken are hurricane kicking it will grab them.  If Vega
is on the wall it will grab him.  If Blanka is rolling towards you...it will
grab that too.  If you do it on a dizzied opponent...it just leaves them even
dizzier.  It is the ulimate in cheap.  If your opponent is blocking too much,
walk up to them and simply low jab, low jab, standing short into magic throw!  
That will teach them!  

That is the technique I have had the most luck with.  I have also been told
and read that you can charge back, then toward then pull back again and hit
fierce and roundhouse.  I have not experminted with this at all even though
it should work.  It more then likely just throws the opponent in the other

I have also heard that you don't even need to charge back!  I was told by 
someone that as long as you are charging in a direction that it doesn't matter
which direction.  So you could walk towards the person (since you are walking
you are holding the joystick towards thus charging) then pull back then hit
fierce and roundhouse and still magic throw.  CHEAP!!  I haven't expreminted
with this either.  

Finally I have been told that fierce is the real key to this.  You can hit
any kick button.  This does seem to be true.  When I try to charge back then
hit fierce and forward for the throw Guile will do a standing strong?!!?  
I have never pulled off a magic throw like this but I would not be surprised
to hear that it works. 

I have tested everything on here that I could.  If any of it is inaccurate or
just wrong please email me telling me so.  If you are aware of a glitch that
is not on here please email me as I would like this to be as accurate of a
faq as possible.  I know there are tons more of stuff that I simply don't know
how to do such as all the scroller glitches, all the crazy bonus round stuff
TZW does, etc.  

Thanks:  Everyone from AGSF2 that has contributed to this in one way or 
another, Everyone from #capcom that contributed to this and keeps me 
entertained instead of idling, Douglas Hamamoto, John Choi for simply being 
John Choi and making me the SF player I am today whether or not you realize 
it, Bob Painter for being KUROMETER!, James Chen for not only writing me
novels that I love to read (no sarcasm intended!!) but also for compiling
a list of glitches before that not only did I steal most of this from but
also the replies to it, Jason Gordon, Kevin 'Polymer', David 'Zoid', Seth
Killian for not only being the scrub that he truly is but also being a part
of shaping me into the SF player that I am today, David Wright, David Dial,
David Sirlin for teaching me that SF should have only 3 buttons, Alex Valle
for teaching me that Peruvian is the better Mexican(tm), Ben 'Tragic' Cureton
for giving me an opportunity for which I am grateful for, My ex-roommate Mike
Jarett for helping me learn as much about SF as we have, Joel Frank, and 
everyone else that added to not only this faq in particular but SF as well. 

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